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In a brief hands-on with the phone, I tried shooting some photos. Images looked sharp, but photo processing seemed to take a long time HMD said that's being improved before release. The photos taken with the Nokia 9 PureView can be depth-edited after the fact by tapping anywhere on the photo, and works with depth editing on Google Photos , so uploaded photos can still be depth-edited, too.

Photos can be depth-edited, and new focal points chosen from anywhere in the photo after being shot. The depth map on photos taken with the Nokia 9 is 12 megapixels, with 1, layers of depth data, according to HMD. The phone takes five minimum exposures, captures around 60 to megapixels of data and reduces it back to a 12 megapixel photo.

Adobe Lightroom will edit the phone's DNG photos, and will come with custom lens profiles "tuned specifically" for the phone. The Nokia 9 PureView claims better HDR shots than the competition with all those cameras, and a dedicated monochrome mode. And photos can have multiple focal points in bokeh shots, meaning that bottles or light bulbs at different distances can be in focus at the same time. How much better will they be? Check out a sample photo below, which was one of the only ones HMD Global shared of the shots I took.

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This phone doesn't sport a new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor; instead, it has a Snapdragon that Qualcomm's representatives say is fully utilized to process the phone's photos, plus a dedicated Light Camera Lux Capacitor processor in the phone. This is also an Android One phone like the Nokia 8.

The phone also has a megapixel front-facing camera, a 5. At least all those rear cameras are flush with no camera bump. Whether you crave the Nokia 9 PureView really depends on whether you want to play with a five-camera computational camera for HDR and depth, or prefer something like a good old everyday three-camera variable zoom lens phone.

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It's only a matter of time before someone decides to go to six cameras, or seven or nine. If camera lenses are like razor blades, the Nokia 9 PureView has earned a novelty spot for now HMD Global has already indicated that the company plans to release about a phone a month, and the Nokia 9 PureView is one of five phones the company's announced at Mobile World Congress , after debuting two other phones just a few weeks ago.

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At this rate, if you're waiting for another exciting Nokia phone, maybe just wait another month. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Nokia and Nokia Lumia are still milestones for smartphone photography and have become a legend for enthusiasts, but the Lumia among others was also part of the category. Nokia 9 PureView therefore has a big responsibility on its shoulders not to let down the memory of its ancestors.

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Unfortunately, in , the competition in the world of smartphones is mainly focused on the quality of the images taken and this is not a good starting point. Competition is fierce and lethal. In reality, not all that glitters is gold. First, the shots are instantaneous you can take multiple photos in a quick sequence without delay but the processing of the images, which takes place in the background, takes an unacceptable amount of time.

The only way to enjoy taking photos with this smartphone is to trust the software completely, take the desired photos and forget about them and then calmly review them later. Unfortunately, due to this incredible workload for the SoC, the smartphone heats up quickly during even the shortest of photography sessions.

Furthermore, it is never possible to know in time whether the photo taken was successfully or not before the end of processing. It has often happened to me that the camera changes its focus point at the exact moment I pressed the shutter button, wasting time on processing and precious battery.

One of the various promises of the Nokia 9 PureView photography department, made in collaboration with Zeiss and the Light experts, is the possibility of taking shots that can contain very detailed depth information up to levels so you can adjust and change the focus at a later time. To be honest, in some situations, the results are acceptable but in most cases, the processing software makes more mistakes than the classic bokeh effect software we are used to. At least the normal photos, despite the biblical processing times, are spectacular Let's just say I wasn't entirely convinced.

The photos are full of details, but unfortunately I have often happened to notice the colors are completely wrong.

Nokia 9 PureView Best Price in India , Specs & Review | Smartprix

Even the contrasts are practically eliminated, resulting in flat, faded photos. The dynamic range is not the best and often the brightest spots are burned out. By removing biometric authentication methods from the equation, however, the Nokia 9 PureView is a pleasant smartphone to use. The user experience is fabulous, Google Pixel style, and this is a dream for lovers of the Finnish brand.

Unfortunately, the price does not seem to be ready to fall in the near future and the recently presented Pixel 3a represents a more than sensible alternative. Nice and fair review I thought and fantastic that you post the review after days of usage, what a refreshing change and approach. I am surprised by the comments on the HDR, in my experience an other reviews most agree it is a beast, even more so if you do the tinkering after in lightroom on the RAW.

For those who are not fans of the eye popping colour contrast of most phones this is an option, for that more natural less social media look, and you can get the standard phone photo look also if you appreciate the pleasure of adjusting afterwards. We use cookies on our websites. Information about cookies and how you can object to the use of cookies at any time or end their use can be found in our privacy policy.

To the AndroidPIT homepage. Iconic design, worthy of the brand Nokia 9 PureView may not be the most revolutionary and extreme-looking device around, but it's impeccably crafted. Nokia will resuscitate the design of smartphones The sign of the fall is practically invisible. The fact that the cameras don't protrude is fantastic! Android One is the right choice, or almost Edit your photos like real professionals with these apps Android One is a good choice but some Oxygen OS style additions would be nice.

Forget about biometrics It will take very few words to make you understand this big problem with Nokia 9.