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  1. Honor View 20 phone review: "A superb gaming phone with a wealth of smart features"
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  3. 1. iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max
  4. Honor View 20 phone review: "A superb gaming phone with a wealth of smart features" | GamesRadar+
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As well as the large sensor which Apple says has been re-engineered, there's a new image signal processor built in to improve the quality of colours and textures in images.

Honor View 20 phone review: "A superb gaming phone with a wealth of smart features"

WIth Portrait Mode, you can create 'bokeh' in the background of your portraits, adjust the lighting of the scene or 'cut' your subjects out so they appear on a black background. The native camera app is still annoyingly basic and for some photographers, it just won't offer enough in the way of manual control to keep them happy.

Yes, low light performance has been improved slightly but not enough to make it groundbreaking and the built-in portrait modes do give portraits a more pro feel, when used under the right conditions, but these two things alone aren't enough to compete with the likes of the Mate 10 Pro with all of its manual bells and whistles. Other great features include the iPhone 8 Plus' water and dust resistant design, 4K video and the range of apps which are available for iOS.

You might expect to see the Google Pixel 4XL higher up the list but it has been awarded 4 stars, in comparison to the Pixel 3 which we gave 4. The battery is poor, there's no fingerprint sensor and the selfie camera lags behind Samsung's. Plus, even though the Pixel 4XL does capture excellent photos, there are still only 2 rear cameras built-in and the camera app lacks in features when you compare it to other flagship smartphones. Yes, it's good and we're happy to recommend it, after all, it's a great smartphone, but we'd have liked to have seen just a bit more from it.

On first impressions, and as long as you don't look at the photos in too much detail, the P20 Pro produces reasonable results. The ability to shoot photos with a 7-second exposure handheld when taking night photos, is quite breathtaking, as long as you don't mind the soft image that you get. If you're more serious about photography and do want to spend time editing photos or use them for something more important, then you get better images from the alternative smartphones mentioned, albeit without the same number of cameras.

It features a 4K screen, and has a megapixel triple camera setup to the rear including a 2x optical zoom, standard lens and wide-angle lens. What holds the phone back is its 8-megapixel selfie camera and the lack of ability to use beauty effects on the main rear cameras. We do like the dedicated shutter button, though. If you're not bothered about a 4K screen and want a slightly smaller device, then the Xperia 5 has exactly the same camera setup. Overall score:. If lack of waterproofing and the ability to insert a MicroSD card don't put you off, it's an excellent phone at an excellent price point.

There are a good amount of filters and editing capability within the phone for your images. However, the lack of optical image stabilisation OIS is a shame and will put this phone at a disadvantage for video recording. Noise would also be lower if the camera used a 12mp main camera, rather than 16mp.

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However, the excellent pricing can't be overlooked. The Honor 10 is a stunning looking phone, with the iridescent back being a real eye-catcher. Other than this, it's definitely a more budget-friendly rival to many premium offerings. Visit our Competitions Forum, where you'll find our monthly competition and other external competitions to enter.

Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. Magezine Publishing Top.

EMUI 10 Best Features - Tips & Tricks Guide

Login Join for Free. What is Plus Membership? Create a free account to like this page. Got your eye on a camera or lens? Sign up to create a price drop alert and we'll email you when it's cheaper! Other articles you might find interesting Nokia Announce 8. The ratings given in the group give 12 of the 15 the same 4 and half stars each.

1. iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

No much of an in depth analysis If they were tested as a photographer I am sure there would be some variation. May we assume that the first one in the review is the top choice. NikitaMorris Plus. Quote: May we assume that the first one in the review is the top choice. Yes, it is and you can find more detailed information, along with images captured with each phone, by taking a look at the full reviews which are all linked to. There is no way LG G7thinq is not in the list.

I myself have taken photos of milky way and some macros. You must be a member to leave a comment. Remember me.

Honor View 20 phone review: "A superb gaming phone with a wealth of smart features" | GamesRadar+

Join For Free Upload photos, chat with photographers, win prizes and much more. On most devices, Huawei pushes you to use Google Assistant, though at one point the company partnered with Amazon to set Alexa as the default assistant app for its smartphones sold in the United States a short-lived venture , sadly. Unfortunately, the feature falls short of other assistants.

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Your mileage may vary if you decide to follow this guide. One feature of voice wakeup that sounds nice on paper is the ability to add a custom hotword phrase, but the implication of such a feature existing in the first place should concern you about its efficacy. The reason why other voice assistants limit you to one, two, or maybe three wakeup phrases is because of the need to limit power use on the device. This allows the device to put the main application processor to sleep while the screen is off, so only the DSP is parsing audio from the microphone to determine if a hotword phrase was uttered.

Besides the last feature I just mentioned, the other two have problems with discoverability. Mini Screen View only works in portrait mode, but it has no other limitations. You can browse web pages, watch videos, text friends, pull down the status bar, etc. Enabling Mini Screen View is easy. If you have the 3 button navigation bar, you can shift the screen to the bottom left by swiping from the right to the left on the navigation bar.

If you swipe from the left to the right on the navigation bar, the screen will shift to the bottom right. If you have the navigation gestures enabled, you can swipe from the bottom left or bottom right corner to shift the screen to the bottom left or bottom right respectively. Repeating any of these actions, tapping outside of the mini screen view area, or locking the phone will restore the screen back to its normal state. Once enabled, the launcher is heavily simplified.

Apart from the live weather and calendar tiles at the top of each page, the rest of the tiles are simply shortcuts to various stock apps. Custom tiles let you add a shortcut to any contact or app of your choice.

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Tapping on Wallpaper, Text size, Sounds, or Display will bring you to their respective settings pages, while tapping on Wi-Fi, Mobile data, or Bluetooth will simply toggle that radio. However, we all have relatives who could do with a simpler UI, which is where Simple Mode comes in. Alternatively, if you buy a Huawei or Honor device to give to a relative, you can advise them to keep Simple Mode enabled. There are simpler smartphones on the market aimed at senior citizens, but they make a lot of hardware compromises to keep costs down.

Manage your phone usage habits with Digital Balance

Giving an elderly relative a larger smartphone with a great camera and Simple Mode enabled can keep them happy, at least based on my experience. Your home screen settings and layout are tied to the launcher style. Simply change the home screen layout in Settings and your old home screen should still be there. Continue to Page 2 — Sharing and Privacy. Pages: 1 2 3.

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