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It can be tough to keep pace with the sheer number of headlines, so here's a timeline gathering a bunch from to today.

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March 12, Trump signs law to prevent US rural telecom carriers from using Huawei network equipment, and France is reportedly planning to allow some Huawei gear in its 5G network. March 9, Huawei cancels P40 launch event due to coronavirus, and US envoy reportedly presses Canada over Huawei role in 5G network.

March 6, Huawei reportedly projects major drop in phone sales amid US sanctions. March 2, Leaked documents reportedly reveal Huawei's role in shipping prohibited US gear to Iran. Tom Cotton unveils a bill to stop the US from sharing intelligence with countries that use Huawei 5G technology. Also, the company's cybersecurity chief says it'd be easier to bribe telecom staff than build backdoors into networks.

Honor Band 4 Review: Smartest budget fitness tracker in India - Gizbot Reviews

These photos speak for themselves. Also, US prosecutors charge a Chinese professor with fraud for allegedly taking a California company's tech for Huawei's benefit.

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Also, new Huawei phones reportedly won't be able to use Android. July 29, Huawei and Google were reportedly working on a smart speaker before ban. July 23, Huawei lays off more than US workers due to blacklisting. July 16, Bipartisan group of senators introduces 5G legislation that would keep Huawei blacklisted. July 15, Canada may wait until after October elections to decide on Huawei ban, while the US will reportedly let Huawei sell to companies within weeks.

Also, Huawei reportedly plans major layoffs at its US research labs. July 3, Huawei remains on Commerce Department's blacklist despite Trump's latest decision. July 1, Trump official says eased Huawei restrictions only apply to widely available products. June 27, Huawei employees worked on Chinese military research projects , according to a report from Bloomberg. June 25, US companies are reportedly bypassing the Trump ban on sales to Huawei, while FedEx is suing the Commerce Department over the diversion of Huawei packages. June 24, Huawei says it'll increase its 5G investment in spite of US ban, while attorneys for its imprisoned CFO have asked for the US extradition request to be withdrawn.

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Also, an FCC commissioner wants Huawei gear out of US networks, and the Trump administration reportedly is thinking about requiring domestic 5G equipment to be made outside China. June 21, Huawei unveils a trio of new Nova 5 phones in China as US tensions simmer, and its Mate X foldable phone will reportedly launch by September.

The US also blacklists five more Chinese tech companies. Rating: 4. What this means is that the country's young health-conscious millennials are not holding themselves from taking help of wearable technology to lead a healthy lifestyle. Xiaomi is leading the wearable market in India IDC with 41 percent market share. We are going to take a comprehensive look on Honor Band 4, the most recent addition to the list of inexpensive fitness trackers in India.

Meet Honor Band 5i, a fitness tracker designed to fit in your healthy lifestyle!

Priced at Rs. Honor's fitness tracker is competing against Xiaomi Mi Band 4, which as per reports is the most popular and well-received budget fitness band in the Indian market. Having said that, I used the Honor band 4 for a week in my everyday routine to understand how it can help me attain a healthy lifestyle. Did it work? Let's find out. The look and feel make Honor Band 4 more lifestyle-oriented, whereas the Mi Band 3 comes out as a more sports-oriented fitness band due to its curved capsule design.

Unlike the Mi Band 3's removable capsule , the display module in Honor Band 4 is permanently attached to the silicon straps.

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This is a slight disadvantage as you cannot replace the silicon straps on Honor's Band later. On the other hand, Xiaomi allows you to customize the look and feel of Mi Band 3 by pairing the Mi band 3's capsule with different silicon straps of your choice. As far as the silicon strap's quality is concerned, both the manufacturers have used good quality material and none will cause any skin related problems even after prolonged use.

Xiaomi's Band has slightly better material and look more premium than Honor's band. Another important design aspect is the lock mechanism. While the Mi Band 3 uses the same old button-lock mechanism, Honor Band 4 uses a standard buckle-lock system, which offers a slightly better grip during running and other workout activities tasks. The Mi band 3 also has the same level of durability rating against water damage. I believe the deciding factor between the two bands is going to be the display.

Mi Band 3 uses a 0. Whereas Honor ups the ante by equipping the Band 4 with a bigger and vibrant color screen which is more pleasing to the eyes, offers better outdoor visibility and also feels more fluid to interact. The band sports a 0. It's a full touch panel and offers a better viewing experience. If you prefer colored screens, Honor Band 4 is simply the band you should go for. Honor Band 4 displays the time, date, weather data, device's Bluetooth status, steps taken, calories burnt and battery status.

Long tap on the main screen to choose between three different watch faces depending upon the content you want to see on the screen. Besides, slide up and down to check the number of steps, and access other important features such as heart rate, messages, sleep duration, activity function, and settings menu. And while the band can display text messages, and notifications from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc, it 4 cannot show missed call data and weather information which is a letdown.

It allows you to answer and rejecting calls which come quite handy in everyday routine. Like the other budget fitness trackers, Honor Band 4 can also track your steps, calories burnt, distance covered, heart rate and sleep data.

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In addition to Deep sleep and Light sleep, the band is also capable to track REM sleep, nap time, breathing quality, and sleep time throughout the day. The Mi Band 3 falls short here as it can only track deep and light sleep. This can also be a deciding factor to choose between the two bands. Besides, the Honor Band 4 also offers continuous heart rate monitoring.

It does that with the help of night infrared heart rate monitoring technology which does not hamper your sleep with bright lights. The band also shares heart rate warnings, which is a nifty feature for users with heart problems. Last but not least, Honor has put a lot of emphasis on swimming exercises which makes Honor Band 4 a very good affordable fitness tracker for avid swimmers.

The band is equipped with a 6-axis sensor which automatically recognizes swim strokes, can record your swimming speed, distance covered and calories burnt during the swim time. Honor Band 4 is backed by a mAh battery cell which can last for about two weeks if you don't enable the continuous heart rate monitoring and hour sleep tracking.

With these features turned on, the battery life reduces to 4 to 5 days a week max. In comparison, the Mi Band 3 lasts a little longer than Honor Band 4 in everyday routine as it is powered by a slightly bigger battery cell. At a price-point of Rs. The band can help you lead a healthy lifestyle if you are ready to give wearable technology a chance. Notably, the comparison with Mi Band 3 is inevitable as both the bands are fighting for the title of the best budget fitness tracker.

After testing both the bands, I can say that Honor Band 4 comes out as a more feature-rich budget fitness tracker. However, Mi Band 3 is affordable, lasts a bit longer and allows customizations to change the look and feel of the band in daily wear. In the end, it comes down to your sole requirements from a fitness tracker. If a color display is your priority, Honor Band 4 is the answer.

If you are really serious about your sleep patterns, once again Honor Band 4 is the band I would recommend. If you care about long-lasting battery, affordability and band's customizations, Mi Band 3 is the one you should go for. For Quick Alerts. Subscribe Now.