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LG V40 ThinQ

Priced at Rs. The Smartphone is powered by 4x2. The Phone comes with a large mAh battery to support it's 6. The screen is also protected by a durable Scratch Resistant glass. It has great picture quality way better than iphones and Samsung with tripple camera some of the photos are attached here. I'm using this mobile for 10days. Here is my review. Display is awesome, you can fee the quality while you are watching at high level.

No other phone can match the sound quality of this one. If you're an audiophile like me and have the right equipment to enjoy Hi-Res music go no further this is the smartphone that you'll ever need.

Product Details

What you need: 1. This phone 2. You can use the stock Music player by LG also but it doesn't have all advanced features to tweak your output. Buy Hi-Res music files only. Immerse into the music. The looks and build quality is one of the finest out there.

So, how does Laybuy work?

The screen is so crystal clear and crispy you will hardly be able to turn your eyes away. Battery life could be better, but I guess you can't get everything. Best in Class mobile from LG. I got this product at the best price for 28K in Bigbillion Sale. The phone is best in its class, it has snapdragon processor,water resistance,it has 5 cameras. Camera features the phone gets 5 star rating it has many new camera features, camera image clarity is awesome.

This device OLED display for gaming and movies its the best phone.

Phone is slime and very light weight,it very stylish in its looks. But i was disappointed with Flipkart packing, they just wrapprd up the phone with a normal cover and delivered. Flipkart please take care of Packing. When lg launched the first v series phone v10, from that day I've decided one day I'm going to buy a v series phone because of that sabre dac, secondary display n swappable battery.. So, here I bought lg v Now coming to phone.. Build quality and asthetic of the phone is really great.. Its quite of a looker n Platinum color looks good..

LG V40 ThinQ smartphone - Consumer Reports

Also phone is water and dust resistant.. It fits on my hand perfectly and easily usable one handed.. Oh i have big hands.. Display: true blacks of oled screen.. Also brighness is good but not as good as g Display can play hdr certified content on youtube and netflix..

I dont think prime video supports hd content on v When you start to watch anything on netflix on this phone its pretty hard to go back to other phones or to your laptop..

LG V40 How to insert and remove sim card / memory card

However color accuracy is a myth on this phone and who cares for it btw.. Audio: in one word Incredible.. My main reason of buying lg phones..

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Only brand who gives the priority to audio.. Whoever is looking for on the go portable device and dont want to carry their dac and amp with them wherevr they go, this is the best they can get..

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It is tuned by meridian audio and i like their tunning compared to g7, g7 was bit of harsh to my ears n that hissiness gone with v Go to xda or headfi for the tutorial.. Speaker on this phone is a disappoinment when you come from g It uses both earpiece and bottom speaker but still no match to g Camera: Do their jobs.. LG has often leaned heavily into video for its V-series and the V40 is no exception. This type of medium has been around for quite some time, and LG is hardly the first manufacturer to add it to a phone.

You can take Cine Shots with all three cameras on the back. When you tap the shutter button, the camera takes about three seconds of video, stabilizes it, and then you need to paint over the area you want to keep in motion. When you hit save, you will get a final result where whatever you painted over is in motion, and the rest is frozen like a photograph. Check out our buying guide for all the best deals and pricing details. The best gaming tablets for 1 day ago.

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