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  1. Don't care about 4K video? Galaxy A50's camera is superior
  2. Samsung A10s Test Code
  3. Does Samsung Galaxy A50 have a Gyroscope and compass?
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Don't care about 4K video? Galaxy A50's camera is superior

Tap Biometrics and security. Tap Location.

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  • Samsung Notification Icons.

Tap the indicator to turn the function on or off. If you turn on location access, your mobile phone can find your position using GPS. If you turn off the function, you can't use any of the GPS functions on your mobile phone. Tap Google Location Accuracy. Tap the Home key to return to the home screen. Send Cancel.

Galaxy A50-Hidden features,Secret Options,Device Codes

Especially creative photographers will also love the new ultrawide lens, which makes it easy to zoom out in tight spots. The best Android phone we've tested this year is also available from the carrier with the best cheap cell phone plans.

The Galaxy S10 Plus delivers speeds that approach the blazing performance of the latest iPhones thanks to its Snapdragon processor, and the triple rear cameras benefit from improvements Samsung has made to its photo software. The S10 Plus also boasts impressive features like an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor beneath its 6.

Samsung A10s Test Code

Because Metro doesn't let you buy phones in installments, buying the S10 Plus outright requires a pretty hefty chunk of change. Read our full Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review. Apple should be commended for building many of the iPhone 11 Pro's headline features into the 6. Buyers still get Face ID authentication for their troubles, as well as support for wireless charging and IP68 water resistance. It's really all the iPhone anyone needs at a great price, that's made even better by Metro's discount. Read our full iPhone 11 review.

Does Samsung Galaxy A50 have a Gyroscope and compass?

Display Size Pixels : 5. Don't worry about having to make too many tradeoffs if you opt for Samsung's lower-cost Galaxy S10e. Like its more expensive S10 siblings, this phone features the powerful Snapdragon chipset and it support Wireless PowerShare for charging other Qi-compatible devices. You'll have to settle for just two rear cameras instead of the three on the back of Samsung's larger Galaxy models, and there's no flashy in-display fingerprint sensor. The S10e's fingerprint reader is on the phone's power button.

Samsung Notification Icons

Yet those are small sacrifices to make for a lower price tag, especially if you're a fan of more compact phones. Read our full Samsung Galaxy S10e review. Display Size Pixels : 4.

Predicted Reliability

Sure, the iPhone 8 is two years old. But the thing about Apple's handsets is that they rarely come down in price, tend to run well for years, and are supported with new software for ages, long after competing Android phones are phased out. That means that the iPhone 8 and it's larger dual-camera brother, the iPhone 8 Plus, are still viable choices in , provided you can find them for the right price. Fortunately, Metro is currently offering the 4. Those who need a larger display can snag the 5. The Moto G7 Power is the perfect handset for people who don't want to spend a whole lot on their next device, but absolutely need the best possible battery life.

T-Mobile, as you may know, runs the very towers that Metro's network operates on — which means customers of the prepaid carrier should see similar performance.