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It's a bold dream, and one that we're yet to see if it will take off. EMUI 10 has been visually designed, from the ground up, to take its influence from the principles of magazine design.

Navigation menu

What that means, is there appears to be a clear hierarchy of headlines, lists and content. In reality that means a lot more blank space. Like Magazines, the titles are big and bold, taking up a good portion at the top of the screen. That's true whether you're in the Settings app, Calendar, Contacts or any other pre-installed Huawei app. They all have a clean, well-spaced look that's uniform and all tie in together nicely.

It feels less cramped than before. This same approach is also applied to the drop-down menu which loads on top of any screen you're on. The quick settings tiles have been completely redesigned, turning them into a more stock-like grid of solid circle icons, similar to what you'd find on the Pixel.

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However, taking inspiration from the Magazine theme again, when you drag the quick settings all the way down, you the time and date taking up the top half acting as that headline, with the toggles and controls at the bottom, within easy reach of a thumb. The minimalist approach extends into the Settings menu, where Huawei has drastically reduced the number of main settings options. Similarly, if you open a contact card, you'll now get a subtle pastel coloured card at the top. Huawei took inspiration from Italian artist, Giorgio Morandi, who was well known for using quite muted colours in his still life paintings.

We can certainly see the resemblance. If you've taken a lot of photos using Huawei's flagship Leica engineered cameras, you'll no doubt have come across the skeuomorphic look of the camera app, complete with its fake leather-textured panel at the bottom. That's now gone, replaced by a much cleaner black and white minimalist UI.

It's , so naturally any new software has to come with the option for toggling on a system-wide dark theme. Like the new magazine-style spacing UX design, it permeates through all of the stock pre-installed Huawei apps once it's been activated. Any backgrounds go completely black, essentially switching off all of those individual pixels to conserve battery, while the headlines and titles go a light shade of grey in order to contrast and be clearly legible, but without going too bright and being uncomfortable to look at.

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The aforementioned Morandi-inspired pastel colours go a much darker shade. So instead of greens, pinks and oranges, you get darker shades of grey and brown with hints of blue, orange and green.

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Apart from looking cool Dark Mode has actual benefits, like helping your eyes relax and helping reduce your time staring at bright white screens with lots of blue light. Coronavirus update: Indian Railways cancels all passenger trains till March Be prepared to see surge in Covid cases, support one another: Kejriwal. Bihar reports 1 Covid related death, 1 other infected.

Covid 4 family members of Pune woman who tested positive also infected. Read more. OnePlus 6 becomes top selling premium smartphone in India in Q2: Report. Huawei Nova 3 first impressions: Elegant design with smart camera features. Check the email to activate your account. Then get back to Setup Wizard to complete the setup process. Choose the operating system that is running on the target device.

2. Install a monitoring app to locate your Huawei P30/P30 Pro

After the setup, you are able to choose Premium Edition or Ultimate Edition currently. Both editions provide three options: 1-month subscription, quarter subscription and 1-year subscription. More subscription details you can check on this page. Select a subscription you need then a remote control panel will load on your computer. With your PanSpy Account, you can log in anytime.

[Update 14: Temporary License Extended Again] Google has revoked Huawei’s Android license

PanSpy will send you a download link for installing the apk to the target phone. We are talking about Huawei P30 in this tutorial. Install it and Sign in with your created PanSpy account. You need to authorize PanSpy to access to the data on the target device. You should know that, it's your choice to remove or keep the app icon after the installation. The monitor will not be noticed if you choose to remove the app icon.

Note : for the first time you enter the dashboard or control panel, it takes some time to sync all data from monitored device.

Huawei Nova - Wikipedia

PanSpy will fail to sync newest data if the monitored device is powered off or disconnected to the internet. Every time a phone uses a particular network to make or receive a call, send or receive a message, its IMEI number is automatically emitted and tracked.

Getting to know the number is easy. In most cases, the IMEI number exists on the reverse side of a phone, or underneath the removable battery.

How can Huawei release new phones with Google apps?

If your phone is lost, but its packaging is kept, you are still able to find the IMEI number on the label. Step 4. Then, start installing the app to locate your phone using IMEI number. The IMEI number is used by a GSM network to identify valid devices and can therefore be used for stopping a stolen phone from accessing that network.

For example, if a mobile phone is stolen, the owner can call his or her network provider and instruct them to "blacklist" the phone using its IMEI number. In addition, if you lost cell phone you can tell the police what the IMEI number is. When your phone gets lost, you want to try everything to get it back. But what if it gets lost forever even though you've tried your best?