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While the apps' feature-rich environments, which include offerings such as horoscopes and weather forecasts, appeal to some, to other users the platforms may seem cluttered. But its users send an average of messages a day - far more than the average of 30 for a Line user, calculations based on figures from the companies show.

Money for marketing Making money off users is something that most chat apps are leaving for the future. As such, current marketing strategies could prove costly, especially in the hard-to-crack U. Even WhatsApp has not gained much traction in the United States - only 10 percent of smartphone users have downloaded it, half of Facebook Messenger's share, according to Onavo Insights.

Of the two dominant Asian chat apps, WeChat looks to have the deeper pockets. Until then, analysts say, TV advertising fees in the United States are likely out of its reach. For the latest tech news and reviews , follow Gadgets on Twitter , Facebook , and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Line, WeChat messaging apps using marketing muscle to compete with big names.

In the battle to become the global messaging app of choice, China's WeChat and Japan-based Line have brought out some large marketing guns - TV ads featuring soccer star Lionel Messi, for instance - that have powered promising bursts of overseas growth. But toppling an incumbent is never easy.

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Further reading: WeChat , WhatsApp , apps. Majority of Americans compulsively check their smartphones: survey. Tech News in Hindi. More Technology News in Hindi. Latest Videos. More Videos. Popular Mobiles. Hi, is the iPhone 11 Pro Max Green available in stock? Does this come with warranty and can I buy Apple care for this product? Local set, sealed and non activated? If activated, when does it start activated? Will provide the telco receipt and shop receipt? Hi seller, I'm considering between the Realme 3 and Realme 5. Could you recommend?

I received the above item but could not find the screen protector is it been pasted on the screen.

vivo Y91i Specifications

Per the selection A30 there is free screen protector. Kindly clarify. Hi, what will be the price if i collect from your shop this evening? Hi there!

I placed order yesterday, just wanna check if you will ship it today? Thank you!! Is that a mistake?

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Please see attached screenshot. Why i cannot order? I dont understand what you are saying. I have selected the correct model A30s, my question is : why you did not put up NO instead of Pl clarify. Local original not refurbished set with 1 year warranty?

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Thank you. In the posting of this item, it states "Please note that the box is Unseal and rest assured that its brand new and the warranty 1 Year starts from the date you purchase.

Learn how to track your phone

Does the tempered glass protector over the whole screen and anti-fingerprint? Does the set come with charger and earpiece?

How to Find a Lost Phone using email/IMEI number easily - Even if it's switched off

Just ordered A10S last night, wondering if I can receive today. If not, roughly when can receive. Please note I paid extra for the tempered glass screen protector. Dear seller, 1. Do I need to fill in any forms for warranty? The power adaptor that accompany this set is supposed to be a universal one? The 3 pin plug looks short and funny and cant fit into our power socket. Kindly advise. I just starter to use only. That is abnormal. What to bring for the warranty and proven?

Hi seller, Can you provide me the invoice on the purchase with you company name? Order , goods received but there is defects at the top right corner. I would like to return the goods and ask for refund or alternatively please replace with a new one. Please advise. Can i return and get refund in case cant insert SD card?

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Hi, I have a Samsung S7 Edge with cracked screen but still in working condition. Could I trade in the phone after buying the Huawei T3 from you?

Hi Seller, I was looking to purchase the Huawei Media tap T3 8" and at the moment I would like to submit the payment, it stated that the amount payable is mismatch and I did not received confirmation from Qoo10 stated that the transaction has been completed. Please help to advise and you may contact me at Bryant Thank you. Ok, I tired to call them to check. But from your side, did you receive the payment? Dear Sirs, I would like to enquire whether the above-mentioned item is a cellular model, meaning there is a slot to put in a SIM card.

After I make my payment, can I go down collect on the same day? Or have to wait on another day? Or need to make appointment before going down to collect? Can i request for LTE version? I also would like to know it will take how long to deliver to my address? But can you text me at I will inform you once voucher available. Or its just the casing without airpod?

Vivo ties-up with Singhagiri for Smartphone distribution | Daily News

My order specified weeks waiting time. It has been 4 weeks since I ordered on 11th November. The seller keep saying no stocks. What is the status and what is happening? Did anyone receive their order yet? What is the status? It is very frustrating!!!