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Read More , you simply need to select it and tap on the trash can icon in the top right. However, you can only delete a message in the first 48 hours of sending it. Have a group or a channel on Telegram? You can now organize your chats inside it by using hashtags. When you use a hashtag in a message, that word becomes searchable to everyone. Tap the hashtag to see all the messages on that topic. If you got a little too excited about Telegram and joined a few too many groups and channels The Best Telegram Channels and How to Use Them Are you looking for some Telegram channels to join?

Here are the best Telegram channels covering a range of different topics.

Read More , you can always mute them without leaving them. In any Telegram chat, all you have to do is tap on the three dots and choose Mute notifications for either one hour, eight hours, or until you manually unmute it. Did you know that you could share live location with your contacts on Telegram? All you need to do is open the chat and find the attachment button.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Worth your pocket, with same nostalgia

Then, click on Location. You can choose to either share your current or your live location. When you select the live location, you also get to set the time limit for which your location will be shown to the person. Which could prove to be very handy in a wide range of situations. Are you someone conscious about your security?

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Telegram allows you to use a proxy server which can help you protect your data or use the app in countries such as Russia where Telegram is banned Why Did Russia Ban Telegram? And What That Means for You Telegram, the encrypted instant messaging app has been under attack from Russian authorities. Where does this development put us, and why should you care? In order to set up a proxy server, open Settings — Data and Storage , then scroll down and find Proxy Settings. Are you ready to become an advanced Telegram user and take full advantage of the app, or are you still stuck using WhatsApp or one of the other, less secure messaging apps?

Hopefully, we have listed enough superb Telegram features to help you understand why people love Telegram. They're all solid Telegram alternatives. Here's how to make your own Telegram stickers and spruce up your convos. Your email address will not be published.

Telegram Emoji and Stickers

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Samsung galaxy s2 telegram location unavailable. how to track a cell phones through gps 911

Telegram lets users create their own profiles, complete with name and picture. Enter this information to continue. Find a friend with Telegram.

Telegram can automatically search your contacts for friends who use Telegram if you grant the app permission to access your address book. When you tap the Contacts tab at the bottom left of the screen, Telegram will show a list of your friends who use Telegram followed by contacts currently not signed up for the app. Start a regular chat.

1. Multiple Phone Numbers

Select a friend who has a Telegram account to start a new chat. Send a photo, Web image, video, document, contact or your current location. Unlike most messaging apps, Telegram lets you send a wide range of information to your friends. Tap the paperclip icon next to the chat text field and choose the type of information you want to send.

You can choose to immediately take a photo or video, or select one from your library. Your friend will then be send an interactive map with you as a pin, which can be useful for finding each other when out and about.