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How to make video calls on Moto G6 Plus ? | gelatocottage.sg

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The Best Budget Phone of 2018 - Moto G6 Review

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How to take a screenshot of your Motorola Moto G6 Play by using third party apps

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How to take screenshot on the Motorola Moto G6 Play

Motorola Moto E6. Motorola One Vision. To go home, tap the sensor quickly, to go back simply swipe from right to left on the sensor, to open recent apps swipe from left to right, and to lock the screen you have to touch and hold the sensor until you feel a short buzz. You can also launch assistant by touching and holding the sensor until you hear a long buzz. To access this feature, go to the Moto app, tap on Moto Actions and toggle on One button nav.

With the Moto G6 series, you can use Face Unlock to unlock your phone by looking at it.

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You have to make sure your screen lock setting is set up first which you can do by tapping on the Screen lock section. After that is complete, tap on Face Unlock to begin the process — simply align your face using the front-facing camera and wait for it to capture your facial features.

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  • This will automatically toggle on the Bypass lock screen setting which allows the phone to unlock when you press the power key once your face is matched. With Moto Key, you can securely log into apps and websites with just your fingerprint — rather than having to type in your passwords each time. You have to set up your fingerprint first but afterward, you will be brought to a window that asks you to sign in to your Lenovo account as an extra form of security. You will then be able to choose from a variety of apps to assign your fingerprint to such as Facebook, Twitter, and more.

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    For one-handed use which might be useful on the Moto G6 Plus given its size , you can shrink the screen. After you toggle the feature on, simply swiping down to the left or right will shrink the screen to its respective corner allowing you to easily access different apps. Moto Actions also provides you with a variety of different features to make using your phone easier all with simple gestures. There is Quick Screenshot — allowing you to touch and hold on the screen with three of your fingertips to capture it, along with Pick up to stop ringing which turns incoming calls to vibrate when you lift your device, among others.

    There are a variety of different ways you can customize the display on your Moto G6. You can toggle on adaptive brightness to optimize the brightness level for available light , change the font and display size, and more. You can also choose how colors appear on the display in the Color Mode section — which allows you to adjust the color temperature between warm, neutral, and cool, as well as pick between standard and vibrant color to display your content in. There is also Moto Display which shows notifications that fade in and out while the screen is off — other settings under this feature include the ability to block notifications from specific apps, adjusting the level of detail to show when it comes to notifications.