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  1. Pixel 3a review: the people’s Google phone?
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So I paid for new phone, got to use a new phone for 3 months, and now have a refurbished one and paid the full price. Was hoping to keep it for 3 years, but I'm starting to feel like Deliverance piggy squealer guy. Battery life is abysmal, RAM issues is evident because the phone keeps axing Blokada thus killing the wifi too.

Speaker sounds tinny. The release of much cheaper and better Pixel 3a felt like a kick in the nuts. Resale value is non-existent. Josepe, 11 Jan is the microphone issue resolved for pixel 3?

Pixel 3a review: the people’s Google phone?

I mean for calls. Never had microphone issues on mine. Have yo Hello there! Have you ever experienced that? Kingslayer, 07 Sep I disabled it anyway since I don't use it. As for all your other phones you have, I don't Anand, 24 Dec Pixel 3 is most amazing phone in all the aspect , very smooth and sturdy android softwear, des Also, how well is the mic sound when recording or calling? Pixel 3 is most amazing phone in all the aspect , very smooth and sturdy android softwear, design very premium , size and handling very perfect.

Anonymous, 10 Nov I was wondering if the so called "not pink" color is suitable for men, what you think? Yup I think it's no girly kind of pink, it's the kind of pink making you feeling comfortable. My wife purchased a Pixel3 from Target in August. We user Verizon as a provider. Several weeks ago, sound alerts for phone calls messages, etc. You can call out, but will not know when a call or message came in, or alarm goes off. November 30 opened an incident with Google help. We generated the requested bug reports and screen shots and sent them in.

Sent them again three days later, and again on that day from a second email address to assure they would receive the requested files. The only response was a notice to only use the original gmail account.

Google Pixel 3a Review: A for Ace!

Yes, you can buy the phone in all black, but the review units I received came in white, with frosted glass on the back and a mint green power button along the side. The company continues to swaddle its Google Home speakers in fabric, with bright color options like aqua and coral, and the recently launched Google Home Hub was a deliberate effort to avoid designing a stereotypical tech product. Google Assistant remains an impressive way to control your phone by voice, seldom failing to recognize proper nouns and place names.

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But on the Pixel 3, it feels inescapable. Alternatively, you can press the Assistant button in the Google search bar, which persists across the Home screen, app tray, and app switcher. Assistant even gets proactive on Pixel phones when you swipe right from the Home screen, looking at your search history and providing updates on topics you might care about.

What really matters is that Google automatically saves those photos online at full resolution for three years—a Pixel-exclusive perk that no other phone offers today. Beyond just recognizing faces, Google Photos can automatically update albums with new pictures of specific people, and then share those albums with people you trust.

If you have a Google Home Hub or Pixel Stand wireless charger, those photos will then live on your desk or nightstand. The conventional wisdom about Apple is that all its products just work together as part of one unified ecosystem, so that the more products you buy, the better your experience will be.

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With the Pixel 3, Google has finally figured out how to capture that same magic, not just through hardware and software, but through AI and aesthetics. The Google ecosystem still has its blind spots—smartwatches remain a mess, and Google is still working on a way to make wireless earbuds as convenient to use as AirPods—but the overall gravitational pull toward owning more Google products feels stronger than ever.

Find out which apps have location data access

A recent study out of Vanderbilt University found that Android devices running Chrome send 10 times more data to Google than iPhones with just Safari. Google might counter that users are in control of their data. Top Shot is supposed to select the best shot of all of the frames captured in a motion photo—the shot where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera with their eyes are open, and where nobody has walked into the frame.

But every time I took a motion photo, I went to the "film strip" of stills below the photo and there were no Top Shot suggestions in sight. With Super Res Zoom on the new Pixel 3, you can zoom in on objects far away and expect a crisper image. Pixel 2 doesn't have "Super Res Zoom," but here's a similar photo captured with the Pixel 2. Other aspects of the new camera showed notable improvements. Even without the Night Sight feature onboard, low-light photos looked better in general than those captured on the Pixel 2.

Google gives Android 5 new digital wellbeing apps - 9to5Google

You can see this in the included photos. The AR effects on the new Pixel have been upgraded as well. Now the company is doing pretty remarkable AR tricks on standard phone hardware, something Apple has also achieved. This dispatches a version of the Google Assistant to answer incoming phone calls in your place. Then it keeps them on hold to give you time to make a decision about whether to answer the call. I had initially thought this feature was just there for unrecognized numbers, but while I was testing the Pixel 3, the Assistant screened even my known contacts when they called.

Be prepared

Some people are rightfully concerned that dispatching robots to answer phone calls for us is the next step toward a cold, unfeeling future. However, I also found it vastly satisfying when an unknown number called my Pixel 3 and, after the Google Assistant asked the caller to state their business, the caller promptly hung up. Good riddance to spam callers! I, for one, welcome this particular robot overlord. Call Screen will eventually come to Pixel 2.

The Pixel 3 phone, more than any other Google-designed phone before it, is an example of what sophisticated software can do when the hardware it runs on is incrementally improved.