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Google Classroom. Google LLC. Connect with your classes and do assignments on the go. Hangouts Meet. Simple, frictionless video meetings for G Suite from Hangouts. See more. Health Mate - Total Health Tracking. Monitor your health with Withings products. Samsung Health.

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In a statement to the Washington Post, Google spokesman Johnny Luu confirmed they were "exploring ways that aggregated anonymized location information could help in the fight against COVID The use of personal data in the US is highly sensitive after several scandals -- such as in when the National Security Agency was found to be collecting phone records without permission. But pressure has mounted for Silicon Valley to use their expertize to fight the deadly virus, after roughly 50 scientists signed an open letter last week calling on them to act. Among other suggestions, they recommended social networks broadcast educational videos, Uber distribute disinfectant products to its drivers, and Amazon limit the number of masks and hydro-alcoholic gels that can be sold per person.

As for Apple and Google, "they should integrate into the operating system of the phones a tracking tool, which users could choose to activate, anonymously, to find out if they have been in the presence of identified cases. The most recent reply is shown under the review. If the previous answer helps others to find a level, for example , keep the original text. An unsuccessful release or bug can lead users to lower their ratings. If you can't resolve the issue quickly, let users know you're working on fixing it.

The best monitoring solution

Don't wait until repairs are complete. When you resolve the issue, update your reply and tell everyone who complained that you've fixed everything. Tag the reviews you need to find them quickly. Stay tuned! If you want to react more quickly to negative comments, change the settings in your favorite help desk service to only get reviews that have decreased ratings. That way, you can quickly respond to let the user know that their feedback is important. The more unhappy customers you can help and turn into happy ones, the higher your app rating and conversion to install will be.

According to our research at AppFollow, users who leave 2-star reviews share their opinion most often, while users who give stars are more willing to increase their rating after receiving your response. The more dissatisfied users our replies help, the higher our rating and conversion rate will be.

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This app saw a wave of negative reviews after a bad release in August. They needed to release 3 more builds to decrease the number of dissatisfied users. Source: appfollow. To identify the exact problems your users complain on, go to Semantic analysis and check pie charts with bugs, topics and a wordcloud that will show you the most used words. Read more about working with the negative reviews using the example of the Telegram app here.

If there are not enough people in a team to work with the reviews, combine the above strategies and reply only to featured and negative reviews in app stores. This will cover the most problematic areas in working with the users. These strategies are not only suitable for iOS and Android apps. Being a reputation management tool, among other things, AppFollow makes it possible to also work with Mac apps, Amazon apps and products and Microsoft apps, and all the above-mentioned strategies can be applied to them.

Get in touch with us and we will help you to set up working with reviews, improve your ratings, increase conversion-to-installs, provide reputation management services and more. Mobile apps are a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your customer base and are useful in guarding the gate to app store content. Good reviews make for a perfect marketing material, so long as they are telling of your app. Remember, apps are an extension of your brand, and app store content has a profound effect on your brand as a whole, no matter who you are. It may include monitoring of social media, peer-to-peer reviews on websites like G2 Crowd or Capterra, product reviews on Google, Amazon or eBay, mobile app and game reviews and more.

Online Reputation or Community managers closely work with users aiming to form an honest opinion of their brands worldwide. ORM can also include customer support and success teams as they directly communicate with users and clients. If you are a newbie, you can create one for free. In Reviews , you'll monitor all reviews with ratings that your users have submitted.

App store respond to reviews is more simple when you integrate it with Slack, Discord, Zendesk, email or other because you can reply to reviews via platform that you already using. Try AppFollow to reply to the app store reviews with a free trial. He is a technology entrepreneur with 5 years of executive experience in mobile, ASO app store optimization and marketing.

Sooner or later, developers and support agents run into the problem of prioritizing user reviews. We've gathered customer support related issues that make it hard to work efficiently. Why they happen and what to do about them? Which trends defined the success of apps on Google Play and Apple Appstore in ?

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We've researched the 5 most important trends and shared the insights in this article. Reviews are the driving factor behind a decision to install your app. Question is, how do you increase your app revenue with reviews? Take a peek at this article to learn more. Already have an account?

Sign in. In the meanwhile, check latest insights on mobile business. Experts answered some of the most frequently asked questions about App Store Optimization. There are over 4 million apps in the App Store and Google Play.

Visitor and keyword call tracking

How to stand out? What app name to choose to catch user attention and make them download your app? More in our guide. Customer Support Platform hot. For Customer Support hot. Free ASO Tools new. Zendesk hot. Microsoft Teams new. Login Sign Up. How to respond to the App Store and Google Play reviews. Anatoly Sharifulin Jan Table of Content: What is online reputation management Why do you need reputation management How to get started improving reputation management Strategy to Ratings, Reviews, and Responses How to optimize reviews management and reach your KPIs.

How to Choose the Right Strategy Takeaways.

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What is online reputation management Reputation management is making sure your app is regarded well by the broad audience. Why do you need reputation management Before downloading or buying anything, users will always get to read the reviews first. How to get started improving reputation management You should get started by encouraging your users to provide it. Source: Apptentive. How to start Start following reviews on Slack, Discord, or email.

This can be done when connecting integrations in AppFollow. Strategy 3: Reply to reviews with changed ratings When to use it When you need to raise your average rating after an unsuccessful release, grow user loyalty, or quickly find a problem. All integrations with team chats and help desks have a filter for changed ratings.