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The January security patch includes the joint bug fixes and patches from both updates for those of you Google may have missed last month.

If you are too impatient to wait for the OTA to land on your device, you can download the factory images and OTA files at the links below:. Google tends to update its Pixel phones with the latest Android version on the day it first becomes available. That means the Pixel 4 and 4 XL should see Android 11 as soon as the final version rolls out. Looking for another device update?

Nick Fernandez. Buy Google Pixel 4 or 4 XL. Comments Read comments. See more News. Google Videos. Critic Rating: - User: 4. Critic Rating: 3. From around the web.

Google Pixel 4 - Tips & Tricks Guide - Best new features!

Recommended By Colombia. From Around the Web. Powered By. Other Mobiles latest trending. From around the Web. Loading Gadget: Apple iPhone For the first time, Google is offering its phone through all major carriers in the U. Cellular and, of course, Google Fi. You could also buy an unlocked phone and take it to practically any carrier. Google's flagship phone comes in two sizes: the 5. Otherwise, both models have the same specs and cameras, and are available in the same selection of colors: Just Black, Clearly White and limited-edition Oh So Orange. If these are the things you're looking for in your next handset, you should probably look elsewhere, because the Pixel 4 has none of them.

The Pixel 4's design doesn't match Apple's, but it is delightfully weird — and damn, if there isn't space in this oversaturated market for weird. In fact, much like its predecessor, the Pixel 4 rejects most of the tech industry's notions of what constitutes thoughtful design. For starters, there's that eyesore of a square camera module on the rear. And while the bezel below the display has been trimmed to iPhone 11 -esque proportions, the bezel above it is about as prominent as the Pixel 3's.

At least this time around, there are technical justifications for the bulky forehead, but we'll dive into those later.

Google Pixel 4 XL Price in India

On the backside, you won't find glass polished to look like metal that catches spectrums of light in hypnotic rays — just plain old solid colors. In fact, the rear of this Pixel seems especially sparse now that Google has ditched the capacitive fingerprint sensors of previous iterations in favor of Face Unlock. When Samsung pushes the limits of packaging with devices like the Galaxy Note 10 — which manages to cram in three cameras, a stylus compartment and a generous battery — the Pixel 4 can't help but look a little humdrum.

But these things are all a matter of taste, and personally, I dig the Pixel 4's unique aesthetic. I like the playful, lighthearted contrast of the Clearly White colorway, which combines a frosted Gorilla Glass 5 back with a powdered black aluminum frame and a traffic-cone orange power button. These things shouldn't go together, but against all odds, the funkiness has grown on me.

And funky is the best way I can articulate the Pixel 4's vibe. The iPhone 11 Pro is, unquestionably, a more luxurious handset, with a noticeably heftier build and surgical-grade accoutrements. Get a full comparison between the Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro. While it's about a tenth of an inch taller than the 5. And in keeping parity with last year's phone, this one is also rated as IP68 water-resistant, meaning it should withstand 5 feet 1.

One more thing on the design front: While there are only three color options for the Pixel 4, Google deserves kudos for sweating the details and differentiating materials between them. Only the white and orange variants sport matte finishes on the back. That's in stark contrast to the all-business black version, which employs a glossier, stealthier and more slippery sheen.

T-Mobile might be making way for the Pixel 4a by pulling the Pixel 4 XL plug

Personally, I prefer the matte version, but I can't deny the premium flair of the shiny option. The Pixel line has rarely been praised for its displays, but Google's fourth-generation handset goes a long way toward changing that reputation. The Pixel 4 is the first Google device with a screen capable of refreshing at 90 Hz — a feature the company has dubbed Smooth Display.

Smooth Display is on by default, and it essentially means the Pixel 4's 5. A higher refresh rate translates to silkier animations that react to your inputs more immediately, in turn making the entire experience of using your phone snappier.

Google Pixel 4 XL - Price in India, Full Specifications & Features (20th Mar ) at Gadgets Now

This wasn't necessarily a bad idea; after all, differences in refresh rate become harder to see when the screen is dim. Still, when it works, the fluidity of 90 Hz makes conventional displays feel sluggish. The Pixel 4 isn't the first handset with a panel like this; the OnePlus 7T , also released this month, is one of several other phones that offer similar tech. But its inclusion is nevertheless appreciated and reinforces that 90 Hz should be the standard for flagships in the future. The refresh rate isn't the only improvement, though. The Pixel 4 has a new Ambient EQ feature, which modulates the white balance to suit lighting conditions.

Manage your Pixel phone’s location settings

It's similar to Apple's True Tone system, and it works just as well in this implementation. While watching the trailer for Netflix's adorable and breathtaking stop-motion series Rilakkuma and Kaoru, I was impressed most by the dynamic range of the Pixel 4's display. The titular bear's fur was rendered with striking clarity in the highlights and shadows alike. Yet I liked the effect, and users who fancy a more realistic tint can switch to the Natural or Boosted color profiles in the Pixel's settings. In terms of numbers, the Pixel 4 didn't disappoint — at least, not out of the gate.

Google's What's more, the Pixel 4's Delta-E color accuracy score of 0.

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Numbers closer to zero are better. However, the Pixel 4's display came crashing back down when we measured its peak brightness. At just nits through our light meter, Google's flagship is merely a candle compared with the white-hot intensity of the iPhone 11 Pro's category-leading nit reading. The Galaxy Note 10 also far outmatched the Pixel 4, registering nits. Indoors, you're less likely to mind a display that isn't the brightest. But step outside on a sunny day, and you'll have a much harder time reading the Pixel 4's screen.

Sure, the main sensor is still rated at Super Res Zoom is a microcosm of Google's entire imaging strategy with the Pixel 4: to use a mix of computational photography and artificial intelligence to do what hardware alone cannot. Take the new AI white balancing, for example, which automatically color-corrects strongly tinted images using a machine-learning model trained on thousands of similar scenarios.

Because the Pixel 4 works so much of its magic in the background, without user intervention, it's never easy to tell precisely the difference any one feature is contributing independently. All you can really go on are the results — and they speak for themselves.

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Case in point: this stunning scene inside the New York Public Library, which the Pixel 4 painted with brilliant contrast and a nuanced touch, especially in the highlights. The iPhone 11 Pro struggles to rein in the light breaking through the window underneath the ornate ceiling.

Apple's device also dials down the shadows to an almost unnatural level while applying a warm cast. Some onlookers might be put off by the relative darkness of the Pixel's shot, but I love how Google's optics capture the richness of the cherry tones in the carvings and pillars adorning the walls. Outside the library, we dialed the zoom up to 2x on both handsets to capture a close-up on a pair of street signs.

For a phone with a secondary telephoto lens, the Pixel 4's approach is unconventional.

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There's no tapping to enable optical at 2x power as there is on the iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung's range-topping Galaxy handsets.