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He then changed up his test phrase to "cheap shirts" and quickly saw advertisements for low-cost apparel on his Facebook feed. While not every study provided clear answers, a general sense of agreement on the matter was reached due to hints in the User Agreements of several apps and social media platforms. These user agreements explicitly state recorded audio may be used for targeted advertising purposes.

Interestingly, such practices aren't against the law. This action allows tech companies to push privacy boundaries even further to encourage us to buy things we don't need. The biggest vulnerability comes from the "always-on" feature of most voice assistants. To pick up wake words like "Hey Siri," the mic needs to remain on at all times — which means your phone is always listening.

Apps for Listening to Audible Audiobooks |

The best place to start taking your privacy back is by turning off the "always-on" microphone features on your handset. Here's how to do it:. Apple has come under fire for transcribing audio recordings of Siri users. The data is locally stored on your device and is uploaded once Siri is activated, so disabling this feature will at least make your Siri inputs shorter and more specific to your requests.

Then, toggle Listen for "Hey Siri" to Off. Every time you use "OK Google," or use another voice-controlled function, your query is recorded, and the transcripts are saved to your Google account.

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Say, "OK Google" or hold down the phone's home button, then tap the file drawer icon found on the upper right-hand corner, and tap the three-dot menu. Select More and choose Settings. The social site makes exceptions to the rule and will keep on listening unless you make the change. This is just one of the many privacy settings you really should be using if you have a Facebook account. Tap or click for more ways to lock down your profile. Slide the Microphone switch to the left, so it turns from green to white. That turns it off.

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  • Note that you can toggle the mic on and off for other apps, too. MLB Audio does not broadcast pre-game or post-game content. You may experience silence during these periods, as well as during rain delays or commercials. If you are experiencing an issue with your Pay TV username and password, you are informed that you are not authorized for the content, or your Pay TV provider is not listed or does not offer the MLB Network, please contact your Pay TV provider directly.

    TV content to a Chromecast device. Please ensure that you have the latest version of the MLB app and iOS operating system as well as the latest Chromecast firmware or you may be unable to utilize the feature. While the MLB app will be updated automatically for most devices, you may need to manually apply the updates from the device App Store.

    If your Chromecast has not updated to the latest firmware, please leave your Chromecast powered on overnight. The firmware build will be pushed and the device will reboot itself when it has the new firmware. Casting from MLB app to a Chromecast device can be controlled by tapping on the Chromecast icon within the MLB app in the upper left of the application or while viewing a feed. With your Apple Watch and supported Apple mobile device, you will have access to breaking news, notifications, player cards and Gameday Pitch-by-Pitch. Configuration of favorite teams and push notifications will be completed through the MLB app on your Apple mobile device.

    You can configure which notifications are pushed to the Apple Watch from the Apple Watch app on your mobile device. Push notifications will be displayed upon receipt; lowering the wrist or tapping the "Dismiss" button will dismiss a notification. If a favorite team has been configured, the glance will display game information for the team. If a favorite team has not been configured, the glance will display information about the first game from the scoreboard. Upon initial launch of the watch app, if you have selected a favorite team, you will be presented with that team's view.

    Long pressing on that view will allow you to view the complete scoreboard or view other team views. Tapping on a scoreboard entry will display the game view along with news and access to player cards. If a favorite team has not been selected, you will be presented with the scoreboard view on initial launch where you can access the game view or team views.

    MLB app "Settings" can be accessed by tapping on the "More" tab and then "Settings" in the upper right. TV subscribers who have connected a purchase of to their MLB account will use this option to view live and on-demand games. The MLB app can deliver push notifications to your device during the season if enabled. See the "Subscribing to Push Notifications" section for additional information on subscribing and managing your push notifications.

    How To Stop Your Phone From Listening To You

    A major benefit of connecting your Apple iTunes purchase to an MLB account is being able to access the purchase across your compatible devices. Setting to "Off" will prevent the screen from going dark while the application is open; this is useful when using Gameday or watching video. Slide the toggle to "On" or "Off" to enable or disable the hide scores functionality. Slide the toggle to "On" or "Off" to enable the functionality to hide scores by shaking the device. In order to view a specific team's news, highlights, schedule, ticketing, standings and roster, you will want to access their Team Page.

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    You can also configure a "Favorite Team" which will create an additional tab for quick access to this information. During initial launch, if a Favorite Team is selected, you will be prompted to choose which notifications you would like to enable. Banners will appear across the top of your device screen and quickly disappear; alerts will overlay the screen and require an acknowledgement. The MLB app allows you to overlay a team's complete schedule onto your native Apple calendar application. If you are experiencing difficulty with the MLB app, please follow the steps below as they may resolve the behavior that you are experiencing.

    If you still experience issues after following the above steps, please switch your connectivity from cellular to Wifi or Wifi to cellular. While Wifi connections are typically an improvement over cellular, that is not always the case. Please understand that "bar" indicators on devices indicate the strength of a signal, but not network congestion or integrity which can impact application performance. For personal Wifi connections, we recommend restarting your internet modem and router in the event a network conflict is occurring even if other devices are working properly.

    In addition to the troubleshooting information below, please review the "General Troubleshooting" section as it may contain steps to correct the behavior that you are experiencing. While an MLB Audio stream may say "playing" prior to the start of a game, you will only hear silence. MLB Audio does not broadcast pre-game or post-game shows, and may not broadcast during rain delays or commercials. You may receive this message if you recently reset your MLB password but did not update the stored login information, or if you do not have an active subscription.

    TV from Apple iTunes, please attempt to initially connect or re-connect your purchase to a new or existing MLB account. If you are accessing the game from a cellular connection or mobile hotspot, attempt to access from a Wifi connection as cellular connections can often route your data well outside the current viewing location.

    You may also attempt to enable airplane mode for a minute, disable airplane mode and the device may connect to a different tower with different routing. When viewing MLB. TV content, you can tap the "CC" button on the video player to enable or disable closed captioning. Please note that the device "Closed Captioning" settings may override the application. If you have any questions or require troubleshooting assistance, please visit mlb.

    If you experience any difficulty with or have questions about ticketing purchases, please contact the Club Box Office for immediate support. MLB for Apple Devices.

    Your phone may be listening to you

    Table of Contents. Supported Devices. Supported Apple devices must be running iOS operating system version Back to Top. Getting Started. Tap on the "More" tab. Tap on "Settings" in the upper right. I own MLB. Select your provider. Login using your provider credentials. If you are unsure of your provider credentials, please contact your provider. Link your provider credentials with a new or existing MLB account. After linking your credentials, open the MLB app and tap on the "Subscriber Login" option when prompted with the initial paywall. Login using your registered MLB account email and password.

    Use the apps you want, not the apps Google wants you to use

    Subscription Management. Open your MLB app.

    It's technically possible, but researchers and security experts say the answer is likely no

    Restoring a previous Apple iTunes purchase Subscribers who have made an in-app purchase through Apple iTunes on a mobile device will use the Restore button on the paywall, for example, when re-installing the application on an existing Apple or new Apple device. Tap your name, then tap Subscriptions. Don't see the subscription that you're looking for? Choose a different subscription option, or tap Cancel Subscription. TV Subscription Customers should visit www. Navigation and Usage.

    Watching MLB. MLB Audio MLB Audio is only available during live games and will allow you to listen to the home or away radio broadcast without blackouts. Apple Watch Support With your Apple Watch and supported Apple mobile device, you will have access to breaking news, notifications, player cards and Gameday Pitch-by-Pitch. Push Notifications The MLB app can deliver push notifications to your device during the season if enabled.