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You will have to enable Run in Background option of the apps that are not showing notifications or missing notifications when the phone is not in use. One of our reader who had a similar problem on his Huawei P9 lite. Enable this, and you are good to go. If this guide does not work for you and you are still not getting the notifications, try changing the launcher to Nova.

You can download it from the App Store. If you have any question regarding the guide above to fix missing push notifications on Huawei phones, feel free to ask me in the comments. If you have any confusion regarding any step above, we are here to sort it out for you guys. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Clearly this not working. I have the same phone and tried all the available instructions Still nothing The problem is with certain apps While I receive whatsapp notifications, the twitter notifications only showd for 2 seconds then instantly disappears Do you have a similar situation? I have a P9 lite and after suffering for along time found a working solution, notification works when enabling VPN apps like Opera Max, etc… so thats the only way to get notifications at the moment.

Hope this helps you guys.

This didnt work for me… even tried the updated one… didnt really do it… im on the mate 8 and the only notifications i get are texts and snaps…. At least its a small problem that just annoys me, before this phone i got all my stuff but now… nope. I already tried everything I guess and the funny thing is, that the issue just comes and goes. Then discovered that there is a hidden default setting in the gmail app itself which was preventing notifications! Not working on P8 lite, whatsapp notifications do not show up on notification bar and the phone does not vibrate.

The phone works perfectly for half the day then, notifications stop getting through, only thing that solves this is restarting the phone, but this only works temporarily, after a while it happens again. Hi guys I have deleted my deezer account by acident on my P9, how can I get it back without going throug tedious of deleting and downloading it again. Is there a easier way??? I was having trouble with not being notified of text messages on my new Huawei P8 Lite.

How to Clone an App with ‘App Twin’ on Huawei P30 Pro

It turned out that mine was set to restricted. After many investigations and research lol I will tell you how I got mine to work. You can do the above as well however what you need to do is set your theme to magazine lock. This can be done by going to themes — me — customize and then apply magazine lock.

Method 2: Transfer Data from iPhone to Huawei with MobileTrans - Copy Data to Android

Hi again Lee-Ann, I forgot to tell, that I get most notifications.. Well this methods works, but only if you let apps open in background, once you clean the background, none of apps are sending notifications! Hope this helps. Same problem. Nothing seems to work. Same problem on my Huawei mate 9. I tried every option but problem still there. When I uninstall whatsapp and reinstall it, for few days there is no problem, then again it come out of no where. Hi there! Turn it on and the Whatsapp, FB Messenger etc. Good luck! After making all these changes on the Mate 9 and Honor 8, it still was not working.

What I have found that is needed in addition to the other changes is:. I had managed to get my Viber and Messenger to push notifications doing all of the above — allowing background data, not closing the app when screen locked but my mail accounts still needed the special access tip. Now they are getting through. I did everything, still no luck. This only works when the app is running in the background.

The fix is that it works when the screen is locked, OK. Same here, and even at that it only works for a few minutes. Wish I would have found all this out before I got this phone….

How to Resolve Activation Issues

Hi new to Huawei Honor 6 my email app is showing mail but when I open it no messages showing. Please help!! Can I ask you a question? I install the Outlook app and it works fine, but when I look at my accounts, it is not there. What a mess. Try this. Try that. How about trying a different OS. Honor Note 8. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. How to use Android for Cloud Gaming. Melvin breaker melvinb. Solution:tap on home screen and click on wedges you will get list at the bottom move the screen till u find whatsapp logo you can drag that on to screen and restart the mobile you can see the logo :.

Habeba Zaki. Rhibee rhibee. Ta daaa it's back. Hopefully helpful to someone!

3 Ways to Remotely Locate Your Lost or Stolen Huawei P30 / P30 Pro

Abdul Haddi. Gyngell Nobanda. Nkele dikeledi Fix Your Stuff. Back Answers Index. Lisa Penilla l4penilla Rep: 2 2 1.

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My Apps icon is missing from my phone and I don't know how to restore it. Can you help? Answer this question I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question?

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Yes No. Voted Undo. Score Alexandra, you are fantastic. Please teach me how to unhide them for good. How do I find my menu key hovers on the main screen.

How to Find a Lost Phone using email/IMEI number easily - Even if it's switched off

I have put smart? Nope my problem is " why my P8Lite always losing obb files of games". So I have to re download obb file such as Shadow Fight 2. Need help were I can find the app thanx.