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  1. Android apps for Meizu M8 Note phone free download.
  2. 8 most iconic Chinese smartphones of all time!
  3. Compare Meizu M8 16GB models. Access all versus comparisons of this phone and its differences.
  4. Meizu M8 Touchscreen Smart Phone Black

Micro USB 2. Bluetooth Type, Model Bluetooth is wireless communications technology for exchanging data between mobile phones, headsets, personal computers and other network devices over brief distances without wiring, Bluetooth technology was mostly designed to support simple wireless networking of personal consumer devices. Yes Bluetooth v5. Near Field Communication NFC NFC stands for Near field communication is a set of short-range wireless communication standards for smartphones and similar computing devices to establish peer-to-peer P2P radio communications with each other by touching them together.

It works on smaller range around 10cm. Infrared IR Infrared IR connectivity is an old wireless technology which uses an infrared light to transfer information between two electronic devices over short-range. It provides data speed up to 40 kbps which enable mobile devices to access the internet at a Similar speed of dial-up modem and it is used for wireless data transfer like sharing pictures, text, video or browse the internet via mobile phone connection.

A good device always supports faster data speed. Messaging and Email Services. Short Message Service SMS Short Messaging Service is a text messaging service through which users can send text messages up to characters to mobile devices such as cell phone, smartphone, and PDAs. Yes threaded view Yes threaded view. Multimedia Messaging Service MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and it is used for sending multimedia message from one device to another device such as audio clips, video clips, images, text.

The user can send text messages, images, and other attachments to the recipient using the internet.

Android apps for Meizu M8 Note phone free download.

You can create your account with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other without any cost and its necessary to receive any message over internet and email address is unique to each user. IM Instant Messaging IM stands for Instant Messaging is an exchange of text messages through a software application in real time, it enable users to create a kind of private chat room for example Yahoo! Messenger and Apple's iChat with another user in order to communicate in real time over the Internet.

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Battery and Power. Capacity in mAh Battery Capacity which measure typically in Amp-hr which tells users that how much of the charge stored by the battery. The battery capacity represents the maximum amount of power that can be run any computing device under certain conditions. A good battery always provides consistent power but it also depends on the quality of device, processor, and design. Non-Removable Non-Removable.

8 most iconic Chinese smartphones of all time!

Standby Time Standby Time is the longest time a phone can remain in the power during single battery charge while the device will not be in active use but constantly connected to the GSM network. Up to Hours Up to Hours. Talk Time Talk Time is the total time a battery can power a phone under perfect conditions, talk time requires more power and much shorter than standby time. Up to 11 Hours Up to 11 Hours. Music Play Music play time of the device in hours.

Up to 21 Hours Up to 24 Hours. Battery Video Playback The capacity of battery to play video on device. Up to 6 Hours Up to 6 Hours. Up to 7 Hours Up to 7 Hours.

Compare Meizu M8 16GB models. Access all versus comparisons of this phone and its differences.

Up to 9 Hours Up to 10 Hours. Warranty Details. Box items. Translate to Your Own Languages.

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    We provide you with the latest information about electronics gadgets , tips and tricks about gadgets. Realme X2. Samsung Galaxy M30s. OPPO F Realme 5s.

    Meizu M8 Touchscreen Smart Phone Black

    Infinix S5 Pro. Vivo iQOO 3. Realme C3. Realme 5i. Vivo Z1 Pro. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro. Xiaomi Redmi 8A.

    Meizu M8 Global Edition Main Features

    Samsung Galaxy A50s. Largest Gadget Discovery Site in India. Latest Mobiles. All Mobiles Tablets Laptops Deals. Compare mobile. Top 10 Mobiles. Best Mobiles. Upcoming mobiles. Updated on: Mar 20, Meizu M8 Lite details. Display and configuration. Meizu M8 Lite comes with a thin bezel design, having a 5. It has an HD display with a screen resolution of x 1, pixels and a pixel density of ppi. The presence of aspect ratio will further enhance the visionary. It is equipped with an octa-core 1. There is an Adreno which will take care of the graphics.

    The front camera is provided by a 5MP lens that will give quality selfie. The first smartphone produced by Newman was sold as the Newman N1 in China and abroad, but international customers could also pick up the Freelander i10 which was basically the same phone. The N1 was only in limited production and continued to sell out so fast that many customers at home and abroad were never able to get their hands on the first generation Newman phone.

    Since then Newman have continued to make new smartphones, however more recent phones have struggled to receive the same scale of excitement that the earlier N1 and later N2 were able to achieve. There are a number of possible reasons but we believe the launch of the original Xiaomi M1 in , was the major factor which shook the Chinese phone scene.

    At a time where most people looked down on the idea of a Chinese smartphone, one plucky team of investors decided that a Chinese phone with high-end hardware and a low-cost is exactly what the world needed. Meizu released its first Android phone in The Meizu M9 was an affordable device with great hardware, and actually the first Chinese Android smartphone I owned.

    Meizu hoped that the M9 would be able to compete with the iPhone 4 which officially launched in China at around the same time. Both the M9 and iPhone 4 saw huge crowds, limited supply and were often compared to one another during reviews. Meizu had already forged a partnership with Samsung and again offered the M9 with the same 1Ghz Samsung S5PC processor found in the then flagship Galaxy model.

    Other specification highlights included a 5 mega-pixel rear camera, removable battery and 3. Meizu game Android 2. Although the Meizu M9 had a great specification it suffered from a number of issues including overheating, poor battery life, and app compatibility, details which were finally sorted by the time the first MX phones went on sale.

    The first Android phone from Oppo also happened to be the first of the Find range of phones. The high-profile advertising along with good hardware and quality design were enough for the X to feature in international press.