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  1. How to Bypass Google Account Verification (FRP) on LG Q8
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This will get rid of any software problems including those that are attributed to malwares and system errors. Your phone must be connected to the Internet wirelessly to download and install over-the-air OTA updates. Or you can manually update your device software on a computer instead.

Doing so will refresh the internal memory and ensure that the new software changes are properly implemented. A network settings reset may be necessary to clear any network errors that might have caused MMS function to fail. Doing so will clear current network settings including errors on the phone and then restore the default network configurations. A network settings reset will also reset the APN settings, which can help eliminate network connectivity errors from the phone.

Your phone should restart automatically when the reset is finished.

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After restarting, re-connect to your Wi-Fi network or cellular data network to use network services including MMS on your phone again. System cache usually gets corrupted after installing updates either for apps or Android system.

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  • Allow your device to finish wiping the system cache and then restarts when done. If MMS still failed to send, then you will need to consider opting for a system reset. In this case, a full system reset or master reset would be necessary.

    Before you do so, be sure to back up all your important files as they will also be wiped out during the reset along with your downloaded apps and other contents. Should you wish to continue, follow these steps to factory data reset or master reset your LG G7 ThinQ through settings menu:. Allow your device to complete the master reset and restore factory defaults.

    How to Bypass Google Account Verification (FRP) on LG Q8

    To use Find my Device , your device must be: Powered on. Signed in to a Google Account. Connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi. Location turned on. Find My Device turned on. Log in using the same Google account that was setup on the lost device. Select the lost device to see last known location and other options. Ring allows your phone to ring for 5 minutes, even if its on silent.

    Locate will bring up Google maps with the location of the phone and give you the following options: Play Sound - Device will ring for 5 minutes, even if set to silent.

    Q8 Screen Repair KES 4000.00

    Secure Device - Lock device and sign out of your Google account. Erase Device - Delete all content from the device. Once your device has been erased, you can't locate it. Set a password to lock your screen Write a note to the finder optional Give a phone number for the finder to call optional. Erasing your device prevents others from seeing your content. What must be set to use Find my Device?

    Locate LG Q8

    Tap Find My Device. Make sure Find My Device is turned on.

    LG Q8 (aka V20 Pro) - waterproof, camera/audio heavy smartphone hands on at CES 2017

    Turn on Location.