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From now on, you will be able to connect your Android smartphone or tablet with the computer successfully. Not all users are familiar with the basic systems of how the KingRoot Application works — or how to manage the installation. So, here it goes!

Samsung Galaxy M20 Review | NDTV Gadgetscom

Share this: Tweet. The Good. Bitdefender Mobile Security Amazing protection with minimal effect on performance. If you want absolute protection against malware and viruses, consider downloading Bitdefender. A top-of-the-line app, Bitdefender has a malware scanner with an impressive percent detection rate. You can also use it to lock any app you deem sensitive with a PIN code replete with 30 second timeout after 5 false attempts. And should your phone go missing, Bitdefender allows you to track, lock and wipe your Android.

Moreover, its web security function ensures a safe browsing experience as it quickly detects any malicious content. Oh, and the coolest feature? Snap Photo — Bitdefender snaps a pic of anyone tampering with your phone in your absence. On Android the autopilot lets you set it and forget it for the most part — really non-invasive. Seems fairly light weight, too. The anti-theft features are good for peace of mind. Glad to have my trusted PC protection as my Android security.

Made my phone scream when I misplaced it. Put a lock code on my laptop and phone when they went missing. Put a lock code on apps that I don't want a nosey bf to Snoop through and it took a picture of him when he was trying to guess my passcode. All of this I've done through the app, and quickly as the app is very user-friendly.

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You can also use the app to lock specific apps, ensuring that only you have the power to open them. We assume you stopped reading this halfway through this list so you could start downloading Avast. Good thinking.

Saved my ass There is an ambient light sensor, but it can't be seen. The proximity sensor is to the left of the notch and that placement doesn't seem to have hurt its functionality. Our Galaxy M20 review unit is Ocean Blue, which does stand out. It's quite dark, with a glossy finish and a very fine grainy pattern that gives it some depth. Samsung hasn't said exactly what material it has used for the rear shell, but it feels plasticky. The rear and sides of this phone are a single moulded shell with no seams or even antenna lines.

We're happy to note that despite being glossy, the rear of this phone isn't slippery at all. The sides of this phone are rounded, but it is bulky overall, thanks to the mAh battery — more on that in a bit. It's also quite thick and heavy, and we felt the weight after using it for extended periods. The Galaxy M10 is a lot lighter in comparison but it obviously doesn't have the huge battery. The speaker grille is also on the bottom, whereas the Galaxy M10 has it on the lower rear.

Another big difference between the two phones is that the Galaxy M20 has a fingerprint sensor on the rear — the less expensive model doesn't have one at all. We found the sensor a bit too high for our index fingers to reach comfortably when holding the phone. Everything else is fairly standard — there's a 3. The dual rear camera module has a tiny ridge around it to help prevent the lenses from getting scratched, but doesn't protrude at all.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Review

Overall, while the Samsung Galaxy M20 doesn't have much of an individual identity, it's more than good enough to take on its competition in the sub-Rs. Every design choice has been made to support a feature that Samsung needs to offer. The most interesting thing on the Galaxy M20's spec sheet is its brand new Exynos processor. This oddly named unit was launched less than two weeks ago, and was designed specifically for the value smartphone segment in India.

Samsung tends to use the same processors across a lot of models, sometimes over the course of several years. Since this is our first experience with the Exynos , our benchmarks will tell us how it competes against the Qualcomm and MediaTek models that other manufacturers in this segment use. We have latter configuration for review, and a quick look at the market shows that many other models at this price level don't have as much RAM or storage, which could give Samsung an advantage.

The rest of the specs are more commonly found in this price bracket. The screen resolution is x, with a density of ppi. There's a mAh battery, and Samsung says that the bundled 15W charger will fill it up quickly. Ten minutes of charging is supposed to be enough to enjoy three hours of videos or 11 hours of music playback.

The front camera has an 8-megapixel resolution. Samsung seems to have cut a few corners when it comes to the accessories in the box. It's a little disappointing to see Android 8. If you've used any recent Samsung phone, you won't find much that's new or different here. Unfortunately, another thing that hasn't changed is Samsung's eagerness to put ads everywhere. From the moment we first booted this phone, we were confronted by them. The entire lock screen is now an ad — Samsung has integrated an app called Glance that shows a different photo or promotional item each time you wake this phone from sleep.

Not only are the captions distracting, but they displace useful notifications. In just the first few hours of using this phone we saw repeated clickbait messages to drive traffic to websites or apps. Sometimes we were prompted to vote in polls about cricketers or consumer product brands. Some of them were just flat out ads.

Samsung Galaxy M10 Unboxing and Full Review

If we had bought this phone, we'd be extremely aggravated by this level of intrusiveness, and we really think Samsung needs to dial back its monetisation efforts. Besides that, we also got the usual barrage of notification spam from the My Galaxy app and some of the other preloaded apps.

No matter how many useful extra features a manufacturer's custom UI has, this is the kind of thing that makes us long for stock Android. L-R Spammy notifications from the My Galaxy app; advertisement on the lock screen; customisation options for the Glance app. We didn't have any trouble using the Samsung Galaxy M20 for day-to-day tasks. Apps and light games ran without any trouble, and we multitasked quite heavily too. There was only the slightest hint of lag in the UI on rare occasions, but not enough for us to worry about.