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Wow sounds like so much work but I'll have to do it again thank you. It an expert at this thanks again. So I went into gallery and I see nothing that says view the files on sd card. Not all devices have that option If that doesn't do it, try removing and then reinstalling the SD card.

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Should that also not work, you may need to go into the phone's settings and then apps, locate the gallery app and in that tape clear data. Then restart the phone. OK so what I don't understand is in my phone the pics show up in sd card but when verizon took it out n put it in other phone to check the pics there's nothing there n when they put it back in my phone the pics show up again but to transfer once they r on SD card they don't or won't go into my gallery n there is nothing in my gallery to change app setting to view files as that's just on SD card can u please let me know what is wrong here thank you.

Oh I see u answered up above so if I cleat data won't that erase pics or important stuff. And verizon did what you r saying UT not clearing data tho I'm scared to do that. OK now I am confused. Are you trying to do this in one device. Just moving them to the card, or are you trying to move them to the card to see in another device? Dec 3, 6 0 0.

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When I take pics with my Samsung Galaxy s5 they show up on phones,gallery. So make room on my phone I transfer them to SD card. They they'd show back up in gallery with the symbol on album that these r on the SD card. Now I do it n they don't show in my gallery anymore. They disappear from there n stay supposedly on SD card. But I took it into verizon they took the SD card out put it in another phone n the card is empty it make no sense then they put it back in my phone n the pics r there again on SD card.

I'm baffled. I really wanted them to stay in gallery but on the ad card. Since that u to work thanks I hope it's clear to u of my problem. Because I'm confused to lol. Perhaps there is a problem starting with the SD card itself.

Especially if they can't see what it on it from another device. As you should be able to unless the card was altered. In such a case you may want to back up all the files to say a computer and get a new SD card. OK thank you. One last question why would it stop working when it use to work thank you. It could have gone bad or is going bad. Happens way more often than people think. It could also have been altered by an app on the device or an update to the device.

To may things to choose from to say for certain. You may want to try it in another device yourself, rather than taking it to them, to see if you can see what is on it then. Sometimes the store people know less about the devices than the owners do. OK thank you for all ur help. You must log in or register to reply here. Android Smartphones 6 Jun 21, Question My album on gallery kept disappeared Android Smartphones 5 Apr 10, C So I opened my gallery to find that my pictures have turned into blank squares I deleted all my photos an videos from my gallery how do I get them back.

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Question My album on gallery kept disappeared So I opened my gallery to find that my pictures have turned into blank squares I tried restarting my Android but it didn't Solved! How do I get my gallery pictures if phone is broken and does not turn on Solved! How to retrieve my deleted videos on my gallery Solved!

Now, with the integration of personal computer and cell phone, you got this powerful smartphone that can also be able to be utilized without a sim card. Without the sim card, your smartphone can still be connected with other smartphones as long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi. The GPS in your smartphone can always emit transmission using the internet.

SOLVED: My phone keeps installing apps by it self, what to do? - Android Phone - iFixit

By leveraging the connection on the internet, you can still communicate even without the sim card. So, how are you able to use that smartphone ability to track your phone without a sim card? Here we show you several ways how you can do just that. Therefore, it can always track your lost phone even without the sim card installed in your phone. Read here if you want to know the step by step on how to track your iPhone using the Apple services.

How to remove Adware from Android

Read here if you want to know how to track a phone using the Android Device Manager. Social media apps nowadays can track the location of your phone based on the GPS coordinate. This helps the social media platform to send ads based on your location. It also helps to geotag the location of your post. Tap the app lock option to choose which apps require a fingerprint to launch, while tapping the private safe option lets you surprise view your stash of private files.

Instead, the default solution is to visit the aforementioned menus to see it. However, you can create a homescreen shortcut by visiting the Private safe , tapping the Cog , and enabling the toggle for Homescreen shortcut. Read: 10 best privacy apps for Android. You can now access your Secure Folder by using your iris scanner or fingerprint scanner. After setting up your Secure Folder, you should see the folder in your app menu. To add items to your Secure Folder, tap the Add apps or Add files icon in the folder, then select the desired items.

Part 1: Hide Apps on Android with Go Launcher

Naturally, the phones let you hide apps and files behind a biometric safe too. Xiaomi is another manufacturer offering deeper fingerprint locking functionality in its Android skin. To enable fingerprint app lock, all you have to do is visit the Security app then tap the App lock icon. Need to hide specific files? You can then browse through your files in order to select the desired item. One of the more feature-packed apps of its kind, LOCKit is a one-stop hub for locking your apps, photos, and videos. And in a neat touch, it offers the ability to take snaps of people trying to access locked goodies.

Getting started is pretty easy, as you grant it the required permissions drawing over other apps , set a PIN, and create a security question. You can see a locked app in the recents menu. However this seems to only be the case for a few third-party apps. LOCKit is also littered with ads, ranging from ads in the main app to large ads on the authentication screen before unlocking an app. Still, the core functionality seems to work fine for a third-party app. One of our top picks, AppLock is another fingerprint app lock utility with a ton of features.

From the basic app lock capabilities to locking down connectivity like Bluetooth , it covers plenty of bases.