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This is why we do not offer any history in our application, since there is no history storage. All locations are deleted after they are visible. A mobile phone uses GPS to track location, but only when its outdoors. So when using our APP, you will see the location of your friends and family also when they are indoors. If your kids do not have a smartphone, you can buy a personal tracker or a GPS watch for kids here on our page.

If your kid already has a mobile, you can just download the APP and start tracking their phone.

The best monitoring solution

As you can see, the Tail it mobile tracker APP is not just another mobile tracker, but it also connects to a lot of devices. In this way you can expand your location awareness to not just include your friends and family, but also your kids, parents, your pets, keys or even your car.

We in tail it Technologies have made a GPS tracker for every need.

The bigger the GPS tracker is, the longer the battery. Never worry about the things you care the most about, when you can Tail it! All communication protocols between server of our mobile location tracker app, and our GPS trackers are encrypted. This means that your data within the application is safe.

This means that we do not store your location data or share any of your personal information.

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The app is built with privacy by design and privacy by default. Meaning that we will delete all your personal data if you stop using the APP. You can find it available on iOS and Android. There are many things to look for in a mobile tracker app. These types of applications are usually popular among families. For groups of friends however, location might not be that important.

Phone Tracker Free | Mobile Tracker | Cell Phone Tracking App

The ability to send messages would come in handy, and you might use the check in function on popular hangout spots. You might be going to a party with your friends, but you have no idea where it is. You friend simply shares the location with you, and you can see where the party is at by just checking your app.

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Some mobile location tracker applications also comes with the possibility of monitoring driving. So if you have older children that has recently gotten their driving license or something similar, this feature might be useful to you. This feature helps you monitor how fast they were going, how many times they break too hard, and of course if there has been an accident.

It can also show you what route that the car took. Deciding what mobile tracker application to use can be confusing. Luckily today, most of these applications are free to use, including the Tail it app. We urge you to download and try it, and make your own decision about what you want to use.

Free phone tracker

A lot of these functions need to be properly tested by yourself before you can decide if this is useful to you or not. Regardless of functions, you should also consider what your purpose is for the mobile tracker app. Why did you download it, and what did you hope to achieve? Personal tracker Tail it personal tracker is a super small GPS tracker with global range! With the size of a coin, you can hide it and keep track of everything.

Our personal tracker is super easy to use.

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