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  2. Quality Management Lessons Learned from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall
  3. Samsung Reveals Root Cause of Galaxy Note7 Battery Fires
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Samsung executives saw that video too. Then they heard reports of dozens of other Galaxy Note7 devices going up in flames, or even exploding in a couple of cases. Even though a million of the devices were already in the hands of customers, Samsung took the responsible route and recalled them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review (updated)

Meanwhile, the other Galaxy Note7 phablets already in the pipeline were pulled or removed from store shelves and carriers shut down any sales. Existing owners of the Galaxy Note7 will have to wait for device replacements presumably for as long as it takes Samsung to solve the battery problem and return the devices to the market.

Fortunately for U. In the meantime, they have a quandary, which is what to do with a potentially hazardous phone? Suggestions for proper handling are all over the internet—some practical such as setting it aside and not using it and some not-so-practical such as burying it in sand until you can get rid of it. For companies that may have put some of these devices into service, the problem becomes one that's somewhat more complex.

Quality Management Lessons Learned from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

How do you protect your employees from a hazardous device? How do you protect your facilities from what may be a collection of many potentially flammable devices? What do you do about the business data that may already be on the device while you're disposing of the suspicious Note7? The problems with the Galaxy Note7 go back to problems with lithium ion batteries, not just in phones, but in a wide range of devices that use power supplies with this battery technology. A few years ago there were videos of burning laptops all over YouTube.

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Samsung Reveals Root Cause of Galaxy Note7 Battery Fires

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Note 7 Battery Explosion!! CAUGHT LIVE ON CAMERA!!

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That same feature comes on the Note 7 — and coupled with the high onboard storage and the potential GB microSD card storage added on top, the Note 7 can be a powerful tool for videographers. Overall, the user interface has been given some unified colors in order to make everything feel more coherent. Lighter colors are abound, with only the important bits and buttons providing the splashes of color. The notification shade and the settings page are the best places to see this; and even then, the settings page has been simplified so that things are easier to navigate.

Sections of the settings page are consolidated in categories that include some main examples of what users might expect to find after going deeper, and this hopefully will make the usually daunting Samsung UI easier to navigate. Indeed, Samsung wants to guide the users more than ever without the pesky dialog boxes that used to appear out of nowhere and incessantly, which was more annoying than helpful in the past.

Instead, there are little texts for just about every setting and there are arrows in the notification shade showing that pressing the text of an option will provide a little more information. Of course, there are still all of the main tropes of the Samsung interface, including the rather cartoonish and rounded icons and folders, but the round backgrounds for non-Samsung apps can be removed. Briefing is still the news aggregator found to the left of the homescreens, but that can also be disabled. And all of this can be themed through the Themes area of the settings, which provides quite a few different options for changing the look of the interface without tampering with function.

Given that this is a curved display phone, the Edge UX makes an appearance and is largely the same as the one found on the Galaxy S7 Edge. Sliding from either the left or right side will bring up the Edges, a number of different panels that are able to house either contacts for quick dialing, icons for quick launching, or tickers for various forms of information like CNN News or a compass.

The other addition focuses on security — the Secure Folder.

Samsung aims to disrupt the lower mid-range segment with its latest launch. Does the M40 succeed?

Used as a sort of triage area for apps and accounts, the Secure Folder can best be described as a clean slate area. Files, apps, and content put into it are locked under any of the same security measures that are used to unlock the device yes, including Iris. It is basically like putting a second copy of an app on your phone — for example, when putting Instagram in the Secure Folder, opening it brought up the initial login page, so that I could feasibly put in a personal or work account there depending on what configuration I wanted.

But, of course, the crux of the Note 7 is the S Pen — and there is a mixture of streamlining and adding to the formula to make this iteration probably the most practical one yet. Hovering the pen tip over the screen can still provide previews into various parts of the UI and selecting multiple items is still simple with the mouse-like nature of the S Pen and its button. While these shortcuts can be edited to open up pretty much any application, the main ones for the S Pen still include a straight note creation, Smart Select for some more creative captures, and Screen Write for capturing what the screen is currently showing or scrolling, if one is currently on a scrollable page for writing and editing and sharing.

Smart Select got one of the bigger and probably funner additions, Animation select. A frame of any size the user chooses appears and can be put over any part of the screen to record a 15 second GIF, making GIF creation just about as easy as GIF searching. Or, if you ever have that GIF you can never find, now you have the method to save it. The Smart Select Animation can quite literally capture anything, like video content from Instagram or YouTube for easy sharing in only the easy way the S Pen does it — just hit share and it goes straight to the place of your choice.

The other additions to the S Pen software family are not quite as deep, but they are useful in their own rights. Glance is an interesting one that shrinks any app to a small square snapped to corners of the screen — hovering the S Pen over the square makes it large again for easy checking or for continued regular usage. And finally there is Translate, perhaps the feature that we really want to see evolve.

Though would like to see full sentences and phrase become a part of Translate, we applaud Samsung for included it in this new version of the Note.

Removing the S Pen while the screen is off brings up a black screen where one can quickly jot down a scribble. Returning the S Pen to its slot puts the memo into the Notes app, just like any other note. However, now the memo can be pinned to the Screen Off Memo so that it is always within view. All of these notes are now put into one singular Notes application, which consolidates all of the different methods and abilities the S Pen used to have splashed across the UI — Action Memo and S Note, for example.

By putting everything under one roof, the Notes application is now one of the most robust apps for notation and will eventually be made available for even the Galaxy S devices. While the small but noticeable changes to the Android experience on the Note 7 are already welcome, it seems that this year Samsung really wants users to start pulling the S Pen out more. After all, plenty of users report that they never use the S Pen or its myriad of features and instead just look at the Note as a standalone device with a lot of power.