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  1. Moto Z4 Review: Not the king of midrange, but among the best
  2. Moto Z4 Review: Not the king of midrange, but among the best
  3. High-end construction

Moto Actions are still present so you can use gestures like twisting the phone twice to launch the camera, and so is Moto Display so you can wave your hand over the screen to see notifications. Google Assistant fans will be able to activate Assistant by double-tapping the power button. Motorola said the Moto Z4 will get bimonthly security updates for two years.

Moto Z4 Review: Not the king of midrange, but among the best

However, the company is only committing to delivering one Android version update, Android 10 Q , which Google releases in August. The company has to stick with the similar body size and style so the phone can accommodate all the existing Moto Mods. Still, there are small variations. The front of the phone is where the main design differences lie. Motorola has finally adopted an edge-to-edge display for the Moto Z4, with rounded corners and a bubble-shaped teardrop notch for the front-facing camera. The phone is available in Flash Grey and Frost White, and apart from the different colors the back of the phone, looks almost the same as previous Moto Z devices.

Both the front and back utilize Gorilla Glass 3. The 3. It uses pixel binning technology, so it combines pixels so they can take in more light, hence the lower resolution output. The Moto Z4 offers solid performance, a large battery, a promising camera, and a nice software experience.

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  • Moto Z4 Review: Not the king of midrange, but among the best.
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You can still use Moto Mods, and some are genuinely useful. But at the end of the day, the Z4 is priced a little high. The Moto Z4 looks a lot like its predecessors. No new Moto Mods are launching with the Moto Z4, which is disappointing. I can only recommend a few mods, though, such as the battery mod for longer battery life, the JBL Soundboost 2 speaker mod for blasting music, the wireless charging mod , and the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer mod.

At the very bottom are pogo pins that are required for data transmission between Moto Mods and the phone. The display is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 as well, and Motorola has jumped on the bezel-less and notch bandwagon. The edges surrounding the screen are slim, and that delivers a larger 6. This makes apps and other content look good. The screen is bright for most conditions, but can be tough to see in direct sunlight.

Screen resolution is similar, though the Moto Z4 does offer higher brightness levels. Comparing speakers is an entirely different story.

Moto Z4 Review: Not the king of midrange, but among the best

The Moto Z4 has top-firing speakers that are too easy to block when holding the phone in landscape mode. The Pixel 3a XL has two speakers — one front facing and one bottom-firing — and not only is it louder, but it also delivers richer sound. You definitely need a speaker Moto Mod if you want a good experience. Things get worse when you permanently attach Moto Mod to the back — like the wireless charging mod — as the 2.

Gone is the sensor that used to sit on the side of the phone. My tests say otherwise.

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I initially had a lot of trouble getting it to work, but the trick is to scan your fingerprint multiple times; it works a lot better. The right side of the phone has a textured power button below a volume rocker. You can double tap the power button to trigger Google Assistant by default, which is a nice touch.

On the bottom edge is a USB-C charging port, alongside — wait for it — a headphone jack! Customers complained. This gives me mixed feelings. On the one hand, phones like the Pixel 3a which has the Snapdragon hardly had any issues, even when playing games like PUBG: Mobile. This rings true with the Moto Z4. It performs admirably.

I did notice the Moto Z4 does tend to get warm quite quickly, which means prolonged gaming may be an issue as the processor will throttle performance.

High-end construction

That chipset is much faster and will hold up better as the years pass by. The Z4 does beat out the Pixel 3a, however. On the software side, Motorola offers a close-to-stock Android 9 Pie interface. Motorola has added a few of its classic features. Moto Actions returns, so you can use gestures like chopping the phone twice to turn on the flashlight or twisting the phone twice to launch the camera app.

Hover your hand close to the screen and you get a quick glance at the time and notifications.

On the plus side, you will receive bi-monthly security updates for two years. The rear and front cameras use Quad Pixel technology — another word for pixel binning. Pixel binning means the camera combines pixels so they take more light.

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