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Nokia 7. As per the latest price cut information, the Nokia 7. Furthermore, Nokia 6. The Nokia 6. The third smartphone to have received the price cut is the Nokia 8. The yesteryear flagship smartphone has received a price cut taking its cost down to Rs. Notably, the Nokia 8.

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Lastly, the current flagship smartphone, the Nokia 9 PureView has also received a price cut. Launched for Rs. For the uninitiated, it is the first smartphone to feature a penta-lens rear camera setup. Having said that a slew of Nokia smartphones have received a considerable price cut if you are looking forward to upgrade to a Nokia phone, then this is the right time to buy one as there is a discount of up to Rs. For Quick Alerts. Subscribe Now.

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Nokia 9 PureView

Alleged Nokia 1. Eventually the battery may need to be replaced. The timing of the over-the-air upgrade varies according to operator and regional approvals. Please note this might consume mobile data and operator fees may be charged. Android Story.

Nokia 9 PureView. All phones. Nokia 4G. Android Enterprise Recommended smartphones. Shot and edited entirely on Nokia 9 PureView. HDR The finest details See more.

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Depth of field Next-level focal control See more. Software Awaken your inner pro See more. Black-and-white A different kind of expression See more. Design and performance Excellence Art is a process of refinement, removing all that is unwanted until you are left with something pure, yet powerful. Screen and sound A pleasure for the senses. Some of you may be a little annoyed by this, especially considering there are quite a few Android phones announced with the latest Snapdragon processor.

Is the Snapdragon a bad processor? Day-to-day tasks and split-screen apps posed no problem either. Performance is good. These scores are in line with other phones that use the Snapdragon The chip is simply too new, and opting to use it would have only further delayed the Nokia 9. HMD worked with Zeiss to ensure the cameras were tuned precisely, and the multi-camera technology including the Lux Capacitor largely comes in collaboration with Light.

Nokia 9 PureView Review: 5-Camera Sidekick | Digital Trends

For those unaware, Light is a company that made the L16 , a camera device that promises DSLR-like image quality in a much more portable form factor. Because most phones with multiple cameras have clear, identified roles that do not let you use them all at once. This fusion process can take some time — around 10 to 20 seconds — which can be a deal breaker though you do get to see a preview of the photo you just took as it stacks all the photos together.

It made me forget about checking on my photos constantly, and instead I took the time to snap more pictures. Three of the cameras are monochromatic sensors, while the other two are RGB. This is because monochromatic sensors can capture 2. So, what are standard photos like? The one word that comes to mind is natural. Low-light photographs look good too, but detail tends to not be as rich as photos taken in good lighting.

But the Nokia 9 almost always captures the right ambiance, compared to other phones. Looking back at the photographs, it evokes the same mood I felt when I was in the environment, and it still maintains that natural look.

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You can take a RAW image — which is uncompressed and contains more information than JPEG — to the Adobe Lightroom Android app and tweak to perfection or, rather, what you deem to be perfection. Adobe will also be issuing an update to the Android Lightroom app so it will support all five lens profiles on the Nokia 9, for better image quality and robust control. One of my favorite features in the Nokia 9 is Depth Map, which needs to be switched on. The five cameras can capture more than 1, layers of depth data in photos except in Monochrome mode , so in Google Photos, you can completely refocus a photo, while also adjusting the intensity of the background or foreground blur.

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The blur effect looks good, and while there are errors occasionally, I think the Nokia 9 is one of the best smartphone cameras at the moment to capture photos with strong bokeh.