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The devices feature an in-screen optical fingerprint reader, stated to have improved performance over that of the Mate 20 Pro. In September , Huawei unveiled new "Mystic Blue" and "Misty Lavender" color finishes for the P30 Pro, which carry a two-tone appearance using matte and glossy finishes. The P30 Pro features three rear-facing camera lenses with Leica optics, including a megapixel lens, megapixel ultra-wide angle lens, an 8-megapixel "periscope" lens with 5x optical zoom.

The optical zoom can be combined with software-assisted digital zoom of up to 50x.

How to fix Huawei P30 GPS issues

The base P30 model excludes the periscope lens reducing it to 3x optical zoom , reduces the ultra-wide angle lens to megapixels, and does not include optical image stabilization software-based AI stabilization is still used. The megapixel lens on both models use a new "SuperSpectrum" image sensor , whose color filter array uses yellow sub-pixels instead of green. Huawei stated that this would allow more light to be captured, and enhanced absorption of red and green colors. This sensor is leveraged by improvements to the camera software's night mode, as well as new "Super HDR" and "Super Low Light" capture modes.

The P30 line ships with Android 9. Vlad Savov of The Verge felt that the P30 Pro was comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S10 in terms of hardware specifications, but that Huawei was an "unrivaled champ" in camera quality.

How to Track & Spy Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Lenovo, Asus or LG Smartphone Activities - TiSPY

Its cameras were shown to have better low-light performance at its default settings than the Pixel 3 's "Night Sight" mode which requires a long exposure , and that even with a slight reduction in sharpness past 10x, there was very little degradation in the quality of zoomed images with its periscope lens, producing a usable image even at 32x zoom. However, although not as aggressive as the P20 Pro, he still felt that Huawei's automatic processing was "too aggressive with its mix of grain-suppressing blur and additive sharpening", and that the Pixel 3 had more accurate white balance.

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Savov felt that the P30 Pro had good Bluetooth and Wi-Fi performance, "heroically long" battery life, and that the "magnetic levitation" earpiece worked "shockingly well". However, its display was considered to be inferior in quality to the S10 due to its comparatively lower resolution, and a discoloration of the curved edges at certain viewing angles , the in-display fingerprint reader was not as fast as the P20, and that Huawei's default user interface was "more frustrating and nagging than helpful".

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In a review of the standard P30, Pocket-lint noted that its overall size was more in line with the previous year's P20 Pro if not slightly more compact due to the replacement of the physical fingerprint reader , and that it still included a headphone jack and most of the P30 Pro's new hardware. However, the camera was considered to have downgraded quality over the P30 Pro, and its battery life was not as good due to its smaller capacity. It was allegedly discovered that a new mode intended to enhance photos of the Moon on the P30, merely composes existing imagery of the Moon into the photo to enhance its appearance.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. P 6. The P30's camera left and the P30 Pro's camera right. Portrait shots taken with this device display a nice level of blur, and it does a decent job at cutting around tough bits such as beards and glasses.

Huawei P30 Pro Car Holders

Related: Best Android phones. This, too, benefits from HDR and super low-light modes. They lack the detail and natural skin-tones captured with the Pixel 3 , and continue to push a harsh Beauty mode. Video, while improved over the P20 Pro, still lacks the skill of the still images. The P30 Pro is a lovely looking phone, easily sporting the most high-end feel of any Huawei handset to date. However, it makes for one slippery phone. Pair that with the large overall footprint and for the first few days at least, I was struggling to hold the P30 Pro, with a nagging feeling that I was going to see it fall to the floor.

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The curved sides help it sit nicely in your hand. To counter this issue to some degree, Huawei includes a basic plastic case inside the box.

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Pop this on and that much-appreciated extra grip will become immediately obvious. The 6. Both are truly stunning and offer a unique finish that really helps the Huawei P30 Pro stand out among the sea of black and grey. Related: Best Huawei phones. Of course, since this is a high-end, high-priced flagship, it comes packing all the features one would expect in such a device.

HUAWEI P30 lite Specification

Nevertheless, it churns through games and apps with ease. The one area that Huawei has done exceptionally well in terms of performance is to ensure that its devices are not only fast to begin with, but manage to keep on being fast. Through the use of AI and machine-learning in its EMUI software, the phone learns which apps you use the most and tries to open them faster — and it genuinely works. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to colour gamut coverage and brightness levels. The in-display sensor is more reliable than the Mate 20 Pro.

The P30 Pro includes an optical sensor, which uses light to read your digit and unlock the phone. Maybe next year. The phone is rated IP68 for water-resistance, which means is will happily survive an accidental drop in the bath. Impressive stuff. The lack of a headphone jack was predictable , considering Huawei has dropped the 3. Sound from the speaker system is weak. The speakers come across a little tinny, and I often found voices felt distant. As a result, the meagre speaker becomes blocked very easily.

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