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ZTE Blade 10 in 2020 - Budget Phones will win this year!

It fills up my pockets. You're going to need a purse or cargo shorts damn the fashion police! I like the all-glass front of the X Max, which feels great under your thumb. The all-plastic chassis and rear panel could feel a lot better. ZTE slathered a super-thick, lacquer-like finish on the rear shell and it comes across as slippery and slimey at the same time. It's quick to collect smudges and grime, leaving it feeling and looking gross. The phone is not rugged and is mostly put together well.

ZTE Blade Qlux 4G review: Cheapest 4G-enabled smartphone

I noticed only one small gap between the rear panel and the polycarbonate frame on the bottom of my review unit. The phone's size and weight give it gravitas that exceeds the in-hand experience.

The X Max sports huge bezels above and below the screen, and thicker-than-I'd-like bezels along the side edges as well. The bezels are a bit blacker than the display itself, which makes them stand out even more. You might call it bezelful. ZTE's typical trio of capacitive controls are lined up below the screen. The home button is a small circle and the back and multitask buttons are just small dots.

ZTE Blade Max 2S review

All three light up and vibrate when touched. They're easy enough to use. They stand out visually thanks to a brighter color than the surrounding chassis. The physical profiles are excellent and both buttons are a cinch to find. The screen lock button has a rough texture to help differentiate it from the toggle. Travel and feedback is perfect. The buttons each offer distinct action with an audible click. You'll find the SIM tray tucked into the left edge.

The tray also accommodates a microSD memory card. It's easy to use as long as you have a paperclip or SIM tray tool handy. Some people will be happy to learn the X Max has a standard 3. The rear panel is glued on, so don't expect to pull it off in search of the battery. Like many of today's phones the fingerprint reader and camera module are small circles separated by an even smaller LED flash.

The fingerprint reader is indented a bit and the camera module sticks out a bit, which makes them easy to tell apart by feel.

Overall design

Both are rimmed in chrome. The Cricket and ZTE logos are painted on in white. The rear panel's shiny finish makes it practically sparkle. Some may be taken aback by the sheer size of it. Thank goodness it didn't. The screen is very, very nice.

The ideal commuter's phone

It's bright, colorful, and accurate. Pixel density could be better, but I'm not really complaining all that much here. The phone is not a VR candidate, but it handles most other content with aplomb. The X Max offers a huge space for watching video or multitasking on two apps at a time.

The glass is somewhat prone to collecting fingerprints, which makes outdoor viewability more difficult than I'd like. Viewing angles are good, though, with minimal change in brightness and color. I tested it around the New York City area and found it performed on par with other Cricket-branded phones. Bottom line: the X Max performed as quickly as Cricket allows it to. I didn't run into any trouble streaming music over the network, but watching YouTube videos via LTE was a bit herky-jerky. Browsing the web and social media apps was smooth.

The phone connected nearly all calls on the first dial and only dropped one during my review period. The earpiece is neither as clear nor as loud as I want it to be, but it suffices on most occasions. For example, I had no trouble maintaining calls at home and in other quiet spaces, such as an office with a closed door.

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Comparable Phones

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ZTE Blade V8 Pro review

New York: Oxford University Press. PK : Overview; Full description". Retrieved 20 May Retrieved 15 May Notebook Italia in Italian. Again, as with the music player, the video player is nothing more than the stock Android offering. This means that there is no added functionality over the playing and pausing, or skipping through the video file.

You won't be surprised to learn that video playback is distinctly average of the Blade V. If you're at a loose end then you could well watch a movie on the handset - we can't guarantee you'll enjoy it though. We might once have said that FM Radio's are becoming an almost standard feature on modern smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S4 shipped without this capability, so although it might not be a hot topic, it is something that can provide a bit of a talking pint. As always, headphones will need to be plugged in, though that doesn't mean to say that you can't play music through the rear speaker.

In terms of functionality, we weren't overly impressed with the Blade V. It found most of the stations we expected, but audio quality was a little poor. Current page: Media.