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  1. Exclusive Range of Vivo Mobile Phones available online in Pakistan
  2. Exclusive: Vivo Y17 Launched in India at a Price of Rs 17,990; Pre-orders Begin in Offline Stores
  3. 7 camera hacks to improve your photos – GadgetMatch
  4. Vivo Y17 specifications
  5. Vivo Y17 vs UMIDIGI X

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Overview Prices Specs. Comparison winner. Vivo S1. Why is Vivo S1 better than Vivo Y17? Scroll down for more details. Why is Vivo Y17 better than Vivo S1? Which are the most popular comparisons? Price comparison. Design 1. Weather-sealed splashproof. Vivo Y Kyocera KYL Display 1. Energizer Power Max PS 8. LCD display with 3 subpixels per pixels. Performance 1. GPU clock speed.

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  5. RAM speed. Has integrated LTE. CPU speed.

    Exclusive Range of Vivo Mobile Phones available online in Pakistan

    Meizu Pro 7 Plus 64GB 8 x 2. Uses HMP. Has integrated graphics. Cameras 1. Sony Xperia 1 II 5G 1.

    Exclusive: Vivo Y17 Launched in India at a Price of Rs 17,990; Pre-orders Begin in Offline Stores

    Audio 1. Has a radio. Battery 1. Supports fast charging. Has an ultra power-saving mode. Vivo S1 Android 9. Vivo Y17 Android 9. Features 1. Is a multi-user system. Supports Java. Has offline voice recognition. Is free and open source. Supports widgets. Which are the best smartphones? The ability to set the exact corner roundness of app icons is a whimsical little touch.

    However, Android 9's convenient app icon menus with notifications and action shortcuts are missing. Vivo has its own basic smart assistant called Jovi, and it's found throughout Funtouch OS.

    7 camera hacks to improve your photos – GadgetMatch

    You can quickly call up a Paytm or QR code scanner from the pull-down search tool. The screen to the left of the first home screen is called Jovi Smart Scene, and it shows cards for things like sports scores, the weather, to-dos, and a system-wide reading list that you can save articles or screenshots to from any app. It's supposed to be able to show reminders for upcoming events and sports matches, show weather warnings, and help you track online purchases, but these scenarios didn't come up during our review period. Left to right: Funtouch OS gesture and shortcut settings, saving articles to read later, quick toggles and tools in the Shortcut Center.

    The Vivo Y17 might not have the most powerful hardware in its price bracket, but it worked well enough for us during our review. We were worried that Funtouch OS might be bloated and slow, but that wasn't the case either. The phone was reasonably responsive and UI animations were consistently smooth.

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    7. Fingerprint and face recognition both worked well and we had no complaints. The screen is a little underwhelming, with washed-out colours and slightly rough edges around icons and text. However, viewing angles are great and it can get very bright. We found it easy to use this phone under harsh sunlight.

      You only get Widevine L3 certification which limits video streaming to sub-HD resolutions for some services, but the screen isn't full-HD anyway. The single speaker on the bottom was quite bad, producing only grating, harsh sound. The bundled headset has a very open, hollow sound and can't really handle bass frequencies, but isn't bad overall for casual listening. Performance in benchmark tests was as weak as we had expected based on the processor that Vivo has chosen for this phone. The Y17 put up a score of only 87, in AnTuTu, and Geekbench gave us and 4, points in its single- and multi-core tests respectively.

      This showing made us worry about how games would run. We fired up PUBG Mobile and it defaulted to the Low quality setting, but even then motion was jittery and we had to deal with frequent momentary freezes that left us vulnerable to being shot. Asphalt 9: Legends took a long time to load and even the UI was laggy, but we were able to run a few races. The good news is that this phone only got very slightly warm, and the battery level didn't fall too much while we were gaming.

      Vivo Y17 specifications

      Speaking of the battery, this is one area in which the Vivo Y17 did well for itself. Our HD video loop test ran for 18 hours, 57 minutes which is pretty impressive.

      DON'T Buy VIVO Y17 Until You See This Review...

      With everyday use, including a bit of photography, an hour or so of video streaming, and plenty of time spent using various apps, we were able to make this phone last for a day and a half before it needed to be recharged. The included 18W charger is a bit bulky but charges the phone quickly. This isn't particularly impressive, especially the high apertures which indicate that low-light performance might not be up to the mark that other phones at this price level have set.

      Tap to see full-sized Vivo Y17 photo samples top: standard; bottom: wide-angle. The camera app has some quirks. For example, there's a portrait effect toggle when using the front camera, but a different aperture toggle in a different place when using the rear camera.

      Vivo Y17 vs UMIDIGI X

      Beautification is a separate mode altogether, but there's no portrait mode. The button that switches between the main and wide-angle lenses is easy to miss; nestled in a row with the timer and filter buttons. The Settings menu is weirdly laid out with multiple selectable options in some rows.