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  1. 1. Lenovo Service Engine
  2. Lenovo banned from installing bloatware on its laptops after Superfish
  3. Lenovo sinks 15% as China spy chip story resonates in Asia - MarketWatch

Tech stocks were also hit in the U.

1. Lenovo Service Engine

Bloomberg reported Thursday that Chinese operatives were able to insert malicious microchips in motherboards made by Super Micro Computer Inc. AMZN, Furthermore, as a global company we take extensive steps to protect the continuing integrity of our supply chain. Read: U. Lenovo was ranked second last year in terms of market share held by personal computer vendors, just behind HP Inc.

HPQ, As part of the settlement, Lenovo must not misrepresent preloaded software on its laptops which transmit sensitive data to third-parties, or force users to look at advertising. Instead, it will need user consent before installing this type of software and must also implement a software security program for consumer software on its laptops for the next 20 years.

Lenovo banned from installing bloatware on its laptops after Superfish

Lenovo began selling its laptops in August preloaded with software called VisualDiscovery, which interfered with user's browsers and "created serious security vulnerabilities", the FTC said. Acting FTC chairman Maureen Ohlhausen said: "Lenovo compromised consumers' privacy when it preloaded software that could access consumers' sensitive information without adequate notice or consent to its use. This conduct is even more serious because the software compromised online security protections that consumers rely on.

Lenovo said it stopped preloading VisualDiscovery into its laptops once it learnt of the issues, and tried to remove the software from existing PCs. It added: "To date, we are not aware of any actual instances of a third party exploiting the vulnerabilities to gain access to a user's communications.

Lenovo sinks 15% as China spy chip story resonates in Asia - MarketWatch

Subsequent to this incident, Lenovo introduced both a policy to limit the amount of pre-installed software it loads on its PCs, and comprehensive security and privacy review processes, actions which are largely consistent with the actions we agreed to take in the settlements announced today.

Superfish inadvertently enabled a "man-in-the-middle" technique, where VisualDiscovery was able to access all of a user's personal information sent over the internet, such as their login details, social security numbers, and even payment information.

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VisualDiscovery replaced a website's digital certificate with its own to impersonate SSL-enabled websites, which meant consumers were not warned before they visited potentially malicious websites with invalid digital certificates. Send your query to answer pcworld.

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  • Lenovo sinks 15% as China spy chip story resonates in Asia?

But at this point in history, I suspect Lenovo is the least likely manufacturer to hide spyware inside your PC not including the spyware that comes with Windows 10 , of course. Back in February, security experts discovered that Lenovo had intentionally installed the arguably malicious Superfish Visual Discovery program.

The last thing Lenovo needs is a repeat scandal. Lenovo's newest PCs actually have significantly less bloatware than before. True, the Chinese government has a very bad reputation for cyber spying.

What’s Lenovo’s punishment?