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You can access this mode in your devices Settings menu.

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Tap on Battery to see if the Power Savings Mode is already enabled so as to disable it. Often times, the cache and data files for your Google Maps might have been damaged. Note that, all data stored will be erased during this data clearing process. Locate the Application Manager in the Settings menu of the device, tap on the map and then tap on clear data after you must have a tap on the clear cache.

After doing this, go to app manager in your Settings menu, locate the apps using location service and clear the cache of those given apps.

How to Check IMEI in SAMSUNG Galaxy A8 (2018) - IMEI & Serial Number

Once you have cleared all these, restart the device and check your GPS again. The problem on Galaxy A8 you were facing should have been solved. Majority of apps make use of the GPS in your device. When these apps get corrupted with files, it may tend to also affect the devices GPS as well.

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Safe Mode allows your device run without any third party apps, thus helping you to locate the apps that are corrupted. If your device works smoothly in this safe mode, simply uninstall the recently installed app s that you believe might be the cause. Then restart your phone normally and check if GPS is now functioning properly. Every devices cache partition contains files which can be a problem with the GPS when they become corrupted.

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It could even affect other apps on your device. If you encounter any GPS problem, then you would need to clear the cache partition so that your device gets to build fresh cache files. This cache files can be wiped when your device is switched off and switched back on into the Recovery Mode. This reset setting removes every data and all third party apps from your phone. It is therefore advised to back up all important files before you proceed to reset your device to factory settings. Then tap on Factory Reset. This will reset the device. You could click on the option Backup and Reset if you want to back up your data before resetting the device.

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Samsung Galaxy A8: Plans | Pricing | Specs

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How to Find Your Phone Number on a Samsung Galaxy Device

Your current region: Ontario change Select a region:. Learning about and managing my Samsung smartphone. How to perform a hard reset when my Samsung smartphone is unresponsive. Before resetting your phone, turn it off and then on again. This may solve the problem. Press and hold the Volume up , Power Optional: and Bixby button until the Samsung logo appears on the screen. The start-up screen will appear briefly, followed by the hard reset menu.


Press the Power button. Scroll to Yes by pressing the Volume down button. The phone will now wipe all contents. The phone will now reboot to the initial setup screen. How to check the available memory on my Samsung smartphone.