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Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Hard Reset -- Mi Max 2 Pattern Unlock -- How To Factory Reset Xiaomi Mi Max 2

But what sets it apart is its pricing. Priced at only Rs.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review

So, does the new Xiaomi Mi Max 2 live up to its promise of being a true multimedia smartphone or is it just another big and bulky device? But with the Mi Max 2, Xiaomi has made significant improvements. The full metal unibody build and the smooth finish on the rear brings a premium look to this device, despite its huge size.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 details

In terms of layout, the power button and the volume rockers are on the right and the SIM tray is on the left. Infrared sensors are a highlight in most of the Xiaomi phones and the Mi Max 2 is no different. The sensor is located at the top perimeter flanked on one side by the 3. Aforesaid, the back is smooth and is broken only in two places by the camera and the fingerprint sensor.

The camera is flush fitted with no edges jutting out. Plus, the antenna lines have also been moved to the perimeter similar to the design of the OnePlus 5.

How to find a stolen Xiaomi MI MAX 2

Another admirable feature is the fingerprint setup time, which merely takes a couple of seconds. For a huge device, the Mi Max 2 packs in a beautiful and a sleek profile at just 7. However, owing to the big size, keeping it in the pocket or holding the Mi Max 2 can be a tad of a problem, especially, if you have switched from a smaller device. The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 flaunts a rich 6.

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Though the screen is not as bright and saturated as AMOLED screens seen in Samsung phones , the display yields crisp, sharp and vivid images with excellent viewing angles. With the Mi Max 2, Xiaomi has shaved off the bezels, thus giving the already wide phone an illusion of a much wider screen. Thanks to the huge display and accurate color reproductions, watching videos and movies in the Mi Max 2 is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Moving on, colors and contrasts levels can be customized as per the need of the hour.

However, it would have been more than apt had it been bundled with a built-in reading mode , similar to the OnePlus 5. In fact, switching from the OnePlus 5, I found the display holding its ground even under harsh and bright sunlight. With the Mi Max 2, Xiaomi has gone a notch down the power ladder as it replaced the powerful Snapdragon with the chipset.

However, with high-end gaming, the experience tends to get a tad sour with quite a few frame skips.

Sell Old Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Another area of improvement in the Mi Max 2 is the introduction of dual speakers. The combination of the sharp and bright screen and the rich and powerful audio give a nice touch to the overall experience of the Mi Max 2, especially when it comes to binge-watching videos. The Mi Max 2 is one of the few devices from Xiaomi to run on Android 7. If you recall, even the Redmi Note 4 featured an older version of Android.

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  • Insert a pick between the back cover and the fuselage, and then slowly slide the pick to release the snaps on the middle frame. In order to prevent the back cover close again, you can insert a pick between the back cover and the body In the separation of the back cover and the fuselage should be noted that the fingerprint module cable on the back cover is still connected to the motherboard.

    Disconnect the fingerprint module cable from the motherboard with a crowbar. Now you can remove the back cover. Remove night screws securing the metal plate with a 1. Remove the graphite sticker. Remove the metal plate from the motherboard with tweezers. Disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard with a spudger. There are two adhesive tapes fixing the battery to the middle frame.

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    • Lift up the black tab and pull out the adhesive tape. Lift up the black tab and pull out another adhesive tape. Now you can remove the battery completely.

      Xiaomi Mi Max 2 review: Page 4 | TechRadar

      You can find the full Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Teardown here. Other parts replacement tutorial, please visit the Mi Max 2 repair guide category. Great teardown. The global version black color Mi Max 2 does not come with two 0.

      How do I find my Android phone

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