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You need not to think a lot about having any major issues in Huawei P While you are following this guide, it is very important to apply the method in a very similar manner as you read. If you apply any additional knowledge and integrated it with the solutions mentioned in this post, you can face additional issues. Also, you need to make sure that the method is to be clearly understood to you before you actually go ahead with the same. Check the solutions to the common Huawei P30 Lite problems now.

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The problems which you may experience in this phone can have different nature and reasons when compared with other variants of Huawei P This is necessary to avoid various problems. Your phone may start behaving improperly if you follow such a practice. Here are the solutions to the common Huawei P30 Lite problems.

This helps you to avoid all the common Huawei P30 Lite problems easily and without doing much. For more problems you are facing, just let us know through the below comment section. Also, their WiFi feature should be enabled beforehand. Furthermore, please note that the target device has to be a Huawei phone to establish a secure connection. This is because Phone Clone is developed by Huawei to ensure that the target phone has to be a Huawei while the source device can be iOS or Android. Well, to fix this, you need to make sure that both the devices would be placed nearby.

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Also, you should not exit the Phone Clone Huawei interface during the transfer operation. Afterward, try transferring your data again using the Phone Clone app by Huawei. Also, make sure that you are not using any VPN on your phone as it would restrict the data transfer limit between devices.

While Phone Clone can transfer all the major file types like photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc. This is a more general issue with the Huawei Phone Clone app that you might encounter while using it. If the Phone Clone app by Huawei keeps crashing in between, then you should consider reinstalling the app. Alternatively, you can also clear the cache of the Huawei Phone Clone app. As you can see, the Huawei Phone Clone app can suffer from several issues and might malfunction at times, making users look for its alternative.

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I would recommend MobileTrans — Phone Transfer as it provides a one-click direct device to device data transfer solution. That is, it will let you transfer all kinds of data directly from one device to another without any unwanted hassle. To use this Huawei Phone Clone alternative, you can just follow these basic steps:. Firstly, just install the MobileTrans application on your computer Windows or Mac and launch it. Now, using working USB or lightning cables, you can just connect the source and the target phone to your computer and wait for them to be detected. In no time, MobileTrans will detect them and would display their snapshot as either source or destination phone.

If they are marked incorrectly, then you can just click on the flip button to interchange their position. Afterward, just select the type of data that you wish to move from the source to the destination device. Simply wait for a few minutes as MobileTrans would directly move the selected data from one device and another.

10 tips to reduce your cellular data usage | The Blog - Promotions, Guides, News and more!

It is recommended to not disconnect the phones during the process. Once it is completed, you will be notified so that you can safely remove both the phones. We recommend that you use the Chrome app to browse the web, and to update your data usage settings in the app settings. If you listen to 1hr of music daily for a month, it should average to 1.

It adds up! Earlier we told you to disable email push notifications, but you should probably disable all app notifications if you want to reduce your cellular data usage. This means all badges, banners and alerts should be disabled.

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If you are an Android user, you can setup a data usage cap to prevent you from using too much data. We hope these 10 tips can help you save. If you are still looking for ways to maximize your data, perhaps you could also use a new mobile phone plan. Use our widget below to search for the best plans available right now for you:.

Huawei P30|P30 Pro

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