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Huawei Internet Service. We recently tested the best phones for getting fit and working out, and somewhat surprisingly, the Pixel 4 came out on top. There were several factors that led to this ranking, but the five features we'll highlight below were where it stood out the most as a great workout companion. To put it simply, this is like having two unique GPS connections working together to get a more accurate depiction of your location.

Google Pixel 4 tips and tricks

This has obvious implications for fitness. It's much better in cities with tall buildings when compared to regular GPS, so you'll be able to track your runs more accurately. And if you should ever get injured while working out, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your Pixel 4 can guide help to your precise location.

The Pixel 4 has Google's Soli radar sensor built in, which means it can detect movement near the phone and activate specific functions because of it. This is a niche feature, but it's definitely useful when you're working out. If you use liquid chalk at the gym, you know how awkward it is when you need to switch tracks on your playlist, but you don't want to leave your phone all chalky. Really, the same goes for just sweaty hands.

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But with the Soli-powered Motion Sense features on the Pixel 4, you can switch tracks just by waving your hand past the phone. It works with every major music streaming service and the vast majority of local music players. Another use for Motion Sense in the Pixel 4 is to enhance the new secure 3D facial unlock feature.

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Google's face unlock is even more handy for working out than Apple's implementation, as it unlocks as soon as it recognizes you without having to "Swipe Up to Unlock" first. In the gym, the less you have to touch your phone, the better. Motion Sense recognizes when you're reaching for the phone and immediately starts scanning for your face. So, most of the time, by the time you could even touch your Pixel 4 with sweaty or chalky hands, it will already be unlocked and waiting for you.

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  • As a gym-goer who keeps my phone on me during my sessions, this perfect for checking something real quick, whether it's a message or just looking up a quick thought that plagues me. Always-on display is an exceptional tool for the gym.