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  1. Samsung rolls out Android 10 with One UI 2.0 to the Galaxy A40, Galaxy A80 and Galaxy A7 (2018)
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It's quite noisy, but it sounds reassuringly mechanical, and, if you're anything like us, it's the kind of thing you immediately want to do 15 times in a row. Again, Samsung is far from first here - we've seen pop-up cameras before, Oppo's been at it for years and most recently on the likes of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 - but this is a mainstream mid-range Samsung. Phones really are getting crazy again. Samsung says the 3D depth camera can support live focus in video, plus there's Super Steady video support - Samsung's software stabilisation tends to be very good.

To round out the specs, there's a 3,mAh battery, with 25W fast charging, Android 9. Also on board is Samsung's voice assistant Bixby both button activated and hands-free and a Dolby Atmos boost for audio. Quite well, actually.

Samsung rolls out Android 10 with One UI 2.0 to the Galaxy A40, Galaxy A80 and Galaxy A7 (2018)

It will no doubt best the OnePlus's 16MP cameras when it comes to phone photography, too, though like the 6T, Samsung seems to have missed waterproofing off the spec sheet. The only problem?

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Samsung may be a year behind - OnePlus's next phone, expected to be the OnePlus 7, is due to launch in May. Samsung also announced the cheaper Galaxy A There's a big 4,mAh battery, which can also be topped up using 25W fast charging.

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It goes on sale on April 26 with black, blue, white and coral colours. Ru Bhikha, uSwitch. Then change your phone number. By Sophie Charara. By Jeremy White. By Andrew Williams. Camera module is made of three camera sensors and rises to do a backflip, rotating on an axis when pulled up for selfie mode to face the front. Sadly, there is no fall detection that helps prevent it from accidental damage when it falls to the ground. The rest of the rear panel is made from Gorilla Glass 5 that will withstand scratches while looking very elegant, but if you use the case, the show is simply taken away.

Nevertheless, the case is required to keep fine scratches and fingerprint smudges at bay. The body is not IP certified either so ensure you keep it away from dust and water. Built with an aluminum frame sandwiched between two glasses, the Galaxy A80 is built rock solid but weighs a hefty g. However, the device feels solid to hold with a good grip when in use. And yes —— no headphone jack or even a dongle supplied here, but the Korean tech giant does give you a Type-C headset AKG earbuds or you could choose your own wireless cans. This all-glass-metal camera guy will definitely attract eyeballs around you for sure with that rotating flipping camera.

The third sensor is a ToF camera that helps with depth-sensing in portraits. These cameras, along with an LED flash, sit on a rotating and flipping module that rests on a sliding mechanism sandwiched between the frame.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: The most premium Android phone for your money - CNET

The mechanism is handled by some physical stepper motors and Samsung assures that they are strong enough and will last you for a few years for sure. The camera, on the whole, performs well, but takes a hit in low-light areas. The AI scene optimizer can be kicked into action if you need help in taking some fancy shots, while pro users can stick to their rules of the game.

While the camera uses a quad-pixel tech, it shoots or combines the shots into 12MP pictures to create best results. We suggest you stick to the auto mode with scene recognition if casual photos are what you seek. When the sun goes down, the camera shows its struggle, but not as much as it sounds here. The photos are decent when you look at it as a whole, but when you dive in you will see plenty of noise. The ultra-wide camera 8MP seems to perform well, but you can clearly see distortions on the sides. However, for wide shots from afar, this one will get the job done with no complaints.

The Live Focus with the ToF sensor does a really good job of separating the foreground from the rear. Subjects can be objects or people, the camera will not put you down.

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As for the selfie camera mode, the lack of autofocus restricts you to a certain distance for your framing. Selfies in daylight are sharp with good details and skin tones that are almost true to life.

The selfie mode also has options for ultra-wide pics where you could include your friend or a group of people. We noticed that probably Samsung forgot that there is an LED flash they added to the camera module. When in selfie mode, instead of using the LED flash, the display flash is used.

How to Flash ROM Samsung Galaxy A80 SM-A805F

Selfies in low lit environments takes a hit for sure, and the display flash is not as assuring. So ensure that you are in a well-lit area for your selfie fantasies. Navigation around the system is easy, smooth and fluid and you also have the option to choose between gestures and a navigation bar.

Best mobile phone deals and contracts in March 2020

There are a few bloatware pre-installed, such as Spotify, Microsoft apps, Facebook and a few of their own, but you can easily disable them at will. Bixby, Samsung Pay, are part of the system as usual. Breathing deep below is a steady upper mainstream chipset that comes from the Qualcomm stables —— a Snapdragon that buzzes with eight processors and supported by 8GB of RAM with GB non-expandable storage.