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It solved the problem for me. I have been trying to figure this out for days thank you so much the button unlocker work perfect. I tried every solution I could find on the internet.

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Nothing worked except a factory reset. Then I discovered that the problem was being caused by having "Select to Speak" active. I often turn it on because of my poor vision. PS: This app does not appear in the "Apps that can appear on top" list, even when system apps are being displayed. Hi, i tried the given solutions for samsung Galaxy s6 edge, but nothing worked. I don't have any unusual app.

I only use it to call and text , but suddenly the message can't be opened as screen overlay is detected. Any other solution? I tried to correct the problem and used corrector fluid, which is also used for documents. Then I was very tired to wipe the screen, because it erases quite hard Thank you sooo much for the help.

I was ready to get a new phone bc the overlay would not let me do anything! Your directions saved me a lot of money and frustration. After a Factory data reset, it works well for several days, but the problem came back again. But 'Turning off permission to draw over other apps' in all apps worked for me in my Lenovo Phab 2 Pro.

Nothing had worked, and I have been beating my head against this problem for months. Disabling all apps didn't work, but the Install Button Unlocker did the trick, when nothing did. Rarely got the message, and then managed to find the way to the permissions issue.

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A headscratcher last year was sudden refusal to install APKs, the install screen would show but the button wouldn't function. Turned out the culprit was a blue light reduction app, that apparently overlays some internal controls whenever it's on. Disable it in the notification area, and the device returns to normal. Not sure how many other functions are affected by these things.

Screen overlay problem, I put my problem down to a change button app even uninstalled had same problem as it changed operating system files, did a factory reset all good, don't forget to back up or copy emportant stuff. Hope this helps someone with the same problem so they don't spend weeks trying to fix like I did. Regards Rob. I've tried so many step-by-step instructions, and didn't want to mess with safe mode, so I tried your suggested app. Thank you so much! It works perfectly! I'd recommend it to everyone! I have a Motorola, and the first steps didn't work, but the App installation solved my problem!!!

Go ahead and tap that.

Best Android Apps & Games for Android Mobile Phone

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Preinstalled apps only

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