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Know how to use TikTok to download any videos. The app specially designed for selfies and photo editing, with its various impressive features takes the experience of photography to the next level.

Android Q: List of phones expected to get Google OS

You are provided with several filters and effects like real-time beautifying effects to make photos creative. To manage your files effectively and safely this app is at your disposal with several advanced features. With this powerful file manager app, you can transfer apps, images, music and multiple other files without using mobile data and cables.

You can manage your files in the app with the operations like cut, copy, paste and rename etc. The app lets you access files from multiple platforms such as cloud storage etc. Get the easy access and manage files with this app. The perfect destination for the creative photo making with creative tools. This platform provides various tools, effects, collage maker, free clipart library and multiple other features for making your photo awesome.

Editing tools of the PicsArt let you edit photos creatively and share on social media. Drawing tools, free stickers and other features ensures that your photos are creative and edited with best skills. It will perform as the all in one platform for the excellent photos. Make your Galaxy A series phone a perfect photo editing tool with this best app.

This is the fastest and instant messaging app that accords high priority to safety along with the speedy conversation. Using this platform, you can send or receive all the media file absolutely free without any restrictions of size or type of the files. Telegram provides the best platform to create the community and share, here you can create the group of more than lakhs of participants and reach out with them easily.

It also prefers for the high privacy, as you can do secret chats via this app without compromising your privacy. Uber Eats is the local food delivery app, that let you order your favourite food from favourite restaurant of the city at anytime and anywhere. Here you can browse local restaurants and order the cuisine of your preference along with the order tracking function that let you know the estimated time for the delivery.


Place the order for your favourite food along with the estimated time and total price including tax. You can pay from your Uber account or add credit card to pay the bill. This app from Amazon allows you to stream and download popular TV shows and movies to watch anywhere, anytime. At this platform the prime members of the Amazon can subscribe to several special channels of their choice. You can stream the first episode of the selected TV show for the free of cost and pay accordingly for the further shows.

This is the subscription-based service that is available for free to download and offers in-app purchases.

Automatic video playback on Telegram for Android and iOS -GSMOrigin

Are you thinking to perform your daily workout from home instead of gym? This app will assist you for that purpose. Home Workout has several essential features that let you build your muscles and maintain fitness. It provides you a professional guidance for multiple workouts and all these workouts are designed by experts.

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The app has multidimensional features like warm-up and stretching routines as well as detailed video and animation guide. You can also track your progress and customize workout reminders. This app features several exercises such as push ups, squats, plank and jumping etc.

Fix: Telegram issues in Android

That let you perform effectively from home. For the beginners as well as runners this app has ideal tracking features and professional guidance. Runtastic let you track important daily activities and provides stat like distance covered, time, speed and calories burned. The app gives you audio feedback from the voice coach and let you monitor your running statistics so that you can analyze your running pattern.

Design: Redmi Note 7 Pro looks and feels premium than the other two

You can also join group and engage yourself in little competitions to check progress. Premium version of the Runtastic will let you enjoy more advanced experience. Premium membership has running training programmes and other advanced features. Recommended: 10 Best Fitness Apps for your daily workout. Vigo Video has become one popular platform for short videos. Here you can enjoy the videos from people around the world. Also share your special moments in short videos format with the community. Yes, Samsung - a dominant vendor in the Android market - is now using one of the nastiest battery saving techniques in the industry.

Highlights of Samsung Galaxy A50 (White, 64 GB, 4 GB RAM)

They kill background processes and render alarm clocks and other apps which rely on background processing useless. See below for workarounds. At some unclear moments maybe on app update, OS update? Below are walkthrough screenshots for Galaxy S Please let us know your feedback about whether it works for S9 or others as well.

Make sure to follow the instructions very carefully to prevent the apps from being killed. With the introduction of their flagship Galaxy S8 and with some earlier experiments , Samsung has introduced a flawed attempt at prolonging battery life called App power monitor. You can manage apps individually or in a group by selecting them then tapping the big Save power button.

Apps that are sleeping will appear in the Sleeping apps list at the bottom tap it to expand the list. These are apps that you specifically want to exclude white list from App power monitor evil reach. When inside the Unmonitored apps menu, you can tap the 3-dot menu to add or delete apps from the list.