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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 4. Apple iPhone 8 Plus 4. Apple iPhone XR 4. Apple iPhone 8 4. Rodney Melbourne 2 reviews 3 likes. Compare all. Tony Sydney 2 reviews. Date Purchased Dec Ken61 Sydney 10 reviews. Read more a bit on my old phone for banking. It means I need to carry extra cards. No real big deal, but in this day and age it needs to be available. It is also a bit slippery. Date Purchased Jul Adrian Adelaide 5 reviews 1 like. Date Purchased Sep Seth QLD, 4 reviews 8 likes. Read more this phone, you would be giving up features like dual rear cameras and a fingerprint scanner though the phone does have facial recognition.

  1. LG Q6 Review: Prettiest budget phone with a mid-range price!
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I also personally find LG's UI a little ugly, though this can be fixed by downloading a different launcher. One other thing I don't like is that the phone's back is made of cheap-feeling and easily-scratched plastic. It's probably wise to invest in a case for this phone.

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Date Purchased Nov Apple iPhone 11 4. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 4. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 4. DenZass Tasmania, 6 reviews 2 likes. Sapna Abhishekika Queensland, Australia 9 reviews. Dude Brisbane 3 reviews 1 like.

LG Q6 (M700Y, M700DSK) Recieved a new software Update

Date Purchased Aug Shilo asked 11 months ago. No answers. Phil asked 12 months ago. Adrian 12 months ago. Ken61 12 months ago. Phil 12 months ago. Thanks all. Nigel asked 1 year ago.

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Ken61 1 year ago. Adrian 1 year ago. By choosing Lock, you will activate Android Device Manager as a device administrator.

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This required to remotely lock or erase your phone and to change the screen lock. If you can't remember your number, ask a friend or use Contacts to look it up.

LG IMEI checker - search details related to your LG smartphone by IMEI

You can also try to make a call using Hangouts or a similar service. Sign out of your Google account on your lost phone so that no one else can access it. You will still be able to ring, locate, lock and erase your phone. Your operator may be able to help by disabling your SIM card, ordering a new SIM card or redirecting your calls to a new number. This may also help protect you from identity theft since a finder could use text messages to access your information, send messages on your behalf, or make expensive calls.

By choosing Erase, you'll activate Android Device Manager as your device administrator. This is required to remotely lock or erase your phone and to change the screen lock. Open your device's Settings. Open play. However, with higher-end games like Asphalt 8 , the device began warming before I even started playing.

LG Q6 Tips And Tricks

After playing Asphalt 8 for fewer than 10 minutes, the phone started to feel uncomfortably warm and reached a temperature of In general though, I was surprised at how well the Q6 functions. Although, like the Stylo Plus 3, the Q6 noticeably heats up if used while charging.

All of the pictures are over-sharpened, causing them to generate noise. This problem is evident with nearly every single picture I took. Additionally, the camera lacks any form of image stabilization. This means that you need to keep the Q6 very steady under low-light conditions to get sharp photos. Images outside always made the sky look overexposed, resulting in the rest of the scene appearing darker. The Samsung Galaxy A5 , another mid-range smartphone at a higher price also takes better low-light images than the Q6. Additionally, it lacks Ambient Display and a raise-to-wake feature.

How to use Google Find my Phone and Device Reset

I generally found that it was faster to unlock the Q6 with the PIN unlock. Audio-wise, the LG Q6 gets loud enough to hear from another room. Its sound is a bit tinny, however, and does not feature any sort of bass.