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All the basics are covered here, including good color reproduction, nice white balance and a decent contrast ratio of 1, Viewing angles are fairly standard for the price range, with some significant dimming at angles but no color shifting. Black levels are serviceable and are good enough to get the job done, and the brightness levels on this panel are certainly better than some we see at this price, with enough brightness to easily see outside without squinting.

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Automatic brightness is a little on the dark side, and I preferred to keep manual brightness because of this. Pixel persistence is slightly high, with obvious trailing behind moving objects, but nothing that's game breaking while using the phone. While there's no always on display, you'll be able to wake up the phone and instantly launch apps or perform tasks via screen-off gestures.

These can be highly customized to launch any app on the phone, as well as a handful of common tasks like switching songs or launching the camera. Gestures include simple directional swipes up, down, etc. At this point in it feels like these are the bare minimum specs for doing most anything on a smartphone, and you'll find that some patience can be required during regular use of the phone. Often times I found that apps would unload from RAM pretty quickly, and switching back and forth between more than 2 or 3 apps at a time would require a full reload of an app.

This adds a couple seconds onto each task, as the processor and other components inside the Meizu M6 aren't the fastest in the land, but so long as you've got a bit of patience, it shouldn't be too much of a bother. Meizu uses a unique way of switching between tasks that, instead of just pressing a button, require a swipe either from the bottom bezel upward, or from the right side of the screen inward. The biggest issue with multi-tasking comes in the form of Meizu's overly aggressive background task restrictions, which keep apps from running in the background most of the time.

This isn't anything new for Meizu phones, in fact it has caused issues for users for years now, and still has yet to be turned off by default. Without significant tweaks to the oddly organized "permissions" section of the Security app, users will find that notifications for messages, emails and other apps simply won't happen unless they are in the foreground and being used. Most users will never know why this is happening and will likely find themselves frustrated with the fact that notifications don't happen in a timely manner.

Meizu desperately needs to alter this behavior, as it really should only be enabled while battery saving mode is on, not during normal use.

Product information

App and game performance is decent at best, but nothing stellar. If nothing this is where the lower price is felt the most, as it's easily the most difficult part to overcome on our particular configuration.

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Apps take noticeably longer to load and perform tasks than they would on more expensive phones, and I would see apps hang for a split second from time to time while they were obviously loading something. Gaming, subsequently, is a decent affair, but nothing great. Games will run fairly slow but are still very much playable.

Overall it's not a bad performance experience by any means, but once again you'll just need to have patience for most things on the phone. Being a budget SoC means that you're going to be getting budget performance out of the Meizu M6. As far as benchmarks are concerned, it's just a fact that having a slower chipset means you're going to find benchmark scores at the bottom of the charts for smartphones.

It will certainly be a requirement for some folks to have dual SIM cards, and that's where Meizu offers a good deal of options to help users get the most out of multiple networks. Meizu provides easy ways to set data caps and allowances on each SIM, as well as which types of data are allowed through each network. Bluetooth 4. Similarly the WiFi radios in the M6 offer good connectivity strength and speed, with no noticeable slowdown caused from them.

In an age where some of the most basic requirements are not met by smartphones, Meizu continues to offer users the ability to connect their existing audio peripherals via the 3. Audio output here sounds good, with little issues in terms of harsh processing or analog noise. It's not high-res audio output that you'd get on a much more expensive phone, but that shouldn't be expected anyway.

Quality audio output can be had from here with any headphones or car audio system, and the simple EQ and headphone presets might help some users better tune the audio to their liking. Likewise simple SBC Bluetooth audio is supported for wireless audio, which is passable but not nearly as high quality as the wired audio would be. The single bottom-firing speaker does a good job of providing adequate volume for any task, all while offering good enough sound to make it worthwhile.

Playing games or watching videos on the phone should be just fine, although the placement of the speaker will of course require you to cup your hand around the bottom for best effect. Music playback won't sound fantastic since it's such a small speaker, but it's good enough if you need music in a pinch. Battery life overall is excellent, and this is with disabling most of the battery "saving" features that are enabled out of the box. Even with allowing my normally used email and chat apps to run in the background, I often got well over 4 hours of screen on time and battery life to last a full day without issue.

Location Of - Meizu M6 Note Real-Time GPS Tracking

While Meizu's quick charging isn't quite as fast as some industry leaders, a top-up of about 30 minutes will still easily last you through the rest of a day if you so need it. The biggest problem with battery life isn't the longevity, it's actually the ridiculous restrictions on background apps that are enabled by default. To make matters worse, it's very difficult to find what causes apps to stop running in the background unless you know where to look; the oddly named "Security" app that's pre-installed on the phone.

Maximum memory card size: GB. Memory card slot type: Hybrid slot. Processor model: MT Processor lithography: 28 nm. Processor cores: 4. Processor operating modes: bit. Processor frequency: 1. Coprocessor: Yes. Coprocessor frequency: 1 GHz. Coprocessor cores: 4. Bluetooth version: 4. Bluetooth: Yes.

Meizu M6 Note

Wi-Fi: Yes. Bluetooth profiles: A2DP. Tethering modem-mode : Yes. Wi-Fi Direct: Yes.

SIM card hot swapping: Yes. Electronic compass: Yes. GPS satellite : Yes. Position location: Yes. Zoom capability: Yes. Sensor type: CMOS. Image stabilizer: Yes. Auto focus: Yes. Resolution at capture speed: x 30fps. Flash type: LED. Face detection: Yes. Maximum frame rate: 30 fps. Video recording: Yes. Geotagging: Yes. Video recording modes: p, p.

Self-timer: Yes. Front camera resolution numeric : 8 MP. Rear camera type: Single camera. Rear camera aperture number: 2. Front camera aperture number: 2. Front camera type: Single camera. Headphone connectivity: 3. USB version: 2. USB port: Yes. Chat: Yes. Instant messaging IM : Yes.

E-mail: Yes. Speakerphone: Yes. Conference call: Yes. Auto-redialing: Yes. Caller ID: Yes. Call waiting: Yes. Speed dialing: Yes. Vibrating alert: Yes. Call timer: Yes.

Call hold: Yes. Call blocking: Yes. Call divert: Yes. Subscription type: No subscription. Speakers: Stereo. Equalizer: Yes. Can I install the firmware of other phones in my Gome U7 phone?