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If Huawei uses the open source version of Android on the phones, users in some parts of the world could be able to download Google apps themselves, but the apps will not come pre-installed. However, uncertainty remains. What is Huawei? Why is it controversial? What does this have to do with Google? So how will the phones operate?

Huawei EMUI 10 update: What's new and when will it come to your

One other much more subtle animation is when you tap on anything on the screen, or launch an app. Look at an icon as you tap the app to launch it, and you'll notice a very slight spring animation, almost as if you're pressing an actual button. It's almost as if it is pushed down, before you release and the app launches. The same happens if you select a photo in the Gallery app.

It's only very subtle, but there's something remarkably pleasing about it once you notice it. Moving away from the visual aspect of its changes and on to AI: Huawei has done a lot of work to not only make the overall user interface snappier, but is also building the structures in place to make it work well with a whole ecosystem of products.

Huawei wants the smartphone to act as a sort of hub that connects seamlessly with other devices. The realisation of that is in the future, but it begins with the way it works with Huawei's Matebook laptops. It's also very similar to the Continuity features that Apple has for seamless integration between macOS, iOS and other devices.

By connecting a Huawei phone with the Matebook, you get a virtual smartphone screen on the laptop display, so you can easily and quickly copy and paste text using your keyboard and mouse. You can even drag and drop files between the phone and laptop, while messaging friends, colleagues and family, using the same keyboard. The base that EMUI10 is built on could mean that - in the future - app developers can develop an app once for EMUI, and it'll instantly work, adjusting and optimising its appearance and layout to match whatever screen it's on: whether that's an in-car entertainment system, TV or smartwatch.

But that wasn't the announcement of the full roll-out. These are:. These devices will get EMUI 10 "in later months" - a timeline that could do with a bit more certainty considering many phones from and are included in it, specifically the very successful P20 Pro. When is Android 10 coming to my phone? What's new? There's also a full, system-wide dark mode. Magazine influence and minimalism EMUI 10 has been visually designed, from the ground up, to take its influence from the principles of magazine design.

Pocket-lint Like Magazines, the titles are big and bold, taking up a good portion at the top of the screen. Pocket-lint If you've taken a lot of photos using Huawei's flagship Leica engineered cameras, you'll no doubt have come across the skeuomorphic look of the camera app, complete with its fake leather-textured panel at the bottom.

Dark Mode It's , so naturally any new software has to come with the option for toggling on a system-wide dark theme. Pocket-lint Apart from looking cool Dark Mode has actual benefits, like helping your eyes relax and helping reduce your time staring at bright white screens with lots of blue light. While Android is often described as an open source smartphone operating system, in reality many of the features that customers really use the most, like the Google Play store or Google Maps, are largely proprietary apps owned by Google.

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  6. Huawei EMUI 10 update: What's new and when will it come to your phone?.

As it stands, it seems that future versions of Huawei devices will not be able to use some of the services that Google has built on top of Android. That would mean Huawei would be limited to the open source version of Android, which provides the basic smartphone functions. One option will be to build up services -- just as Google has done -- on top of that basic framework.

Huawei has already revealed that is has had a back-up plan in place for eventualities like this. Should it ever happen that we can no longer use these systems, we would be prepared.

What is Huawei's EMUI 10?

That's our plan B. But of course we prefer to work with the ecosystems of Google and Microsoft," said Richard Yu, chief of Huawei's consumer group told a German newspaper earlier this year. The company also said: "Android and Windows will always remain our first choices. But Forrester's principal analyst Charlie Dai said: "This move will have critical impact toward Huawei's business around smart phones. Huawei has its own mobile OS as a backup, but it's not fully ready yet and it's very difficult to build up the ecosystem as what Huawei has been doing on Android.

Update 2: Official response

This chain of events really has little to do with Huawei smartphones the company actually sells very few in the US , and has come about largely because of the ongoing row about 5G, security and Huawei. The US government has been increasing concerned about Huawei's networking technology being used to power 5G networks around the world. It warns that using Huawei means the Chinese government might be able to force the company to spy on customers or communications running over the network.

As 5G is going to be a fundamental building block for new services like smart cities, the Internet of Things and self-driving cars the US and some of its allies are worried that the risk of using Huawei is too great. Huawei has denied that its technology could be used by the Chinese government in such a way. Assuming the suspension stays in place long term this could have a serious impact on Huawei, forcing it to rapidly build up an alternative to the Android services on its phones, particularly in Europe where's its growth has been strongest.

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It won't have much affect on its China business which doesn't use the Google services anyway. It's likely going to be a boost for Huawei's rivals in the short term as the Chinese company scrambles to work out how to deal with this. Longer term it could mean a new - Chinese - rival to Android will now take shape.

HUAWEI nova 3i

It's also worth looking at the context; the US and the China are embarking on an increasingly serious trade war; much will depend on how the Chinese government responds to this latest move. BT removes data caps on home broadband as companies move to remote working. Remote working: Security tips for working from home. Apple's new iPad Pro arrives with updated chip and camera, AR scanner. Work in tech? This is how big a deal the industry has now become.

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