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You will see some artifacts when fully zoomed in, but for the most part low-light pictures are highly serviceable. We see that the HDR results are really good for a smartphone of this class. You can choose between Efficient H. The selfie cam also gets a good dose of AI support and a real-time hardware-based Sensor HDR feature that allows for good selfies even with a strong backlight. The AI does a good job of beautifying things albeit it sometimes feels as if the picture is overly smoothened out.

Selfies come out well and the portrait effects are prominent. However, we did notice a tendency of the camera to brighten the image more than required.

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The Snapdragon is an able upper mid-range chipset that can offer a near-flagship performance. In regular use, we found absolutely no lags in the interface or any hiccups while playing demanding games. AI functions also seem to be accelerated as we will be seeing shortly. That being said, we feel there's still a lot of room for optimization in ColorOS and we hope things get more refined with ColorOS 6. This is noteworthy as the Snapdragon was Qualcomm's flagship just two generations ago.


So overall, we see that the Snapdragon has good number-crunching abilities comparable to the Snapdragon from a couple of years ago. GPU tests tell a different story, though. It trails behind the Adreno by a long shot but performs admirably better than the Adreno and the Mali-G51 MP4.

We did see some performance penalties compared to other SD phones, so there's a likelihood of Oppo's software being at fault here.


We also wanted to evaluate how the Snapdragon performs under sustained load. For some reason, it could not manage to sustain well and the maximum clock speed attained was 1. CPU clocks were mostly in the 1. Overall, throttling didn't seem to be a major issue with the Snapdragon and the phone also does a good job of keeping the thermals under check. Depending on how you configure them, both Oppo and UC Browsers can nag you to no end with notifications of unimportant news and rumors.

We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for a much better and safer browsing experience. For our testing, we used the latest version of Google Chrome. We found that the R17 Pro scored much below even its contemporary SD phones in all browser benchmarks and only marginally better than the SD phones in some tests. Regular browsing should pose no issues, though.

With ample RAM available, you can have tabs open by the dozen and still have a responsive browsing experience.

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Streaming FHD or even p videos was very smooth. We also played a game of Interland in the Chrome browser and didn't have issues with fluidity or touch responsiveness in the game. Random Reads were somewhat slower than the above phones but still better than devices with eMMC storage.

Sequential writes and reads were good, although we do find that other UFS 2.

As detailed in our Realme U1 review, AI benchmark scores depend on many variables and a low score doesn't really indicate that the SoC itself lacks AI capabilities. We find that the Oppo R17 Pro indeed tries to do a good job with AI but is held back by the software. Android 9 has better AI support than Android 8. Again, an update to Android 9 should help propel the R17 Pro's scores even further.

During running the benchmark itself, we found that the Snapdragon was able to easily perform all AI recognition functions and object tracking without breaking a sweat. While the synthetic GPU benchmarks weren't really convincing, games played with absolutely no stutter or lag. The phone was also comfortable to hold even during extended gameplay. Oppo offers a Game Space app for dedicating hardware resources to the game. It didn't make any perceivable difference to the actual gaming experience, but it does come in handy for minimizing notifications, restricting network activity of background apps, and other distractions while gaming.

The Oppo R17 Pro is a cool performer.

The matte glass back may also be contributing to the hindrance of the heat conduction to the surface. The relatively low operating temperatures also meant that thermal throttling isn't really an issue under stress as was evident from our CPU throttling tests above. The R17 Pro sports a single loudspeaker at the bottom that offers adequate loudness.

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At mid to high volume levels, there isn't any perceivable distortion, but it gets apparent once the volume level is set to max. Calls on the speakerphone are clear and are serviceable even in noisy environments. However, they do not come with adjustable ear tips so not everyone will find wearing them comfortable for long listening hours. The in-ear headphones produced good bass though we'd like it to be a bit more punchy , adequate mids, and crisp highs, which can be further tuned with the built-in system-wide EQ.

The R17 Pro comes with a 3, mAh battery. Battery life is fine to get you by a typical workday but don't expect it to last till you hit bed with continuous usage. ColorOS does its part in offering granular power management features. In the PCMark Work 2. This is a very good score in controlled test conditions but as mentioned earlier, you cannot be fully independent of the charger while on the go.

We have been evaluating the Oppo R17 Pro for over two months and came away quite impressed. The phone offers near-flagship grade performance in most tasks and has the looks to make it count. It comes across as a bit heavy, but the overall construction quality is superb.

The display is rich and vibrant and Oppo makes good use of the teardrop-shaped notch to house a capable selfie camera. There aren't too many Snapdragon powered phones on the market right now so the Oppo R17 Pro easily stands above its similar-specced contemporaries. However, not all is well with this radiant beauty. The in-display fingerprint is not as responsive as one would like it to be and often fails to recognize the fingerprint. ColorOS 5. The provided USB Type-C in-ear headphones are cool but if you have better performing conventional headphones, be ready to account for a Type-C to 3.

We weren't expecting any IP ratings but some sort of minimal protection against dust and water ingress would have been great to have. This phone would have been hard to recommend back then, but over the past few months the R17 Pro has had several price cuts. Still, the R17 Pro faces stiff competition from several flagship killers including the Asus ZenFone 5Z , OnePlus 6T, and the Honor View 20 to name a few, all of which offer a better alternative if raw performance is what you are after.

Oppo RX17 Pro Review: Good, But Not Good Enough | Digital Trends

The Oppo R17 Pro is for those who like to flaunt their phone's personality and design. It is not a flagship in the truest sense but offers great performance and low-light imaging that not many upper-midrangers can stake a claim to. But all that comes at a premium that not many would be willing to cough up the dough for. Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm Adreno Primary Camera: 20 MPix 12M f1. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Oppo R17 Pro - Box.

Oppo R17 Pro - Box full resolution.