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You scramble around looking for the twigs on the beach that might vaguely work as a knife and fork, prod the round things hanging off trees wondering if they are edible. You can. You can install the Amazon Appstore just as you would on any Android device. There is also a website that lets you install the necessary back-end to load Google Play, too.

The best of Google, ready for you on Android.

This is the holy grail for the Mate 30 Pro, as it opens the door to almost everything the phone lacks. But after around five increasingly frustrating attempts and one full factory reset, the Mate 30 Pro had Google Play.

Will I get Google Play?

And possibly some malware. There are still signs this is a bodge, though.

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There are other ways to get the app, like APKMirror, which offers the app installer file. We needed to restart the Mate 30 Pro before Netflix would login, and it will only stream at p. Just like Android, HD Netflix requires certification. And it gets worse.

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Reports online now suggest this route to a Google Play install has now been blocked: yet more headaches await. The Mate 30 Pro has a significantly more powerful processor, the Kirin with 16 graphics cores. But not all the other changes are entirely welcome. Huawei has come up with a gesture-led approach to volume control. To change volume you tap the side of the Mate 30 Pro twice, remove your finger and wait for the slider UI to appear on-screen.

You then slide up and down the side to change the volume. It works about five times in , when you have the phone held comfortably in front of you. If the Mate 30 Pro pipes up in the cinema or theatre after you forgot to turn it to Silent mode, you are stuffed. Even one of the lead design changes of the Mate 30 Pro is questionable. The phone has a curved screen made by Samsung, just like the Galaxy S But this one curves around by almost 90 degrees.

Most Active Huawei P30 Pro Topics

This looks and feels neat, but exacerbates the problems of this curvy design motif. The OLED display appears to dim at the sides, creating an unwanted vignette effect. The Huawei Mate 30 Pro can elicit disappointment, irritation and despair. But in almost other senses this is a brilliant phone. Like recent Huawei flagships, the camera is a highlight. The Mate 30 Pro has four rear cameras, three of which are very interesting. The Mate 30 Pro has a less pronounced zoom than the P30 Pro, but the ultra-wide is quite probably the highest quality of its kind seen in a phone to date.

The experience of shooting with the phone is much like the P30 Pro.

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  • The night mode makes very dark scenes look detailed and well-exposed, although the phone does seem more prone to distracting lens flare than most. Ultra-wide photos look brilliant, too, although this camera does not have the same macro ability as the Mate 20 Pro, perhaps a result of the new demands put on the lens by the larger sensor. Slo-mo is the real stand-out here, at least on the page — fps has become the high-end mobile standard for slo-mo video, but the Mate 30 Pro goes up to 7,fps, for x slo-mo. This, unsurprisingly, uses a whole lot of interpolation.

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    • That is where you take two consecutive frames and then add one or more interstitial frames, using clever algorithms to guess what the content of them might be were they were not fabricated. Testing when shooting a room lit by an LED strip light, and a higher-pitch guitar string, made this pretty obvious.

      Currently, phones like Huawei P30 Pro are driving out of the martek dedicated devices for navigation due to the fact that maps and supporting software in these phones work in real time. Moreover - the update of maps and software is performed automatically and on-line. The navigation user is also informed on a regular basis about road hazards, traffic congestion or recommended detours.

      Closing in one device with a GPS receiver and a permanent connection to the Internet using LTE technology - allows you to use such a phone as an online real-time tracker.

      3 Effective Ways to Find and Track Huawei Phone

      Services such as spysat. As soon as server receive location of the phone - it present it's position in real time on the maps on the Graphical Interface of the website. Of course you have to pay attenction to malware, links and possible viruses in the e-mail attachment - but this is the standards in the mobile INTERNET. In the Login field you have to enter your login used to log on to the spysat. Does using SpySat have I access to the historical location data? How to donate SpySat for maintenance and further development? How to define new tracking device in spysat?

      What is "share with friends" and setting tracking my devices to be "public"?

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      Here is the video tutorial about phone tracking setup in Generally a good phone but after switching from Huawei Mate 10 pro - big disappointment - a fingerprint reader on the screen without comparison to the back which was in 10 pro - it catches when it wants and usually you need to hold it times.

      It's terribly frustrating. Also there is no good water resistance and the battery is significatly weaker although the front camera is definitely better. My opinion in general - if someone changes from Samsung or iPhone then they will be definitely satisfied but if from the previous flagship it is weak. In addition to an extremely fast processor and optimized software - this Huawei flagship model has an amazing photo aperture, or rather I should say - a whole set of cameras. Ultra wide angle, plain and telephoto. This telephoto lens deserves special attention because the manufacturer calls it a periscope - as in a submarine.

      Huawei P30 Lite review

      The system of several lenses is placed prosotopade to the main lens and the image is curved using a prism. So we have - probably for the first time - a real fivefold optical zoom which in combination with a large matrix allows you to reach further and with more details.