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See the guide below on how to erase, ring or locate lost Honor 8 remotely. Huawei recently released a new smartphone named as Honor 8.

It has everything to make it stand next to the top smartphones of this year. It has top-notch specs and elegant body. Look and feel of honor 8 is amazing.

The body of honor 8 is said to have 15 layers glass. Honor 8 has two 12 megapixel lens on the backside.

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It gives you vivid pictures. One lens allows you to capture colors and another monochrome lens gives light and sharpness to pictures. It also has 8-megapixel front-facing camera. It is said to have the fastest fingerprint scanner on the back. Touching on the fingerprint scanner unlocks the phone in less than a second. Honor 8 also supports NFC.

Huawei EMUI top tips for your Huawei or Honor phone | AndroidPIT

Honor 8 is powered is by octa-core CPU in which 4 processors are locked at 2. It has a 5. It is running on EMUI 4.

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If you have lost your honor 8. I have a tip that can help you locate lost honor 8 remotely. There is anAndroid-based service named as Android device manager. It allows you to access your phone remotely. All you need is an internet connection and laptop or some other smartphone.

How to Find My Phone in HONOR Android Phone

Android device manager has a number of features that can be performed on your lost phone. Following are the details of its features that can help you to locate lost Honor In order to access your honor 8 remotely. You will need your gmail email address and password that you used to set up your phone. US officials believe it poses a security risk because the Chinese government will make the firm engineer backdoors in its technology, through which information could be accessed by Beijing.

Donald Trump has banned US companies from sharing technology with Huawei and has been putting pressure on other nations to follow suit. The UK has accepted there is some risk in working with Huawei, but security services do not believe it to be unmanageable. His daughter Meng Wanzhou, a senior Huawei executive, was arrested in Canada in December over allegations of Iran-sanctions violations. Kevin Rawlinson. If you already have a Huawei smartphone, it will continue to operate as normal.

Google, Google Assistant and the various Google apps will continue to operate on existing smartphones. App updates are delivered by Google Play in the west, and will continue to be so on existing smartphones. Google said:.

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  • Huawei said it would continue to deliver security updates for its existing smartphones. It can do this via the AOSP. Huawei has a middling track record for delivering the monthly security updates made available by Google, so it is likely users will receive a similar level of service, with security updates delivered at about the same pace.

    Here is where things get a bit trickier. Huawei will be able to deliver Android version updates via the AOSP, but it will lose early access to the updated versions provided by Google, such as the current beta of Android Q.

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    The firm shipped more than 59m smartphones in the first quarter of — all running Android. But a smartphone without Google services and apps will be an incredibly hard sell to consumers outside of China.