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There is simply no getting around the situation that plagues Huawei and Honor now. While injunctions and legal workarounds are starting to be implemented, there is no denying that the brands are in serious trouble. Will the Honor 20 Pro ever make it to market? That is a question Honor never likely thought they would have to face but that is exactly where we are now. Purchasing any Huawei or Honor device now comes with significant baggage and that is unfortunate. Honor and Huawei were, in my opinion, moving the market forward in camera features and versatility and market saturation of just downright good devices and the Honor 20 Pro continues this trend.

True, you may be able to get a better OLED display around the same cost or find something with dual speakers, an IP rating, or water resistance, but the truth is none of those things really matter much. Coming to a conclusion is one of the most difficult parts of a review but is made even harder by the reality that the outstanding device I got to review may never hit store shelves. Even if it does, it might do so with remarkably different software. Unfortunately though, reality is often disappointing. Therefore, the bootloaders of their devices cannot be unlocked, which means that users cannot root or install custom ROMs.

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Reliable performance and battery life

I've had a love for Android since but I also use iOS regularly. While I love rooting and customization, I tend to focus more on living with my devices. I also am just starting out writing in the PC space as I have always had a leaning towards this market. I am always all ears so PM, or Tweet me if you have any questions!

Dare to stop looking at this phone

Order the Samsung Galaxy S20 at Amazon. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. May 31, pm Comment Daniel Marchena. Specification Honor 20 Pro Dimensions You can sometimes get a shadow along the bottom of the display The shadow also appears around the camera hole, but is hard to photograph.

Email Address. How the Iris 5 chip from Pixelworks can improve the visual experience of Android smartphones. Load Comments. Subscribe to XDA. How the Iris 5 chip from Pixelworks can improve the visual experience of Android smartphones March 21, Developers have exploited the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 to get root access on the Snapdragon models January 31, Unofficial LineageOS Memorigi is a beautiful to-do list app that helps you plan and organize your life January 25, There are two additional features in the settings — Game Acceleration for boosting gaming performance and Uninterrupted Gaming, which blocks on-screen notifications and silences alerts.

We noticed that enabling Game Acceleration caused the phone to heat up rapidly, with the upper rear getting particularly warm after around minutes of gaming. Audio output is not too great. The peak volume is on the lower side, while bass output also leaves a lot to be desired. Even at full volume, music lacks depth and vocals sound synthetic and tinny.

Coming to benchmarks, the Honor 20 scored 3, in Geekbench 4's single-core test and 9, in the multi-core test. In AnTutu, the phone put up a tally of , points, which is significantly lower than what current Snapdragon powered flagships are capable of delivering.

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Now let's dive deep into the phone's imaging chops. The company is betting big on the Honor 20's camera prowess. The primary camera captures photos at 12 megapixels by default, but one can manually switch to megapixel mode to capture images with more details. Photos, in general, turned out sharp and punchy, and looked good on the phone's screen.

Honor View20 review: top phone at half the cost of an iPhone XS

There are a few major issues here, though. The photos are a little oversaturated, and the colours of the objects look quite inaccurate. Some people might actually prefer that added dash of colour and vibrancy, but gradients and minor surface details are lost as a result. We noticed that in the case of close-up shots, even those taken at the megapixel resolution, the colour profile was not accurate. Reds appear a tad too warm and oversaturated, while greens look a little dull.

Thankfully, edge detection was mostly good. Dynamic range in photos is also below par. The camera failed to capture streaks of colours in the sky during a sunset or sunrise, and was unable to replicate the brilliant blues that can easily be captured by the likes of the Pixel 3 Review , Huawei P30 Pro Review , and Samsung Galaxy S10 Review.

Tap to see full-sized Honor 20 camera samples. The Honor 20 has a dedicated 2-megapixel macro sensor for taking better close-up shots in the Super Macro mode, but in real life, its performance is poor.

First, the 2-megapixel resolution is simply not enough to capture the level of detail that we expect. Second, at the recommended object-lens gap of 4cm, the camera struggles really hard to lock focus, with even the slightest movement ruining a picture. Unless you have really stable hands or are using support, it is tough to capture a Super Macro shot with sharp edges and no fuzziness.

We preferred the normal mode and found that it is easier to use the main sensor for close-up shots, as it captures more detail and is also less finicky about locking focus.

Features - Android Phone with Dual SIM and NFC

As for image quality, we noticed that objects in focus retained a good amount of detail, but peripheral elements weren't as sharp and exhibited some smoothening. On the bright side, the Sony IMX proves to be a very capable sensor when it comes to capturing detail, and we took some shots that are truly worth bragging about using the pro mode. The megapixel wide-angle sensor does a good job at capturing wide panoramas without losing much in terms of detail, compared to the primary sensor. We were quite impressed by how well the wide-angle camera minimised the barrel distortion effect, as we did not see any major warping at the edges or anywhere in the wide-angle photos.

The portrait mode worked well, with impressive edge detection and natural-looking bokeh that did a good job of highlighting the object in focus. The dedicated Aperture mode comes in handy for adjusting the intensity of the blur effect. The advertised 10x zoom appears to be just a vanity addition, because keeping the focus locked at high magnification levels is really, really hard. Plus, there is not much to discern in terms of details beyond the 5x zoom level. Then there are a host of other camera features to play with, such as panorama, moving picture, time lapse, AR stickers, and slo-mo videos.

The Honor 20 can shoot slo-mo videos at fps p , fps p , and fps p. Under natural light, slo-mo videos looked smooth, but locking focus at fps was a little inconsistent. Also, when indoors, the slo-mo videos recorded at fps and fps tended to show a prominent light flickering effect with discernible banding.

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  8. The megapixel front-facing camera takes sharp selfies with a good amount of detail. Photos captured under daylight turned out to be bright, but the Honor 20 did a fair bit of smoothening without even applying the beautification filters. Low-light selfies suffered a little bit in terms of sharpness and colour accuracy, all the while showing grainy texture and patchy elements in the background. The Honor 20 can record 4k videos at 30fps and p videos at up to 60fps. Videos turned out good with clear audio, but the lack of optical image stabilisation is a sore point.

    The Honor 20 relies on artificial image stabilisation AIS , which is based entirely on algorithms, to cancel out hand movements. Needless to say, the results are not as good as one gets from an OIS-assisted camera. Battery endurance is a strong point of the Honor In our review period, the phone easily lasted a full day with around 30 to 35 percent of the battery left at the end of the day. Our usage involved around an hour of gaming, calling and messaging, music playback, social media activity, and some Web browsing.

    In our HD video loop test, the phone lasted for an impressive 18 hours and 47 minutes. The bundled Unfortunately, the phone lacks support for wireless charging. Verdict The Honor 20 impressed us with its eye-catching design and good overall performance. The way Huawei speaks about EMUI 10, it wants all of our smart devices to be speaking to each other seamlessly and efficiently, while apps and programs that work between them with minimal work from app developers.

    It's a bold dream, and one that we're yet to see if it will take off.

    Honor Band 4 Sleep Tracking Not Working

    EMUI 10 has been visually designed, from the ground up, to take its influence from the principles of magazine design. What that means, is there appears to be a clear hierarchy of headlines, lists and content. In reality that means a lot more blank space. Like Magazines, the titles are big and bold, taking up a good portion at the top of the screen.

    That's true whether you're in the Settings app, Calendar, Contacts or any other pre-installed Huawei app. They all have a clean, well-spaced look that's uniform and all tie in together nicely. It feels less cramped than before. This same approach is also applied to the drop-down menu which loads on top of any screen you're on.

    The quick settings tiles have been completely redesigned, turning them into a more stock-like grid of solid circle icons, similar to what you'd find on the Pixel. However, taking inspiration from the Magazine theme again, when you drag the quick settings all the way down, you the time and date taking up the top half acting as that headline, with the toggles and controls at the bottom, within easy reach of a thumb. The minimalist approach extends into the Settings menu, where Huawei has drastically reduced the number of main settings options.

    Similarly, if you open a contact card, you'll now get a subtle pastel coloured card at the top. Huawei took inspiration from Italian artist, Giorgio Morandi, who was well known for using quite muted colours in his still life paintings.