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The phone can shoot slow-motion and time-lapse, as well as HDR10 in real-time. This gives video a bright, vivid look with lots of contrast. You can record up to 4K video at 60fps, which is really smooth. You can see full resolution photos samples here. If LG does anything right with its phones, it is to give them incredible audio performance.

The V50 ThinQ has stereo speakers when you combine the earpiece at the top and the woofer on the bottom. This means you get a top-notch experience when using wired headphones or plugging into a real stereo system. I particularly like the DTS:X effect when watching movies. LG has further refined its far-field voice recognition so the phone is better able to hear and understand you from afar.

This works surprisingly well in noisy spaces. The audio sounds very good.

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Last, of course, Bluetooth 5. The sound quality via Bluetooth was excellent. The UX feels natural in some ways and heavy-handed in others. Naturally, you can adjust it to suit your own preferences. I like that you can opt between a home screen with or without an app drawer, whether or not your Google Feed appears as the left-most home screen, and whether the settings menu is arranged in tabs or a list.

The dedicated Google Assistant button has two functions. Some may balk at the dedicated hardware for Google, and I did accidentally press it quite often. As always, LG lets you configure your own set of taps to wake or unlock the screen, install themes, and rearrange the app drawer. Important to note that LG does not have the best track record for software updates. Bottom line, device makes much more sense as a purchase now. This has since changed.

Vodacom awaiting for greenlight to launch 5G commercial use in Africa

The phone is now available to Sprint customers nationwide. You have to subscribe to a 5G service plan in order to get that lease price, and the lease lasts a lengthy 18 months. Bottom line, the value is surprisingly good for the moment. Moreover, since launch Sprint has expanded its 5G footprint and the availability of the device itself.

Adam, Jonathan, and Eric sit down to. I wish battery life in 5G zones were a tad better, and I wish the camera offered a little more pop. Other than these small blemishes, the phone does really, really well. Tell us what you think in the comments below. The review unit, provided to Android Authority by Sprint, was running Android 9 Pie with the May 1, security patch. Show More. Where is Sprint 5G available?

See also. What is 5G, and what can we expect from it? Good question.


It will empower customers with even faster data connections, …. Buy LG V50 at Sprint. More from this author.

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    V50 Korean Android 10 Beta quick look

    Source : XDA-Developers. Moving it by a millimetre either side changes a normal volume phone call to tinny silence. The number of times I found myself reaching for a Bluetooth headset because I got sick of trying to hear people through the built-in earpiece was infuriating. Some inexplicable design decisions make what could be an enjoyable software experience just annoying. Swipe down on the V50 ThinQ, and the quick settings expand, and your notification almost disappears completely.

    This annoyed the piss out of me. Granted, one extra click on the screen expands the volume selector and you can adjust everything … but only when the volume rocker brings it up. Many times, it did nothing.

    The 4 Best Phones for Privacy & Security in « Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

    Fast forward twelve months, and that Software Update Centre released just two updates. What hope can we have that the V50 ThinQ will be treated differently? Some phones have dealt with this with larger batteries, others have found efficiencies elsewhere to offset. If you attach the second screen, you can watch the battery deplete even faster … so much so that the second screen really does become kind of useless. This leaves you with a great launcher experience on the phone itself, but a really ordinary experience on the second screen. For some things, the second screen is really good.

    You can chuck a YouTube video on one screen, and do something else on the main screen. You could have a chat app in one window such as Telegram, while referring to an email or document on the other. However, small things will annoy you here even still. They have a different finish which makes use on one feel completely different to use on the other to type on assuming you can at all.

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    Fortunately, you can fold the second display behind the phone which puts it out of the way without having to detach it. The triple lens camera array does a reasonably good job. For what it does offer, the V50 ThinQ camera is quite good. It takes good, quick photos and in some instances responds much faster than other phones, which means those spur of the moment photos come out looking good.

    The wide-angle lens does a good job with outdoor scenes too, making for wider, more inclusive photos.

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