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  1. Huawei's 'new' P30 Pro ships with Android 10 despite US trade ban
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Huawei has come up with a gesture-led approach to volume control. To change volume you tap the side of the Mate 30 Pro twice, remove your finger and wait for the slider UI to appear on-screen.

1. Locate, lock, erase your lost Huawei P30/P30 Pro using Google Account

You then slide up and down the side to change the volume. It works about five times in , when you have the phone held comfortably in front of you.

Huawei's 'new' P30 Pro ships with Android 10 despite US trade ban

If the Mate 30 Pro pipes up in the cinema or theatre after you forgot to turn it to Silent mode, you are stuffed. Even one of the lead design changes of the Mate 30 Pro is questionable. The phone has a curved screen made by Samsung, just like the Galaxy S But this one curves around by almost 90 degrees. This looks and feels neat, but exacerbates the problems of this curvy design motif. The OLED display appears to dim at the sides, creating an unwanted vignette effect. The Huawei Mate 30 Pro can elicit disappointment, irritation and despair.

But in almost other senses this is a brilliant phone. Like recent Huawei flagships, the camera is a highlight. The Mate 30 Pro has four rear cameras, three of which are very interesting. The Mate 30 Pro has a less pronounced zoom than the P30 Pro, but the ultra-wide is quite probably the highest quality of its kind seen in a phone to date. The experience of shooting with the phone is much like the P30 Pro. The night mode makes very dark scenes look detailed and well-exposed, although the phone does seem more prone to distracting lens flare than most.

Ultra-wide photos look brilliant, too, although this camera does not have the same macro ability as the Mate 20 Pro, perhaps a result of the new demands put on the lens by the larger sensor. Slo-mo is the real stand-out here, at least on the page — fps has become the high-end mobile standard for slo-mo video, but the Mate 30 Pro goes up to 7,fps, for x slo-mo. This, unsurprisingly, uses a whole lot of interpolation. That is where you take two consecutive frames and then add one or more interstitial frames, using clever algorithms to guess what the content of them might be were they were not fabricated.

Testing when shooting a room lit by an LED strip light, and a higher-pitch guitar string, made this pretty obvious. But you can drop down to 64x, 32x, 8x and 4x to suit the scene. As ever, Huawei likes to cater for the extremes of mobile photography. Is this a downer? Absolutely not. Once again the flexibility Huawei offers is just about unparalleled.

You can even have a choice of two fields of view for slo-mo footage. Apple has caught up with Huawei in the sense it finally offers properly optimised low-light shooting in its iPhone 11 range.

Australia’s best mobile network

But the Huawei Mate 30 Pro still provides many more toys that open up opportunities for creative composition. Dynamic lighting effects are the exception.

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro is a glass and metal phone like most others. But it does manage to stand out with a fairly neat-looking circular camera array surrounded by what looks like a shiny coaster you might pick up at IKEA. And just like the Mate 30 Pro and P30 Pro, battery life is superb. Every great part of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro comes with a bitter aftertaste, like a Facebook Memories post of a sweet memory from a soured relationship.

The Mate 30 Pro fits fairly neatly into the high-end Huawei line of phones. An Android phone without the best bits of Android is unappealing. While this is still fairly new tech, companies such as LG and Honor have already used it to good effect. For example, LG uses it on its G8 device to track hand movements in 3D space, while Honor uses it to add depth to photos. Portrait shots taken with this device display a nice level of blur, and it does a decent job at cutting around tough bits such as beards and glasses.

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Related: Best Android phones. This, too, benefits from HDR and super low-light modes. They lack the detail and natural skin-tones captured with the Pixel 3 , and continue to push a harsh Beauty mode. Video, while improved over the P20 Pro, still lacks the skill of the still images. The P30 Pro is a lovely looking phone, easily sporting the most high-end feel of any Huawei handset to date. However, it makes for one slippery phone. Pair that with the large overall footprint and for the first few days at least, I was struggling to hold the P30 Pro, with a nagging feeling that I was going to see it fall to the floor.

The curved sides help it sit nicely in your hand. To counter this issue to some degree, Huawei includes a basic plastic case inside the box.

13 Best Huawei P30 Tips images | Old phone, Transfer function, All smartphones

Pop this on and that much-appreciated extra grip will become immediately obvious. The 6. Both are truly stunning and offer a unique finish that really helps the Huawei P30 Pro stand out among the sea of black and grey. Related: Best Huawei phones. Of course, since this is a high-end, high-priced flagship, it comes packing all the features one would expect in such a device. Nevertheless, it churns through games and apps with ease. The one area that Huawei has done exceptionally well in terms of performance is to ensure that its devices are not only fast to begin with, but manage to keep on being fast.

Through the use of AI and machine-learning in its EMUI software, the phone learns which apps you use the most and tries to open them faster — and it genuinely works. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to colour gamut coverage and brightness levels. The in-display sensor is more reliable than the Mate 20 Pro. The P30 Pro includes an optical sensor, which uses light to read your digit and unlock the phone.

Maybe next year. The phone is rated IP68 for water-resistance, which means is will happily survive an accidental drop in the bath. Impressive stuff. The lack of a headphone jack was predictable , considering Huawei has dropped the 3. Sound from the speaker system is weak. The speakers come across a little tinny, and I often found voices felt distant.

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As a result, the meagre speaker becomes blocked very easily. The battery will be able to match your shooting, lasting for a seriously impressive amount of time between charges. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review.