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It appears that the Mi 8 is tuned differently, and the heating up we observed could be evidence of internal design limitations that wouldn't allow Xiaomi to squeeze out the absolute best of the Snapdragon.

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Update, June Investigating further the low benchmark numbers we published initially, we re-ran all benchmarks while actively cooling the phone. It's only then that the Mi 8 was able to match the benchmark scores expected from the S chip. Without the help of the cooler, severe thermal throttling leads to what we would consider mere Slevel performance - it's not bad, but it's not stellar either.

You will find the scores below along with the previous ones. We've also updated the texts that go along with the scores to take into account this new finding. Starting with Geekbench, you will see that thermal management is not a big issue when a single core is involved. The extra cooling helped only in the multi-core test.

How to Track A Redmi Phone In Real Time

Where the Mi 8 wasn't posting proper Snapdragon grade scores in Antutu before we applied some extra cooling. Without the extra help, the latest Xiaomi's scores in this compound benchmark are more in the Snapdragon ballpark and about as much as the Kirin Huawei P20 Pro and Mate 10 pump out. In graphics-specific benchmarks the Mi 8 is also ever so slightly behind its similarly equipped competitors.

The lower resolution display p vs. The extra cooling really helped achieve its best. We don't suggest that you have to cool your phone while gaming. This scenario just serves to show the toll the thermal management takes on the device performance. In the on-screen test, however, the extra cooling didn't help the phone score higher but that's fine because its score was not far back behind the SDlevel, to begin with.

And since this is the test most relevant to day-to-day gaming performance, we'd reckon that Xiaomi has done a nice job of providing consistent performance under load - even if not the chart-topping. Overall, the Mi 8 is a strong performer.

Mi Health is a new health and fitness app by Xiaomi

Unfortunately, it fails to deliver the benchmark results we've come to expect from the chip inside it due to bad thermal management as it turned out. It's plenty powerful but just not SDlevel powerful. In any case, bear in mind that a lot of other phones with top-tier chipsets throttle when put under load for longer. But they were at least capable of producing the top scores mentioned we quote above while the Mi 8 never did - at least not without the help of some active cooling applied to its back.

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Synthetic benchmarks If you want to build a flagship and you don't make your own chipsets like Samsung and Huawei do , you're using the latest and greatest Qualcomm has to offer. GeekBench 4. GFX 3. Reviews Xiaomi Mi 8 review Page 4. Comments User reviews Mi 8. You'll usually find him talking about technology, music, travel and the game of cricket on the streets of Pune when not busy writing or speeding his way through the country!

How to: Fix Strava GPS bug on Xiaomi & other MIUI phones!

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XiaoMi AMAZFIT fitness Smart watch Heart Rate Monitor GPS Real-time Track Record-Red

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