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And you know what? For the most part, OnePlus makes good smartphones. On video. Nothing about that sounds like a good idea out of the gate, but it gets worse. If chosen, they would then smash their phone in the described manner, on camera. Then they could buy a OnePlus One for one dollar. Sound crazy yet? People smashed their phones on camera not only before they were chosen to do so, but also before the contest even started. Phones are full of chemicals that are safe when housed within their intended enclosure, but prone to explode when put in certain conditions…like being smashed to hell.

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The OnePlus One was originally only available through an invite-only system. This was put in place to combat the limited quantities available at release, but it just made things needlessly complex. In order to get an invite, customers had to jump through a series of hoops with things like contests.

All just to buy the damn phone in the first place. Once they bought a phone, those customers were given a limited number of invites to hand out to friends and family. If you were one of the lucky ones to get an invite, you had 24 hours to use it.

OxygenOS Android 10 Open Beta 1 for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T | Page - OnePlus Community

After that, it was gone. God forbid you were out of the house that day, or on a family vacation. Shortly after the OnePlus One was released, some users complained of screen yellowing. The pictures would then get upvoted by forum members—mostly men—and the top 50 got a free OnePlus t-shirt and an invite to buy the phone. Objectifying and sexist, Ladies First received a massive backlash as soon as it was announced—so much that the company cancelled it within hours. This company was responsible for building the operating system that would run on the One.

This is one of the things that made the OnePlus One so appealing to Android die-hards. This also later turned into a nightmare for OnePlus.

OnePlus 6 Teardown! - How Water Proof is it really?

While no fault of OnePlus itself, Cyanogen, Inc. This came at a bad time for OnePlus, as it caused a temporary ban of import and sales of the the OnePlus One in India. This was the beginning of the end for OnePlus and Cyanogen, but the relationship took six months or so to really come to an end. The breakup between the two companies was very public and very ugly. It ultimately ended with the companies ending their relationship, and OnePlus using its OxygenOS moving forward.

This was the end to a very rocky first year for a new company. Like most companies with a reasonably successful smartphone, the company followed up the first One with…the cleverly-named OnePlus 2. Also like the launch of the One, the 2 was released with an invite-only buying system. North American orders were delayed by weeks, and they also found issues with the materials used on the USB cables not being up to snuff.

This company is basically a series of poor decisions and subsequent apologies…with some smartphones mixed in. In short, using the cable or adapter had the potential to fry the power source thanks to the dodgy resistors in their construction. It also noted that the cable and adapter were both safe to use with the OnePlus 2…just not other phones.

Talk about a recipe for disaster. Pretty common. With that in mind, benchmark scores on the OnePlus 3t were manipulated to be higher than the actual performance would indicate. OnePlus was apparently targeting specific applications by name and pushing the CPU into a specific scaling mode to push the stores higher than they would normally have been. But it was, because OnePlus got busted for maximizing benchmark scores again with the OnePlus 5. Because it was upside down, the screen refreshed from bottom to top instead of the top to bottom , causing some interesting issues when scrolling.

You may be wondering why the display was intentionally placed upside-down, and for that I turn to XDA for some well-researched speculation :. But why would they need to do this all in the first place?

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Take a look at what is placed at the top of the smartphone — the dual camera and some antennas. Like with any decision involving where to place components in a smartphone, it likely came down to space considerations. With limited space, the company had to decide where to place each component so everything would fit. Since the dual lens camera, which is new to the OnePlus line-up, takes up more space than a single lens camera it is possible the company moved the motherboard — and hence flipped the display panel — in order to accommodate the new camera module.

Except for the price. But for the first time, OnePlus has made a phone that is more than the sum of its parts. In order to get the display so big without dramatically increasing the size of the phone, OnePlus added a notch to the top of the screen like the G7, Huawei P20, and a host of lesser Android phones. Plenty of people will lament switching the back from aluminun to more-fragile glass. Ditto the addition of the all-too-trendy notch, and the lack of IP-rated water resistance.

In short, OnePlus is nearing Apple and Samsung territory with the 6.

What's the Impact

When blocking out the notch, the OLED seamlessly blends into the glass bezels, making it invisible in all but the brightest lighting. My only quibble is the lack of an always-on display, but the raise-to-wake feature worked well. But even when compared to its peers with the same processor, the OnePlus 6 offers one of the lightest, speediest, and purest Android experiences this side of a Nexus phone. Battery-wise, the OnePlus 6 is a winner as well.

Its 3,mAh battery is the same size as the OnePlus 5T, but it lasts just as long despite the bigger screen. My benchmark tests placed it at nearly 10 hours and I had no problem getting through a full day and then some. And as always, the bundled Dash charger did an excellent job filling it up quickly. In many ways, the OnePlus is the closest thing to a Nexus you can get on a non-Android One phone, as even Google adds its own custom launcher over the top of Oreo on the Pixel.

6 Great and Free Photo Editing Apps on the OnePlus Phone and Android

My only real complaint is with gesture navigation. For example, to go back a screen, you need to swipe up from the left or right of the bottom of the screen rather than simply swiping right. The only question that remains is whether Project Treble will help OnePlus push out speedier updates, but the fact that you can already install the P beta suggests it has.

The cameras on OnePlus phones have always been sore spots, mainly because the rest of the phones' specs have been so good. The OIS helps it capture motion and low-light photos nearly as well as its top-tier competitors. It still struggled mightily in ultra harsh lighting, but overall, the OnePlus 6 has an extremely capable camera that will be able to grab great shots quickly.