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Categories Reviews News Guides. Network Coverage Checker Improve Signal. Home Reviews Honor 10 Lite review. Honor 10 Lite review 29 Jan by James Rogerson. Screen The Honor 10 Lite has a 6.

Equipment - DualSIM smartphone from Honor

Design From the back the Honor 10 Lite looks a lot like the Honor 10, at least at first glance. Power The Honor 10 Lite has an octa-core Kirin chipset, with four cores running at 2. Verdict The Honor 10 Lite is a remarkable phone for the money. Specifications Dimensions mm : Tweet Share. Most Popular.

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Best Compact Smartphones Huawei B Review. Featured Mobile Deal. Those deciding for the optimal color reproduction will have to be content with the smaller sRGB color space. In summary, the Honor 10 also delivers a good performance in this area and is superior to the competitors in this price range. Even in the high-end segment, there are some devices that cannot achieve such an accurate reproduction.

Outdoors, the Honor 10 leaves a solid impression. The screen is sufficiently bright for most light conditions, and the brightness sensor works reliably. However, the display of the Honor smartphone is very reflective and could therefore use even more brightness. The viewing angle stability of the Honor 10 ranges on the expected level for an IPS panel. The viewing angles are very stable and there are no color inversions at any time.


From very steep viewing angles diagonally across the display, the display appears warmer and the brightness slightly reduced. While we can also see an IPS glow effect in dark environments, this is not impacting everyday usage. The chip is produced in the modern nm processes and uses the big. There are two clusters with four cores each.

The performance cluster runs with Cortex-A73 cores which have a clock speed of up to 2. The A53 cores take on lighter computing tasks and reach up to 1. The benchmarks are on the expected level, and the Honor 10 does not allow itself any real outliers. The system performance of the current Android 8. We analyze the browser performance of the Honor 10 using the preinstalled Google Chrome The smartphone leaves a very good impression in the benchmarks and can always be found in the top third of the comparison field.

Subjectively, the pages are also loaded quickly and rendered cleanly. At this point, such a fast storage module is unique in this price range. Already after about five minutes, the frame rates started to fluctuate a lot and even dropped down to 22 FPS from time to time. So while anyone who wants to enjoy smooth gaming can choose the high settings without hesitation, HFR and the HD settings should be left deactivated. The sensors and the touchscreen react well, but the speaker can get covered easily by the hand. We also noticed that the Back gesture of the fingerprint sensor did not work in all the games.

The surface temperatures of the Honor 10 give no reason for concern at any time. While the smartphone warms up noticeably in some parts in front during idle, it does not even get hand warm. We evaluate the temperatures of the SoC using the GFXBench battery test, repeating the corresponding benchmark thirty times in a row while recording the battery level and frame rates.

The Honor smartphone masters the T-Rex test with flying colors and delivers high constant frame rates. Things look different in the more intense Manhattan test. The test cannot even run to the end, but is cut short by the system in order to avoid overheating. Even after we let the Honor 10 cool down and repeated the test, we received the same result.

The speaker in the Honor 10 remained unchanged c ompared to the predecessor. It offers a good sound experience and remains free of distortions even at maximum volume. The pink noise measurements show the fairly clean reproduction of the mids. While this is similar for the highs, they are audibly more present, creating a sound image that is not optimal. The smartphone still has the 3. You can use Bluetooth with aptX for wireless sound output. Like the Honor 9 , the new Honor smartphone is also relatively power-hungry, showing a quite high consumption even at minimum display brightness.

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  • Honor 10 review: a compelling, compact flagship;

In this area, the manufacturer has some need of optimizing. As fast charge technology, it uses Huawei's Super Charge, which can fully recharge a completely discharged Honor 10 within 73 minutes. Wireless charging is not available. Compared to that of the Honor 9, the battery of the Honor 10 has grown by mAh. Accordingly, the runtimes are also higher.

Honor 10 Mini-Review: Two Months Later

However, we did not expect them to turn out that much higher in some areas, particularly since the power consumption is still relatively high. While the Honor smartphone also achieves a good value w hen playing videos , all the competitors without exception are even better here. Generally, the power of the Honor 10 is easily sufficient to last through one day and can be additionally prolonged using various power saving modes. Although there are many similarities in the data sheet, the much more expensive smartphone from the parent company can do everything at least a little better.

With this, the price difference is quite justified in our opinion. Anyone looking for an elegant smartphone with a high-end feel can grab the Honor 10 without any concerns. The Honor 10 is still a great smartphone. It has a good, bright display which is also quite large, but not as gigantic as some of the competitors.

Added to this are a good camera, a great battery life, and a fast smartphone.

Honor 10 Lite Review - Best new budget smartphone?

Looking at its system performance, the visuals, or the haptic, you would not guess that it costs "only" Euros. It is also positive that it uses fast UFS However, we can still offer a clear recommendation for the Honor May 18, Added sections on Power, Speakers, and Temperatures.

May 21, Added Battery Life section. May 23, Review completed. Please see the software section for more details. August 28, an update was released.

Honor 10 review: a compelling, compact flagship |

See Software section for more details. HiSilicon Kirin Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. All color variations of the Honor 10 full resolution. Honor 10 and its predecessor, the Honor 9 left to right full resolution. Honor 10 and its predecessor, the Honor 9 right to left full resolution.

Top: infrared, microphone. Left: SIM slot. Right: volume, power. Bottom: speaker, microphone, USB, audio. GPS test outdoors. GPS test indoors. Garmin Edge Honor Telephone Functions and Voice Quality.