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We also update this list regularly, when Motorola releases a new phone, or when software updates cause the rankings to shift, so keep checking back to see which devices we recommend the most. Release date: June Weight: g Dimensions: x 75 x 7. The Moto Z4 is a safe move from Motorola - it looks nearly identical to its predecessors, with only minor shifts in size and shape - but that likely arises from the company's decision to keep supporting the Moto Mods, which require phones to keep roughly the same shape.

Thus, the phone doesn't look like it's changed.

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Look closer and you'll find some improvements, like an expanded 6. Gone also is the dual 12MP lenses in the rear camera bump; instead, the Moto Z4 follows the midrange and Google Pixel-like trend of dropping lenses and using software to make up for it. We found the Moto Z4 took slightly better photos with its lone 48MP rear camera, and similar improvements with its 25MP selfie lens.

The phone is speedy enough, though its performance might drag on over the years: instead of packing an older but still flagship chipset like its predecessor, the Moto Z4 opted for a Snapdragon - a new, but definitively midrange option. This is more speculation - we'll have to see whether this chipset lasts longer than we expect - but the phone's 4GB RAM only option isn't promising for longevity either. Read our in-depth review: Moto Z4. Release date: Sep Weight: g Dimensions: x 75 x 8. Lenovo spent releasing many Motorola One phones, and the highlight of this series is the Motorola One Zoom.

The Motorola One Zoom has a whopping four rear cameras, which is loads for an affordable handset like this.

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They include a depth sensor, a telephoto lens, and a wide-angle snapper, as well as the main sensor. Beyond that, there's a decent battery, and a good-looking screen. However, we found there were some sacrifices to be made to keep the price so low, like middling processing power and a design that leaves a little to be desired. Motorola is a budget and mid-range champion, and this is pure Moto class, with decent specs and a low price.

Read our in-depth Motorola One Zoom review. Release date: Oct Weight: g Dimensions: x This is a great reason to go for the One Macro that sports a camera designed to excel with close-up images.

Motorola Moto G6 Android 9.0 Pie Review!!!

But the solid design, decent battery life and clean, up to date Android software mean the One Macro has a lot going for it. Read the Motorola One Macro review. It looks great too, with an attractively simple version of Android 9 Pie to boot. You can forget high-end gaming, too. Despite this Motorola is promising two years of security updates and a software update to Android 10 making it a good, large-screened Moto option.

The triple cameras and great stereo speakers add some excellent upgrades over the G7 range, too. Read the Moto G8 Plus review. Release date: Dec Weight: g Dimensions: A Snapdragon processor means decent mid-range performance for the price and battery life is solid, if not spectacular.

Unfortunately the notch-less screen struggles when trying to display many games, cropping the action incorrectly in many instances. It means if you are a keen mobile gamer this is one to avoid.

Read the Motorola One Hyper review. Release date: August Weight: g Dimensions: The Motorola One Action has lots in common with the other Motorola One phones, like its chipset and screen quality, but it has one novel feature that makes it an interesting prospect for phones buyers.

As well as its main and depth sensing cameras on the back of the device, the Motorola One Action has an 'action cam' which is designed for impressive video recording. You can record in landscape while holding the phone in portrait, and the camera is great at picking up video detail: all in all it's a great device for people who take a lot of videos. On top of that the handset is actually cheaper than lots of other Motorola ones, so you could do a lot worse if you're looking for a device with an intriguing extra feature.

Read our in-depth review: Motorola One Action. The Moto Z3 is still a solid pick in the Moto line, with a comparable if not slightly faster chipset than the Moto Z4. Best of all? It's still the cheapest way to access 5G through the 5G Moto Mod. When this Moto add-on first came out, it made the Moto Z3 the first 5G-capable phone to hit the market in the whole world. Of course, there are a lot of caveats to that fact — namely, that the mod is only coming to Verizon in the US, and will only work in that carrier's very limited 5G coverage areas — but it's still an impressive claim for a sub-flagship phone.

Yes, the phone doesn't have the beastly specs of top-tier flagships — but at half the price, the Moto Z3 boasts impressive value. That's enough for streaming multimedia and moderate gaming, which look good on the phone's 6-inch x AMOLED display. Combine that with basic dual 12MP rear cameras and an 8MP front-facing selfie shooter and you have a good phone sitting somewhere below the OnePlus 6T and lesser-performing midrange phones.

The phone's glass back and side-mounted fingerprint scanner are similarly middle-luxe — a good compromise if you want performance at a lower price. Read our in-depth review: Motorola Moto Z3. It was getting high reviews for the camera, especially if you can't afford a Samsung. Then met a woman with a MotoG6. She had taken some beautiful photos of her husband playing Santa Claus at our local hospital. Still learning all about this phone, but am very happy with it.

Straight Talk has a phone made by Motorola!

Motorola phones: a guide to the best Moto smartphones | TechRadar

This is a great phone. Runs fast and smooth. Takes great pics and has a very nice sound. Internal memory is 32 GB. The last two straight Talk phones I have had did nothing but lock up on me. This is not a Straight Talk problem it was in the phones.

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It is so nice to have a quality phone at an affordable price. Thank You Motorola!! You wont regret purchasing this phone. Top Quality.

Moto G6 review: A budget phone that proves you get what you pay for

I bought the G6 after having issues with another brand and the G6 is even significantly less expensive. The phone is great so far and I would buy one again. I had previously ordered a case, but waiting for it to arive. I will use the 15 day exchange policy and get it replaced, but not until my case arrives.

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Great phone for the money! Worked fine the first week I got it. Now it is the second week and every time I'm on video chat, the screen has like a small short and thin wavy line that goes through like when you watch TV and the channel gets messed up so it goes wiggly. It's a nice phone excepts for that. It has a large screen, touch screen works great, a little too loud though even on the lowest sound. I've had a Moto before so i figured I'd like this one too. Not terrible, but a lot of things that I'm use to after not available or not my preference. Why have 2 lock screens?

Why can't the keyboard be edited like other phones can't hold down a key to get more options Have to go to the other keyboard page. So it's an ok phone, but i think i like LG better for phones. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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