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You can then reorder or remove functions to your preference.

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Remember that the first five in the list are those you can see all the time, so make these your most frequently used functions. This takes you to the full settings menu. For example, this will let you choose your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth device, or your power saving level. Search your entire device: In the quick settings you'll find a Finder search box, also offering voice search.

This will search your entire device, either for settings, or for content, apps or people. You can also use this to scan for devices to connect to using quick connect. This will scan for things to connect to and offer devices that are found, like your Samsung TV. To turn off the option, open quick connect, hit the top-right menu, and turn off quick panel connect. If you want to turn it back on, open quick settings, tap the Finder search box and scroll down. There you'll find the option to scan for devices.

The apps tray is where all your apps are stored. By default it's a mess, randomly arranged, with new apps being plonked on the last page, and removed apps leaving gaps. Here's how to manage your apps tray like a pro. Search for apps: There's a handy search bar at the top of the apps tray so you can search for your apps. Or, swipe down quick settings and use the universal search option - this also reveals your apps.

How Samsung Will Fix the Galaxy Note 7's Battery Problem | Time

Drag the apps to the position you want them in. You can then drag this folder to wherever you want it to be. Uninstall apps: You can uninstall directly from the apps tray. Hit the edit option, then tap the minus icon that appears in the corner. If the app can be uninstalled, it will be. If it can't be uninstalled, it will be disabled.

A Modest iPad Update Holds the Key to Apple's AR Future

The folder will be removed and the apps set free into the apps tray. This puts all the apps into logical order. Also note that if you install new apps, they'll appear at the end of the list, so you'd need to sort into alphabetical order again, and again, and again. Add apps to your home screen: Press and hold on the app shortcut in the apps tray.

This will let you place a shortcut on your home screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Summary

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 offers a whole range of security options, including iris and fingerprint. Using everything means more options for unlocking your phone. These are phone and camera by default, but can be anything you like. Here you can select the left and right shortcuts, or turn them off completely. Here you can select fingerprints. We recommend registering at least both thumbs, so you can unlock with either hand. You'll have to set a back-up PIN or passcode at the same time. Iris security: To use your eyes to unlock the Note 7, head into the the screen lock type as above.

Alongside fingerprint, you'll get the option to scan your iris as another unlock option. Use your iris to unlock the phone: To use iris, you need to swipe up from the lock screen. This will open the iris scanner and beam your eyeball. There's the option to lock the device as soon as the screen goes to sleep or when you press the standby button. If you do want a delay, there's plenty of time options.

This is a standard Android feature and you have the option to nominate trusted devices, so your Android will unlock when connected to something else. You can nominate Bluetooth devices like your smartwatch or car Bluetooth , location, trusted voice and so on. Automatically wipe your device: If you're worried about your phone falling into the wrong hands and being cracked, you can have it automatically wipe. Here you'll find the option to auto factory reset if 15 failed unlock attempts are made. Edge screen is the name that Samsung gives to the functions that can be applied to the edges of the display on the Note 7 and other edge devices form the company, like the SGS7 edge.

On the Note 7 it makes more sense, as it can make the larger display much more manageable. Here's how to use edge screen like a pro. Or, swipe in to open edge screen, then tap the cog in the bottom left corner. You can add or remove content, as well as download other content here. For best effect, don't have too many panels, otherwise you might as well just unlock the phone and go direct. Change the apps in apps edge: One of the edge panels offers you app shortcuts. As above, head into edge panels and tap EDIT at the bottom of apps edge. You can then bin Samsung's suggestions and load it with your own apps, like Pokemon Go.

Change the location and size of the edge screen handle: This is important. As the Note 7 is a big phone, it's really useful to be able to change the location of the edge screen launch tab. Head into edit edge panels as above and click the menu top right, tap handle settings. Make it per cent transparent and it vanishes, so you don't have the little bar there looking ugly. You can then arrange your panels. Use edge screen from the lock screen: You don't have to do anything, it just works.

Account Options

Swipe in and you'll be presented with your edge panels from the lock screen if its awake. Before you can open an app or contact, you'll need to unlock your phone, which it where iris scanning is really quick and easy. Enable edge lighting for incoming calls: If your phone is face down, you can have the edges light up when there's an incoming call. This is ideal for meetings. Your phone will reveal there's an incoming call without you needing vibration or showing everyone who is calling.

Set a quick reply message for incoming calls: If you don't want to answer the call, you can reject it and send a customisable reply message by placing your finger on the rear heart rate scanner. Here you can also change that message. Get notifications through edge screen: Called briefing feed, you can select which app notifications are displayed. At the bottom of the panel, tap EDIT. You can then select the notifications you want in edge feed.

We finally know why Samsung's Galaxy Note 7s 'exploded'

Note that you have to manually swipe the edge to see this feed. Here you can enable a small clock that will sit in the edge of the display when the screen is off, showing time, date and battery status. You can pick the schedule that night clock comes on and off and choose left or right side.

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  • The S Pen is the Note for some people, giving you a whole world of additional features and ways to interact with your phone that you don't get on any other device. With a new S Pen and new features, the Note 7 is the best stylus-equipped device out there. Write notes on your lock screen: Just pop out the S Pen and start writing, without having to unlock your phone.

    Just press the button to delete your scribbles when you make a mistake. Tap save to keep that note.