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But if you still need our help, then fill up our Android issues questionnaire and hit submit to contact us. Before you begin to troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems on your Galaxy A8 smartphone, power cycle your network equipment. By power cycle means turning your wireless router or modem off for a few seconds and then back on again.

This will help clear any minor glitches from the router or modem firmware that might have caused the problem. To get started, locate and then press the Power switch on your network equipment to turn it off. After the elapsed time, plug it back into the power source and then turn it back on. Reconnect to the Internet on your phone and see if the connection is already stable. If not, then move on and troubleshoot your device with these workarounds. This is a simple way to restart and refresh Wi-Fi connection on your device.

This simple trick has done wonders to many so you should consider trying it too. Wait until your phone reconnects to the Wi-Fi internet then do some test browsing to find out if the problem is fixed.

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Continue to the next method, if necessary. Deleting the Wi-Fi network from your device usually helps if the problem is due to a corrupted wireless network. Afterwards, restart your phone to refresh the system then set up your Wi-Fi network again. To do so, just head over to your device settings then Wi-Fi menu. You should also read. Best Compact Smartphones Most Popular.

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Android Pie update, features, release date and phones list

Find out more. No need to top up. Top Deals View All Deals. Top Deal. It can be accessed from any Android device and it allows you to perform a number of things on your Galaxy S8 remotely.

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You can access the Android device manager on the browser of your computer or some other phone which has access to the internet. Using the Android device manager you can make use of the following services. All these services have their limitations. Most of the services only work if your phone is connected to the internet.

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  7. Moreover, there are a number of other apps like Cerberus that let you locate lost Galaxy S8 without internet but they should be preinstalled on your device before it got lost. So for the next time, use security apps.

    How to track and control Samsung Galaxy devices remotely - CNET

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me in the comments. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

    How to enable or disable device administrators on more Samsung phones?

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