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  1. 8 clever ways that tech can reveal a cheating spouse
  2. They left unsent messages in the drafts folder
  3. 7 Tips for How to Catch Someone Cheating on You

Your subconscious has a knack for picking up things that are not quite right. That being said, according to sites like hackspirit. But, it should be noted that just because you suspect your partner of cheating, it doesn't necessarily mean they are. However, at the end of the day, if you are worried, honesty is the best policy; just ask!

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  7. How to Catch a Cheater: An Ultimate Guide!

If you have a stable relationship , and your partner cares about you, they will be happy to reassure you. It might just be they are worried about something else like work or money! For anyone who has ever been cheated on, there are some very common things that cheater will tell you in an attempt to either deny the allegation or repair the damage after being rumbled. According to sites like bustle.

8 clever ways that tech can reveal a cheating spouse

So, without further ado, here are 5 examples of times that technology helped people catch their cheating partners "red-handed. Pokemon GO! But apart from its undoubtedly gripping gameplay, it can also have some other useful functions, it turns out.

Chris Hansen CATCHES ARMPIT Sniffing Husband Cheating on Wife! - To Catch a Cheater

This girl managed to bust her cheating boyfriend when she opened up his Pokemon GO! She found that he appeared to be roaming around the high grass in an area she wouldn't normally expect him to frequent. Using her sleuthing skills, she managed to work out that the area where he caught a Zubat, just so happened to be the same neighborhood in New York where his ex-girlfriend lives. As Pokemon GO! Drones are great for getting unparalleled views of the world around us.

But, as it turns out, they can also be very useful spying devices. In fact, back in , a man published some video footage showing his wife cheating on him. Overprotective of his or her phone One clear sign is being overprotective of his phone. Yes, personal privacy is crucial, even in a relationship. But overreacting to someone peeking at an incoming message or setting extreme boundaries on looking at their phone is a signal that they may be hiding something, like photos.

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  • Excessive social media use Warning: this could be a false positive as people already use social media excessively. However, spending more time on social media has been linked to cheating. If you ask them questions and suddenly they change the topic or try to deflect, it may be time to take the next step to find out the truth.

    Waning intimacy Romantic relationships thrive or fail on the level of intimacy and vulnerability in several areas. Is there considerably less physical intimacy or communication in your relationship? Ambiguous activity If you ask them where they are going or how their day was, do they only give short answers with very few details? I was livid of course. I popped my card in his phone and copied the whole conversation, then transferred it to my phone for safekeeping in case he tried to delete it and deny it.

    I then texted the girl and asked her if she knew he had a girlfriend. Of course she didn't. He had been playing both of us.

    They left unsent messages in the drafts folder

    I woke up in the morning and headed down to the other room to find the door locked. I banged on the door until my boyfriend answered it half naked with my childhood best friend still in bed with him. He tried to plead his case by making it my fault for leaving him alone with another woman when they were both so drunk. I trusted him so much that I had his Facebook profile password but never disrespected his privacy.

    When the rumors started to bug me I logged into his Facebook profile and read the messages. Not only did I learn he was cheating on me , but found out he got another girl pregnant. I was a bit suspicious and looked on the 'Find My Friends' app. She was located somewhere where I'd never heard her talk about. I left work early and drove there and waited. Two hours later, she and her boss walk out kissing and cuddling on the street. I found out about the whole thing accidentally.

    7 Tips for How to Catch Someone Cheating on You

    Someone was interested in buying his old smartphone online, so when I turned on the phone to make sure there was no personal info in it, I found the pictures and chat logs. A month ago, he posted a response on the topic of 'What is something you need to get off your chest? Needless to say, I dug and found some awful dirt. I confronted him about it when he came home and he admitted to everything.

    She asks why mom was with another man and why were they on top of each other. I just paused and my heart just broke. The look in my daughter's eyes assured me that she wasn't lying.

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