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There's no chance a user who has this phone turned up is going to miss a notification. In most cases, the audio is going to be more than serviceable too. There's not a hint of distortion in the audio across movies, ringers, or games that's not meant to be there. The audio is as clean as any other smartphone.

Oppo Reno 3 Pro review: A beautiful yet imperfect phone - Technology News

The bass tones are there, as shown when I listened to a few bass-specific testers. They're undistorted and clean but lack power. So they're Utterly drowned out during music playback. That lack of punch makes the speakers seem tinny, even though they don't quite match that description. Now, I tested this handset without battery savings features activated. That gave me a good sense of battery life with heavier use for the average user. Despite that fact, this phone kept disconnecting from my Bluetooth-enabled watch whenever it was left alone for more than a few minutes.

That wasn't a consistent timeframe either. In some cases, it seemed to disconnect after a few minutes of being set down. In others, it did so after around an hour of being in my pocket. The result was messages that weren't received on the watch and other data failing to sync. Presumably, that comes back to some form of battery saving that I just didn't have access to and that's not going to impact every wearable or Bluetooth device. Headphones, likely because of the media playback keeping the phone awake, didn't suffer the same issue. At least in the U.

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom review

That's despite fiddling with and resetting deeper settings to do with APN and networking. A phone reset didn't fix things either.

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Whatever the reason, this phone didn't want to connect completely to that network. But it's unclear whether that is going to be limited to that network or the region. Other data connectivity over mobile worked almost perfectly. But not pictures. Typically, the photo shooting capabilities of a smartphone make up the bulk of the review because that's how most users will utilize the hardware.

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Moreover, that's typically a good indication of how well the video will perform since the same sensors are used. With the Reno Z, I was immediately taken aback by the fact that the camera will fit into both "good" and "bad" categories. The bad traits, of course, don't place it far below the competition in its own price range.

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But they deserve a closer look since the Reno Z doesn't quite live up to the Reno 10x Zoom. Overall, this is just designed to be a more all-around device and the camera suffers for it. To begin with, I noticed quite a bit of pixelation in videos that were shot in the frames-per-second slow motion mode. There didn't seem to be a whole lot I could do to fix that either and the anomaly happened frequently under multiple scenarios in terms of lighting, distance, and other aspects.

The artifacts noted there weren't strong and most Reno Z users may not even notice. But it was strong enough that this couldn't pass as a professional shooting mode as it does on many other handsets. Zooming in to snap photos or videos had a similar but stronger effect. In fact, the shots I captured during my test using zoom were bad enough to be comparable to much older, much cheaper phones.

So zooming here won't work as it does on the more pricey flagship version. Instead, users get a somewhat annoyingly bad 2x zoom. Last but not least, night mode with the Reno Z is touted as "Night Mode 2. Not only does this phone not seem to capture much difference under most circumstances. In particularly bad lighting, it also doesn't seem to capture any extra detail at all.

Backgrounds are washed out with black and only from up close shots seem to work well. Summarily, the camera's night mode seems entirely too reliant on ambient lighting being relatively high. At which point the difference between the two modes is mostly in how well details are captured. The overall color saturation and accuracy, meanwhile, remain about the same between the two modes. OPPO has poured a lot of effort into making the OPPO Reno Z a worthwhile device, delivering some of the best aspects of its flagship devices in a much more affordable package.

In many ways, it has accomplished that. Launched in May this year, the smartphone combined powerful, top-of-the-line hardware with some innovative features like shark fin pop-up camera and 10x hybrid zoom. Now, the Chinese giant is expanding the series. The smartphone comes packed in an elongated box, just like the Reno 10x Zoom. That means, you get a high screen-to-body ratio up front without any notch or punch-hole, and the selfie camera is hidden inside the shark fin pop-up module.

The ports and controls also follow the same arrangement. The rear however, gets some changes. The 6. The Reno 10x Zoom measures Even so, I had no cause for concern in this area.

OPPO Reno Z – The Bad Review

Oppo says that this mechanism can be used successfully more than , times that's around times a day over 5 years. If you drop the phone, the camera will be automatically retracted to avoid damage. We tried this, and it worked. Minimal-bezel status is also helped by the in-screen fingerprint reader, which worked quickly and reliably for us.

Face unlock is also available. The 'pivot rising' front camera pops out at the top. If you drop the phone, the accelerometer detects the movement and retracts the camera. The back is a smooth, glossy expanse of polished glass -- Jet Black on our review sample, with 'hints of gray and blue gradients', according to Oppo.

Gorilla Glass 5 is used for the back, which is also available in Ocean Green. Because the Reno 10X is relatively thick 9. This is a thoughtful touch, but -- as I do with all slippery slabs of glass -- I immediately slapped on the protective case, thereby rendering the O-dot and the shimmering glass back irrelevant.

You’ll love the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom’s camera, but the software is iffy

The glass back is shiny and eye-catching, but slippery. The bundled protective case provides much better grip. Buttons and ports are where you expect to find them: power on the right, volume rocker on the left; USB-C and speaker grille on the bottom. There's no 3. Although the Reno's pop-up front camera is a neat trick, it does have a major downside in that IP certification for dust and water resistance is not possible. Don't use this handset in the bath -- especially without the grippy protective cover.